The Jabs Are Poison, I Can’t Make It Clearer

The latest inspiration comes from a’s article.

An up and coming, brilliant researcher decided to test the new software she had with the VAERS data set. Her findings were so shocking that she decided to alert her supervisors. After they should absolutely no interest, she wrote a paper detailing her findings.

Within a month her paper was removed and given some BS page that says, “Temporary Removal”.  Temporary? What’s the wait, this is killing people. I’m about to show you the results of this one woman’s study of a data set, the authorities claim,, represent around 1% of all injuries.

From the article,

“Rose received her PhD in computational biology from the Bar-Ilan University in Israel. After finishing her post-doctoral studies on molecular dynamics of certain proteins, she was looking for a new challenge. Switching to a new statistical computing software, she was looking for an interesting data set to sharpen her skills on. She picked the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a database of reports of health problems that have occurred after a vaccination and may or may not have been caused by it.”

This is what you call disinterested science, otherwise known as objective.

“I don’t go in with questions,” she said.

What she found, however, was disturbing to her.

VAERS has been in place since 1990 to provide an early warning signal that there might be a problem with a vaccine. Anybody can submit the reports, which are then checked for duplicates. They are largely filed by health care personnel, based on previous research

Usually, there would be around 40,000 reports a year, including several hundred deaths.

But with the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccines, VAERS reports went through the roof. By Jan. 7, there were over a million reports, including more than 21,000 deaths. Other notable issues include over 11,000 heart attacks, nearly 13,000 cases of Bell’s palsy, and over 25,000 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis.

Rose found the data alarming, only to realize authorities and even some experts were generally dismissing it.

“Clearly, there’s no concern [among these authorities and experts] for people who are suffering adverse events,” she said.

The usual arguments against the VAERS data have been that it’s unverified and unreliable.

Rose, however, sees such arguments as irrelevant—VAERS was never meant to provide definitive answers, it’s meant to give early warning and, as she sees it, it’s doing just that.

“It’s emitting so many safety signals and they’re being ignored,” she said.”

By Jan6th, a date that will supposedly live in infamy, there was over 21,000 deaths! Over 11,000 heart attacks and 13,000 cases of Bell’s Palsy. Ending with the fast growing favorite, Myocarditis. 25,000 cases in Jan. How many more do we need to add to these numbers?

So what of this report and the implications that are leaders took from it. Again from the article,

As of July 9, they found 559 VAERS reports of myocarditis, 97 among children ages 12–15.

Some of them may have been related to COVID itself, which can also cause heart problems, but there were too many cases to dismiss the likelihood the vaccines were involved, according to the authors.

“Within 8 weeks of the public offering of COVID-19 products to the 12–15-year-old age group, we found 19 times the expected number of myocarditis cases in the vaccination volunteers over background myocarditis rates for this age group,” the paper said.

After two weeks, on Oct. 15, the paper disappeared from the Elsevier website, replaced by a notice of “Temporary Removal.” Not only weren’t the authors told why, they weren’t informed at all, according to Rose.”

I’m literally speechless. This is one of the most damning articles I have come across. All across the Western World, we have professional, and amateur athletes dropping dead from heart attacks right on TV. Dropping dead because they took an insane novel experiment to protect them from something their immune systems would have taken out with ease.

Our best athletes are being taken out. Now the CDC is comparing exercise with heart attacks. As if running laps for a healthy teenager can cause heart attacks in normal circumstances. This flies in the face of every pop Warner and football program to exist since the sport began.

Those are January numbers people. What do you think has changed? The numbers have increased, the immunity has stayed the same or gotten worse, and the death rate remains flat. At least the pharmaceutical companies made a minty. At least the politicians got to live like middle age royalty, and at least we surrendered every aspect of autonomy we have. Just the cost of herd mentality when it comes time for sheering, or better yet. The slaughter.

How much data can I give you? How much common sense can you lack? How can anyone be afraid of the natural environment over the jab, at this point? We have seen disgusting so called “science” like this for the last 3 years. Removing a perfectly fine paper because it spooks in plain language that the jabs are dangerous. Just disappeared. Taken from the scientific record, and by who? Who the hell gets to decide what we know and what we don’t?

Again people, this was January, of 2021. How many of you could have been helped with this information over the last year? What right did they have to remove it and refuse to report on it? Do you think the media outlets were unaware of this info? Don’t be naive. They hate you just like Billy Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Israel. Time to hate back.

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