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What’s The Deal With UN and Rights

This is super important to understand, especially today. We have been blessed with the anti democratic, super national, corporate rulers of the world. WHO, UN, IMF, World Bank, and on and on. These quasi legitimate institutions are, in fact, completely criminal enterprises. They have no loyalty to any flag, they also seem to be above the colors of the entire world’s flags.

That this is not front and center in the minds of Americans, blows my mind. US sovereignty was seen as something non negotiable. It took 2 World Wars to get the American people to accept the UN. Even after accepting it, they have never respected it and its motives are open source and quite horrifying. Agenda 21, is perhaps worth looking into.

It’s this, all powerful, and illegitimate, institution that the sheeple consider least offensive, if not totally benevolent. The great United Nations that owes its home base, in New York, to the Rockefeller Foundation. Could it go any other way? Damn are we stupid. 

David Rockefeller happens to be recorded for posterity thanking the respective representatives of all of the media companies they had let into their meetings. He explains that if they were exposed to the bright lights of publicity, they would never have been able to achieve their “great work” for this country. He mentions the Times, several major papers like The NY Times, and journalists of all supposed party affiliations.

It is precisely, just exactly this man and his ilk, that have created and empowered these super national institutions. They own the world already through the actions taken by international loans and interest rates. Since the UN got off the ground it has invited the US to donate blood and treasure, to some 80 something different countries. We have been in constant war from Korea on, and it all starts at the UN.

Looking at the fruits this tree has borne I feel it’s worth evaluating its utility to us, if there is any. Constant warfare that has been, fairly described and written as, The Third World, War. As in a war against the third world. A book written by an honest and regretful CIA agent decades ago. Constant warfare, that never ends in anything one could call a victory, or moral at all. We destroy local people and instal dictators that will serve the empire that pays and protects them, over anything that might be suffered upon their people.

We have watched them do this time and again. Sometimes we get exciting stories like Blackhawk Down, but even that had to stick to the events of like a 36 hour period, and through the eyes of the poor soldiers who happened to be in the “shit”, the whole time. If they spent even 5 minutes explaining why we were even there, might lose some sympathy for the actors playing soldier of misfortune.

This is a pressing issue that needs to be understood and agreed upon by all Americans. Our rights are a consequence of our humanity alone. They are gifts from God or nature, however you feel. We are the only species with the ability to reason and to mix our reason, labor, and the world to effect it as we see fit. To profit from these efforts and to cooperate with others to achieve incredible things. We are only an animal in the sense that we share the same life processes and functions as other mammals. We are either the height of the evolutionary process, or, what there is far more evidence for, made in the image of our creator and given the Earth to look after. One of Adam’s first tasks was to name everything God created. We’re still working on that today. 

Regardless, if you are an atheist, which I don’t believe exist. Atheists are evangelical cultists. Or if your agnostic or a believer, your rights come from your maker. They are the extension of free will, and they are simple. The Golden Rule, and a few other things should be the whole of the law. To take a line from Crowley. Each human is a king or queen in their own right. Their kingdom ends at their skin, but their sovereign control includes their property, their right to travel, to trade, and to labor for their own benefit. Nobody can argue they have a better claim to own you, than you. 

Since we are not animals and evolution is a debunked theory, meant to kill God, we have no right to live by the “survival of the fittest”. This disgusting philosophy which is the Social Darwinism that defines the lives of so many people of power. These are the attitudes of the Clause Schwab’s and Billy Gates. They deserve to rule because they had the ability to ruthlessly rip the competition to shreds with every fraudulent trick in the book. They have a cold and psychotic attitude towards the human family.

Even with these men and some women having such unbelievable wealth and status that they can literally do whatever they want already. We still share their air and even that is unacceptable. They believe they have the right, and duty to cull the population and manage the survivors like gods on Earth. Ted Turner thinks about 95% of y’all gotta go. If you think he’s a weirdo elite, you’re right. If you think he’s alone in this dream of a 95% loss of humanity, you are very wrong, I’m sorry to say.

The Georgia Guide Stones are something to look up. It calls for a new Ten Commandments. Stuff like, keep the population below 500 million, or something to that effect. It really harps on this idea that nature is being destroyed and it’s purely a matter of overpopulation. Too many worthless breathers. Sounds wild but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s a duck.

The world is ran for sick ends, using sick means. Largely the idea of national sovereignty has been destroyed and surrendered to multi nationals. Super national institutions and armies of NGO’s have grown up out of the filth and lawlessness provided to them by giving in to their existence. For what reason do we even allow these institutions to exist, hold power over the ELECTED people of every country they wish, and act as pirates in suits while they loot the world?

We obviously shouldn’t. We need to immediately break all ties with all foreign entities and multi national institutions. The borders need to be made as hard as steel and the US needs to rededicate itself to the Declaration of Independence. 

We must get free of any outside influence and be the only governance that our politicians care to represent. We have no representation if we are in a global club that isn’t connected to you in any way, yet sets policy that effects your local school board. ICLEI and the like are all commie groups that come out of the UN and get into local counties.

We have been so thoroughly infiltrated by this that it’s the source for common core, CRT, global warming, and the lgbtq… agenda. Every contentious issue in schools, and issues that seem to be out of the parents power to effect. We have seen already what the super national plan for America is, a dumpster fire of imported crime, drugs, and poison. Meanwhile exporting out technology, land, and resources. This will continue until they can get the war they are desperate to start. Then they will crush the last holdouts to tyranny with brutal force and total completion. They might corner the millions of Americans that will fight to the end by offering them a locality. Then nuke that locality as soon as it’s sufficiently populated. Who knows.

What I do know is this. These institutions have already published tons of open source material on exactly what they plan to do, and exactly their feeling on this cute idea of “rights” as they’ve previously been known. They are Godless and don’t believe there exists any entity above themselves. Lucifer being the only caveat on that. 

According to their Agenda 21, your rights are a privilege that they control and can be observed or ignored arbitrarily. The right to bare arms? Hahaha no Fing way. They want national militaries disbanded. Local police will be allowed but anything beyond that is to be dealt with the global police and military. One Supreme Court that will rule on all matters and offer no appeals, whatever. 

Mainstreaming the 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development
Reference Guide to UN Country Teams
March 2017 Update

You have no right to just run around the forest and procreate at will, hippy. Oh no, the planet is to be “rewilded” and zoned off from all human contact. We are to be living in stack and packed cities, that house the lucky citizens of the New World Order. You won’t have money so you can forget about that burden. You’ll be chipped and given credits, and debited credits. You’ll also be fined credits. Sound fun yet? Social credits too so you virtue signaling NPC’s can win big in the new world.

If you think I’m being hyperbolic and sensational, this was the kids version. If I told you what the elite are really doing and how they feel about the rights of, oh I don’t know, children. This comment wouldn’t last an hour. Read Agenda 21 and the one they have for 30 and 50 too. If their own words won’t convince you, I couldn’t dream of having even an impact on your opinion.

Do your own research. The elites have been very blunt with regards to their plans. They bury them in dry manuals that are thousands of pages, but we can download documents and do word searches. Like prison camp, dissidents, and use your imagination. I promise you, you’ll be shocked at what you find. Search  some food related and healthcare related words too, just for fun.

Implementation of Agenda 21, the
Programme for the Further
Implementation of Agenda 21 and
the outcomes of the World Summit
on Sustainable Development

If we continue to cede sovereignty to these criminals, our country’s are all in grave danger. We must maintain our nations or they can bring in a single global order. Independent nations should be working in the interests of their citizens above all else. As things are, every nation is second class to the banking system that actually sits above their elected leaders in the power rankings. 

If we allow our God given rights to be defined by Luciferian monsters of money, we will surely regret it. These inbred, syphilis ridden, scumbags already own the world. Let’s take it back while we still remember why. Our collective memory is being warped, invented out of whole cloth, and used against us. Time to be proud of being an American, Mexican, or whatever. You don’t show pride in your country by fleeing it, and surrendering it to war lords. You don’t respect your country by treating it as an international homeless shelter, either. 

We need healthy nationalism. Yes that means ethnic pride as well and I’m arguing it’s a good thing. As long as we respect each other’s space, no conflicts will arise from people. Ethno-nationalism might actually be the only way to get out of the current paradigm we are bound by. We need to massively decentralize the whole world. Every part of globalism should be done and gone. Not all countries should interact and not all countries need to.

It’s hard enough to keep a government that’s on our soil honest. It’s impossible really. A global state and military is insane. They plan on winning anyway and they will if we do nothing. The international declaration of human rights? Fuck that crap. I’ll take the Declaration of Independence any day, all day. I want nothing else “governing” me, but me.

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