Cam Girls Or Cam Whores, Different?

I recently signed up for a dating site. This site, I have to admit, seemed a bit off. Still though, it seemed legit, so I signed up. I was immediately being hammered with chicks way younger than myself, and they start by showing way too much skin. Messages that start with “hey babe” with a topless pic. As if we were a couple who hadn’t seen each other for a while.

I noticed that the site I signed up for was actually connected to tons of sites that looked and felt the exact same. Some of the girls were even using the same scripts on me. This is a huge scam to draw in fellas and get them funneled into either being an “actor”, or viewer. I am pretty sure I was getting offers for both. Offers to join in, as well as offers to watch a free show. I declined both options.

After making my mind up, that this was a scam, I started messing with some of them. The commitment to the con, some of them have is almost commendable, if it wasn’t so disgusting. I just started off kinda naive and made them come out with it. This seemed to just piss them off, and I actually was bummed to be messing with them. It seemed to me that these girls were not fully independent. Someone beyond many of these girls control, seems to be working on them. 

Many mentioned managers or some other type of goon that controls their “career”. At this point I started blasting out nothing but fatherly advice. I told them stop sending me pics and stop doing this crap now. I explained that they were trading in a chance at fast cash, for the fulfilling life that comes from starting and running a family. So many took this personally and immediately called me names. A few seemed to be effected. Probably made zero difference, but I tried.

This isn’t a new subject for this site. I’ve been talking about this since it was an OnlyFans thing only. Things have changed though, ladies. That is the competition. When this thing first started it was fairly small and mostly single women stripping. The industry, like all porn industries, has gotten swollen with “talent”, and lost all reservations on content. What used to get a girl paid is now just not enough compared to all the competition.

Thus the need for more dudes willing to involve themselves in the production. This scammy set of websites is killing 2 birds with one stone. They are drawing in more losers who will use their sick wives medication money, to spend on strip teases. They are also finding fellas they can jive with, and make hardcore porn with, to draw in the masses looking for the full voyeur  experience.

I’m trying to be as soft and sincere as I can. I am asking how long they have been doing this? Have they saved enough to retire? Are they aware of the clock they are on? A lot of the scumbags using these sites are looking for especially young looking girls. 30 Is old for this type of job. What’s your plan next? 

I seem to be getting one of two options. One ignores me, the other attacks me. I hope the ones that become speechless have just never been told that they matter, and they are so much better than what they are doing. I’ve asked them if they want children with a good man? How they think a good man would feel if he saw his sweetie on a cam site, or worse yet, he was shown by a friend?

This doesn’t require a ton of words, as I have railed against this garbage since I found it. We are coming to a head, as far as easy money, for any old pretty girl. From here on out it seems you need to offer your addicts harder and harder hits of dopamine before they can blow a wad of cash, on you, and man butter, on them.

For God’s sake women. If you think this is cost free in terms of civic costs, you’re so wrong it’s borderline criminal. No good man will ever “understand” why you needed to do this. When your future kids find clips of you, bought by the big players and then made into massive compilations for their free sites, your kids will see you as a hooker, and will be so embarrassed of you, that it will wreck their little brain.

There’s no happy ending for the cam girl. You gals get off these sites now. Start to contemplate the marriages you are personally effecting. Do you show young men a destroyed and disgusting view of sex? Do you objectify yourself and make damn sure to be seen as nothing more than a whore? Yes. Yes to all questions.

Very few females read or listen to my stuff, but you fellas can help. Never support this economy, obviously. Never be a mark for watching or participating in this destruction of society called cams. Warn all girls in your life that anything that seems too good to be true, is, almost every time. The price you pay for being a cam girl is family, children, and a lifelong partnership that lasts forever. 

Losing those things is a given. Getting rich is a gamble, no matter how hot you are. Everyday the competition grows by thousands of girls that are prettier, and younger than you. If you are in, on your way out of, or free from a cam life, you have a story to tell. Please tell these naive youngsters just what it’s really like doing what it is you were, or are doing. No romance involved. This is the business of smut and it’s hardly more classy than prostitution.

Wake up ladies. This is empowering? Taking your clothes off for strangers? No. You are all better than that. So many beautiful girls that think nothing of showing their bodies off like a new car. You should be able to offer a man some sort of exclusivity to you. As his wife he should not have to worry that you’ve been jerked off to, by all of his buddies. He shouldn’t have to worry that having a child with you could result in said child finding mommy being degraded by some big black dude.

This is where we are. In my youth there was Fight Club that discussed the products of the single mother apocalypse. The cam situation is the missing father apocalypse. These are the ladies who were let down by their father’s, mother’s, and the courts. 

Pornography is an insidious plague upon the societies that imbibe its filth. It’s also been wholly owned and operated by Jews since the inception of porn. The jews are just as open about their ownership of smut, as they are the ownership of Hollywood. The first and biggest jewish producer of smut regarded it as the jewish dream. Almost every girl was a Catholic “Shiksa” and the man was jewish. Ron Jeremy and the like, all jews. The girls getting assaulted, all goyim. Just another disgraceful attack upon decency and civility.

I’ll leave y’all with this. Porn and its latest transition to reality, is nothing but warfare. Undeclared war on the mind, body, and spirit of the goy. This is an addictive medium that works the same way all addictions do. There’s is a burst of dopamine from the excitement, that these losers get from “spying”, in on what has traditionally been, an intimate time among 2 people. This modern pervert now needs to up his intake and the potency of the scenery to get the same effect.

I can not think of a more degrading, and disgusting way for a people to live, and act, as if it’s just a normal thing that can’t be stopped. How about we follow the one thing Israel does that I agree with. Stop the porn sites on the ISP level and let the public who want it, ask for it. That’s the default regarding porn in Israel. Since it can be bypassed by simply proving you’re the owner of said account, and that you choose to have all the sites available, censorship would be such a weak argument, that I think we’d actually win. Removing this vile crap from the homes and tablets all across the US would create immediate improvements. The benefits to our society would be incalculable, at this point.

No longer are we going to be used for our fidelity towards freedom. We have an entire cancel culture for folks like me. The jews running your lives and calling it entertainment can’t be cancelled. I disagree. I want them cancelled hard.

Cancel porn, cams, and anything like it. Cancel Hollywood. Cancel your cable. Cancel all corporate news. Cancel all of these and they will say you are antisemitic. That’s the stranglehold they have. They consider an attack upon Hollywood as an attack against jews. Boycott them entirely. Here and abroad and see how many benefits we reap. 

Boycott smut. Boycott propaganda. Boycott Hollywood. Boycott the networks and their news. Notice this is a jewish boycott without even making it racial. Simply boycott the filth, lies, and hatred they arrange for your consumption. Just decline to be entertained. Fiction has nothing on the story of life. Lose their crap and be the unique and special someone, you were made to be. You were not made to be a creep loser, jerking off to utterly broken young ladies. If this offends you, don’t let the screen door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya.

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