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What Would The Founders Say About White Supremacy

The founding fathers wouldn’t have recognized this nonsense phrase, white supremacy. They thought of themselves as distinct peoples with diverse cultures. Mostly they were Englishmen. The English thought they were better than Germans, the French, and definitely the Slavs, where the word slave comes from. These are all, so called, “white” people.

Thanks to cultural Marxism we have lost the diversity among the white race and we’ve been jammed into one label, white. European if we have the sand to say it. Part of genocide starts with taking away the distinctions and nationalities that make up an ethnic group.

Then they can be lumped together with all people who happen to look the same and collectively abused, guilted, and destroyed. There’s only one ethnic group that is utterly obsessed with race, and happens to retain their racial purity even when far flung across the map. This successful 1 of 12 tribes seems to be at war with Christendom.

It took hundreds of years of meddling to bring in the European Union and destroy the sovereignty of Europe. They tried a similar thing here for North America called NAFTA. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It allows foreign truckers to deliver directly to their destination. They used to have to stop at the border where the loads would be taken by American truckers. Ya know, guys that might be upset to find human cargo.

I think the founders would be physically Ill over the disgust we have let overtake the paradise they entrusted their posterity to. They would be horrified at what we have no consideration for. They would be blown away once we told them  that we still have 400 million guns and trillions of bullets. Then they would likely try and muster a revolution.

Probably not. Once they saw that this was the behavior of a well armed people they would understand that the problem is of the mind, and they have no answer for that. Other than religion, that is.

The Founders would plea with the American people to turn back to Christ. They would condemn the porn, the debauchery, and the borrowing of money from the central bank as wicked. They would beg the people to regain their character, regain their humanity, and be the leaders they need. Only a Christian people are capable of self rule. Not Jews, not muslims, Christian’s. The Founders would tell us to turn back to our Christian roots and let things sort themselves out.

There would be no PC about it. they would take a scientific look at our society and ask a few easy questions. They would ask why a 2 percent minority literally own the whole media? Why the same clique literally own Hollywood? Why the same clique owns the financial system and the banks? Why the same clique owns the education system? Then finally, why does this clique own the political system down to the county level? 

Then they would blatantly tell us what to do with this 2 percent minority. Banishment, or death. That’s how they rolled and that’s how they would see it. Anyone removed from the situation sees it this way. An alien from outer space would see this as blatant as anything. It’s unmistakable and the only one’s stupid enough to fail to see it, are being controlled by it.

The Founders would be ruthless and swift. The people would have been swift and ruthless. We aren’t the Americans of old. We are soft, scared of being called racist, and scared to defend our own lives, if it earns criticism of any kind.

The Founders would know the history of this and know exactly how to fix it. What would American’s do, if told the only way back to the country I was born in, is the removal of an ethnic people? It’s a white group so we can’t be called racist. At best they have the Holocaust, of which there remains very little proof, and in America the word anti semitic. The issue is the US hasn’t ever done anything to Jews, accept take their orders, do their bidding, and fight their wars. So what, exactly, is the guilt trip I’m supposed to have for jews?

I have none, only a growing anger. I can’t be the only one feeling this anger and feeling that it’s a type of back stabbing. To have been in support of Jews, generally, my whole life, even at the cost of my opinion of the great people of Germany, just to find out they have been lying, deceptive, and manipulative to a point of criminality, is a shock. 

Now I have come to see the world for what it is, and we live in a jewish world. The Founders would see this and immediately remedy the situation. Pious men like the Adam’s would have no problem telling devil worshiping jews to hit the bricks, or swing from the gallows.

What will we do?

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