Are The Mask Mandates Constitutional

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All of these mandates violate the constitution. That’s why some, near half the states, are suing over masks, passports, and lockdowns.

As far as I can tell, the federal system that was supposed to guard against tyranny, through the separation of power has failed, spectacularly. We have been given a unique status in the US and it was started by Trump. He declared an emergency that didn’t exist, and unleashed our governors from their legal restrictions, and inability to make law.

If not for the thread bare federal system we still have, we got to see some governors come around. Not a single one stood ground against the first lockdown, but Florida, South Dakota, and others quickly backed off and set an example for the rest of the states.

We know what happened. It became political, as to how you treated the handling of a germ, that kills less than 1% of healthy people. Thanks to an unbelievable effort to control the conversation, only one side of the debate has been given any chance to talk, and all they’ve done is lie, manipulate, and pump fear.

The opposition has had no voice, and been banned for any descent to the corporate narrative. YouTube banned the 2 doctors from Davis that years ago did a press conference spending an hour answering questions and explaining their findings. They were totally against the regime’s policy, and had science to bolster their arguments. They became an example for how this was going to go.

Since then, all opposing thought has been removed from FB and YT. This is an alliance between the “free press” and the state. This is total banana republic nonsense, but it is the situation in the land of the free, and home of the slave.

The constitution makes it very clear how a law is to be made, and who, and how it is designed to happen. There is some leeway for emergencies in the constitution. They are generally reserved for rebellion type emergency, not health. The president hung us out to dry, and put the constitution on hold for the most decadent, and corrupt creatures to govern by edict, instead of legislation. A situation that should have been stopped and law should have been reinstated within a day of this lockdown crap. Trump should have rescinded the order immediately after seeing what the governors were doing. For whatever reason he allowed the hoax to continue , and it was likely politics that drove this decision. He was willing to watch us suffer to show the democrats for what they are, Bolsheviks.

The constitution and federal system have barely been able to maintain the structure of the union. If not for the laboratory of governance we got to see, and compare the free’er states Vs the lockdown states. This gave us the empirical evidence, real world, and almost perfectly balanced to be compared scientifically, results. Without exception, the more free the state remained, the less mortality they had. Across the board, the more draconian the response, the worse the results. In a perfect A-B experiment freedom wins.

The CDC isn’t mentioned in the constitution. Certainly the WHO, the NIH, or the FDA are absent from our Union’s Contract. These are legal inventions that have grown with the power of the executive branch. This has come at the expense to the other supposedly equal branches. Congress has been culpable in the violation of their oath, and ceded power that the people let them represent. We are the power, they represent us. They gave all the legislative duties to an executive branch that controls everything through, “regulation”.

What laws are there for the legislature to make? The FDA make rules to govern our food and they do so without need of a vote. The CDC is the arbiter of health and they control the entire medical establishment through rule making that requires no input from your representative. The Department of Education allows for a national school board that the rest answer too. They get to operate on rule making and are not subject to your input or any laws to get things done that you would definitely vote against if you could. You can’t even bug your so called representative, this isn’t a matter of law, its regulatory and part of the massive executive branch.

So many alphabet soup, executive offices have been erected around the president to completely subvert any will of the voters, and make the political establishment nothing more than lipstick and rouge, prettying up the reality of the single minded governance that truly governs us. The 500 or so politicians we actually get to vote for are running a nation of 350 million individuals?

Not for a long time, they haven’t. There are some 8 to 10 million federal employees that stay in their position through many changes in congress, the senate, and president. They continue their work regardless who the puppets are. What one man could be thrown into this type of a management problem, and do anything meaningful to fix it?

The policy makers enjoy this obscurity, and anonymity, compared to the personalities that are paid to keep the sheeple from revolting. Every single entity that claims to have authority over you, needs to begin with the legislation of whatever. If the CDC wants to mandate something they should be required to present the proposal to both houses. It should be well presented, have both proponents, as well as skeptics, there for our representatives to ask questions and get informed as best they can. Then they should vote and that should be that. Pass or fail.

Today the 3 letter agencies put out rule changes and offer the public a chance for input. If you know about said change and can make it happen, apparently they will consider your input. I don’t see this as acceptable, honest, or legal.

Think of the power under the executive umbrella. The FBI, CIA, all the rest of the 20 or so intelligence agencies, the FDA, CDC, the DOE, DOT, the ATF, and on and on. All of these agencies are a part of the executive branch. What’s left to legislate? This country is ruled by unconstitutional agencies that get to make their own rules. Bureaucrats that have never faced an election, are totally unaccountable, and self righteous to the extreme. They are tyrants that believe they are better than the mundane, ignorant, and profane American voter.

The federal government has no jurisdiction in any state. That’s why the tyranny has come from the states. All the power that is given to the feds is at the expense of the citizens. We used to pay for our schools through local property tax. Now the vast majority of school money is sent to Washington and then given out by an unelected group of commies. They can control the curriculum from thousands of miles away because we were convinced that unelected, and unaccountable bureaucrats can make the system more equitable. Some liberal malcontents were able to force conformity on the states that refused forced integration. Never mind that both black and white citizens objected to forced anything, we were going to be integrated whether we liked it or not. What of the results, worse relations than before. Thank you Department of Education.

The CIA is totally uncontrollable and they have been since Eisenhower. The last shot at stopping them ended in Dallas in 1963. The FBI was totally unaccountable thanks to blackmail. The 1960’s ended the constitutional republic and began the empire. Empires have many moving parts that all work with enough autonomy to get things done without bothering the actual leadership too much.

Again, there are maybe 10 million federal employees and their authority differs, but you never voted for a single one. Hopefully this germ and the immediate impulse of our leaders to come down with hardcore oppression, has had an effect on the way these criminals are seen by the voters. With the fact that Florida is full of old people and barely did anything like California, yet has better numbers in terms of deaths and infection, Californians are having to reject reality in order to accept the narrative. That this is still the case blows my mind and scares the crap out of me. I’m surrounded by zombies.

The history of this event will be written by those of us who got everything right. From the initial danger being inflated, to the inflated death rates, and most important to myself, the denial that therapeutics existed have shown all who care to see, the goal was control and not health, the whole time. The ones who disregarded the science, the long standing historical experience, and used this to hurt their constituents, instead of stand for them, are going to have to answer some time. Whether it be by us and through a grand jury or the like. Or if they escape worldly punishment they are going to be judged and mercy is for the merciful. I hope justice is served in the long run. No amount of money will even be a consideration when made to account for your sins. Worldly decadence is temporary, hell is eternity. You demons threw your lot in with Lucifer long ago.

The federal constitution hasn’t seemed to matter in my lifetime. The state’s all have their own constitutions that most of which, pretty much copy the national one. They too have been of no effect. We are living under martial law. That’s the emergency in which the governor gets to adopt the role of dictator for only the shortest time needed to deal with what has historically been reserved for massive riots and looting. Declaring martial law over a fake emergency is an experiment in their power. They must be somewhat shocked at the success of the compliance. I’m horrified by it.

This nation touts itself as a nation of law. That the law is essentially non biased, and blind to all but evidence. We also operate under a legal scheme of innocence by default. The burden of proof of a crime, lies solely with the state. We can’t even be made to answer questions if they can be used against ourselves or our family. You can’t be coerced to testify against wife, husband, or children. We are supposed to be protected by so many layers of liberty that it’s inviolable.

In the 20th century the US went bankrupt and they haven’t been a constitutional republic since. They collateralized the citizenry and the physical assets of the sovereign territory of the US. We were given fiat money and the privately owned gold was confiscated in the 1930’s to give directly to the federal reserve cartel. We are owned and controlled by the money masters and their puppets. Any lip service to the constitution is just that, lip service.

The constitution has been suspended indefinitely and we are being pillaged to cover the bankruptcy that was played on us through the manipulation of credit, greed, and no character from a single so called leader. Well, to be fair, the honest ones are gotten rid of through politics or murder. Both are totally acceptable and the naive voter would be shaken to their core, to know how many political leaders have been murdered. We’ve lost more heads of state to murder than any other government. Government by assassination is not healthy.

As per usual, I can’t stop myself when I get going. The bottom line with “mandates” at large, is they are of no legal effect. If there is an emergency in which there is no time for the legislative process to respond, the executive has the authority to claim an emergency, and allow the governors to act without the burden of time. If an insurrection broke out the proper use of emergency power would be to activate national guard units. There was never any reason to make this more important than the law. 

Look at the result of removing the separation of power. Removing our, basically single party legislature even being so lopsided as it is, it’s given us the reality of just how important it is to have these separations, impediments to quick and passionate legislation, and the people’s voices through their representatives. One man speaking law from his own authority over the lives of 40 million Californians, is so impossible to overstate how dangerously stupid this is.

The constitution is dead and as predicted, it died with a whimper and not a roar. It has no date of death, it’s been a process and insidious and malicious attack upon our legal foundation. 1776 to the time that Americans lost their sovereignty to internationalist, communist, and atheistic Bolsheviks.

Bolshevism is insidious and cowardly. It plays on getting between people and creating conflict where none exists. They are a subversive group of malcontents, that stir up grievances between natural ally’s to divide and conquer. They use deception, false loyalty, and all manner of dishonorable tactics to achieve their aims.

Bolsheviks have used our free and open society to its benefit, and against those who take pride in said freedom. Freedom of speech has allowed them to push the boundaries of so called entertainment, to a time when kissing too passionately was a no no, for the movies at one time. Now the limits to what is decent for regular consumption is beyond the wildest dreams of the first Jewish smut makers in Hollywood.

We have lived in the Jewish American dream for a century. It’s not a secret or denied by them, Jews started and own Hollywood today. They began and own the media networks and have consolidated all media into 6 corporations. That’s print, TV, and movies just to start. All the newspapers are a prize like no other.

Jews hate Christianity. Like an obsession it seems they hate Christ, his followers, and have nothing but spite for all of the goyim. They have been the owners of the media outlets since they bought Reuters and the AP. They are the narrative and own enough to make all others appear “fringe”. Christianity and constitutional governance are so compatible it’s the only governance that can be acceptable for an Englishman. My rights were the result of 800 years or so of fighting since Magna Carta.

Freedom is in my blood, independence is the only way I know to be, and fidelity to God’s law is defiance to tyranny, at all costs. This lawless governance by individuals so flawed they belong in prison, is coming to an end. This has been such an extreme reaction and unbelievable crime against humanity, that it goes against everything the constitution stood for, and stands for still today. This is a constitutional crises of the magnitude of the civil war. This time they can say what they want, they have made war against all Americans of all stripe and color.

The truckers are forcing them to recognize who works for who, we need way more efforts. We need to exercise our rights like they’ve not been, since Lexington and Concord. The minute we fight back, we win. If we fail to be the firewall around this imposter state, claiming to be the US government, we are dooming this country. This is it, we are out of chances to just wait till next time. 

If we intend to be a constitutional republic we have to take it back. That means, even without a war, there’s gonna be blood. Grand jury’s need to be convened and indictments for Fauci, all the lockdown governors, the CDC officials, and plenty more need to be arrested and these criminals need to be booked into county jail. Not federal, I think we are better off keeping the state the jurisdiction of these offenses, so we can try and avoid corruption. 

Then we put these two bit thugs o trial and make the livestream available everywhere. We will choose a dream team of constitutional experts to prosecute these creatures and we will be pursuing charges of treason and the penalty of hanging, per the legal code. Those found to have colluded with a foreign entity (The WHO, UN, EU, and so on) to hurt the interests of a single American, are free to hang from the neck till dead. Thank God rope is multi use and cheap, we’re gonna need it for a lot of creatures.

If we do nothing, and they get away with this with nothing but a bad election year, this country is done. Live and let live isn’t in the cards anymore. The criminality and child abuse upped the anti, and requires accountability. Those who made destructive decisions based on nothing but TV reports, deserve to be punished for criminal negligence in their duty to serve the public trust.

Those who have caused the whole thing, from engaging in insane gain a function research, to the release of it, from the lab working to make it hurt humans, to acting like you are the definition of science, to the masks, and especially the jab. You folks, Fauci in front. Deserve a penalty that will make it plain as day, you ever do this to us again and you will be killed in the most unceremonious way possible. 

We should stream it live and it should be a long event. Like a full day of lining ‘‘em up and dropping the trap door. If they get a broken neck it will be mercy compared to what they deserve. They deserve to hang from short ropes and the slow hell they are guilty of afflicting so many innocents.

Sorry bout the length, when I get going my mouth just takes off. This last few years has shown all that care to see, the constitution is a dead document. We can revive it tomorrow if only we had the will. We are desperately low on will and determination. If we do though, I pity the bastards that are in for it. Mercy is for the merciful. You deserve no mercy, no easy death, or to be remembered at all. We should scatter your remains and write your name out of the story. Even infamy is too good for you. You will be forgotten, but your crimes will never be forgotten. Your name will disappear but your actions will be warned against for the rest of time.

This hasn’t been constitutional, scientific, effective, safe, good for anyone, and they have nothing to prove otherwise. Hopefully this has taught a generation to never trust strangers who claim to have authority. Appeals to authority are a logical fallacy, and tiresome that so many adults fall for this crap.

According to the constitution, we have a lot of politicians and their minions headed to prison, the hangman’s noose, and maybe exile for some. Let’s get on it.

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