The Significance Of The 99%

There is no significance. My Registered Nurse, mother is economically, a 1%er. So how rich is she. Her and her RN husband bring home less than a half million together. That’s the problem, the percentage of trouble makers aren’t even a percentage point. They are a clique within the highest levels of finance, health, and commerce.

the 99% movement was nothing but commie agitation. That’s why when a real one per center, Peter Schiff, went down to talk to them, he was well received and explained to these morons, their beef was with the Federal Reserve. Not the normal wealthy people in America.

The 1% pay almost all of the taxes. The top 10 percent pay like 50% of the taxes. Fair? Not in my book. Taxes are supposed to be equally apportioned among all of us. A progressive income tax is a plank in the communist manifesto.

Traditionally the role of this class of people has been very positive. They start the businesses we work in. They support the charities we care about. And they work very hard to keep and maintain their positions. At the million dollar a year level these people are hardly rich. 

They might have their home as collateral on business loans. This is a group of people who have put their time, money, and intellect into just keeping a business open, and in the black. Not bad guys. I never work for a boss that doesn’t respect me. However, I’ve only ever had one boss that pushed me enough to quit on the spot. 

Dude yelled at me, and I warned him, time and again. Finally he went off on something that was his fault. I dropped his shit on his clients driveway and left.

Who held the power in the situation I just described? A boss that can’t seem to deal with civil behavior. Or me, someone with the freedom to abandon him, when he needed me, because I didn’t appreciate the way he spoke to me. Freedom to leave is a freedom the owners don’t have.

The real role of the 1% is to innovate, make new businesses, and dream up all knew methods and modes of operation to be more efficient than the competition.

There is a wicked clique of billionaires that sit a thousand times higher than 99% of the 1%. They are the bankers, the supranational NGO’s, and all the biggest lobbyists. They are hated by the business owner and employee alike. They are raping both the owner with taxes and credit, and you with taxes and credit. Small business owners are heroes, not enemies.

As to what the 99% are supposed to do, maybe start by acting like adults. If you use the word, “adulting”, you are the problem. You suffer an arrested development and are of no use to me, or yourself. To a potential employer you look like wasted money and a possible lawsuit without merit.

The 99% should be taking the country back, if they are in fact the 99%. Here’s the deal. You should call yourself the 50%’rs. Even that is too representative. Half this country want a nanny state and refuse to work. Half the country only wants to work, raise a family, and live and die happy.

There is no 99 percent. We don’t agree about anything. I don’t agree with your premise, that 1% is stealing from you personally. I see the idea that your boss is an enemy as idiotic. Your boss is in the top percent, do you hate him? Hate the owner that you work for? Never been helped out by someone that didn’t have to? I’ve never been helped by a 99%r. One percenters have given me trust, paid my bills and savings, and been good to me personally.

My whole life has been peaks and valleys. Every valley I experience usually ends with a one per center pulling me up. Offering me the job when the big guys have blown me off. They treat me with respect, encouragement, and yes, discipline. I have always had a father figure issue. I adopt these men as father figures and I develop relationships that last, hopefully forever.

The 99% should be organized against the international money scheme that threatens all nations. Wall St is a pit of vipers. Maybe pour your time into ending the counterfeiting of your money so you can actually accumulate real wealth in your life.

They should also be the biggest lobby group to have the income tax abolished. The fact that it was passed illegally should make this easy. If the common man wants freedom, they need the banks off of their backs.

So the mob needs to get organized, educated, and focus their energy. If you do notice this happening, do let me know. I gave up on you sheeple long ago. I’m not apart of the 99 or the 1. I’m me and can’t be boxed up and labeled like a commodity coming down the assembly line.

I’m a free man on the land, making my way through life, and following only my moral compass. I expect to find success with this, and the will to make it happen. What the rest of you mob do, matters not one bit to me. I see you as, on par with the danger coming from the clique.

The proper thing for the 99% to do, is become their own people and personalities. Individuate yourself and become the individual you are. Till then you are a lost soul that is surrounded be demons that take, take, take. Ever been given anything from a poor person? How bout a job, any $30,000/year making folks hiring you? No. Grow up and start to accept reality on its own terms. 

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