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Prohibition, vs The Drug War

This is so relevant to the drug war that we should really examine just what this “constitutional amendment”, and its ending amendment, really taught us. Apparently the federal power to outlaw anything required an amendment to the constitution. 

The drug war has been waged with no constitutional authority. Considering the extreme negative this war has had on Americans, that choose to self medicate, it should be immediately repealed and all those languishing in cages for simply owning or using a substance they paid for, released immediately.

As early as the 1900’s an American could walk into a drug store and buy heroin, cocaine, and cannabis in every form from tinctures, to PMS meds. I know this might sound crazy, adults actually deciding how to treat their own bodies. One could still buy opium. A base of morphine and heroin. On its own it’s far more safe and far less addictive. We can thank the isolation of morphine from opium from the civil war.

They then noticed that morphine was highly addictive so they came up with heroin to try to provide a less addictive drug. They failed and should have left opium for the public and kept morphine for surgery type pain. Morphine should also be given with extreme warning of the withdrawals from abuse. Once addicted to heroin, you should be offered the far less potent opium to ween off of. Instead the only route to rehab for opiates are to take a synthetic opiate they have patented that is harder to ween from than the drug itself.

Back when drugs were as available as any other good to Americans they estimate about a 3% population of addicts. Today, after spending trillions of dollars making war on the Bill of Rights, they estimate about 3% of Americans are addicted to drugs. I think this is shenanigans and there’s far more addicts today, they just have prescriptions for them. The millions of pain maintenance clinics are still giving out outrageous prescriptions for opiates, for the right person that is.

The Americans of the time were not on board, generally, with this hated law. This was passed by a loud minority of women. Just like the destruction of our rights, when it comes to traveling, women that are motivated by tragedy, are the most dangerous enemy to freedom. It was women who lobbied hard for this prohibition and it was a disaster of monumental proportions. Anytime legislation is left to grieving mothers we get lunatic laws. Laws that have some child’s name on them should not exist. Mad mothers against drunk drivers have given us constitutional free roads. And made driving a privilege. Good job ladies. Anymore of my rights you wanna take away? 

The results of outlawing alcohol led to the government taking industrial ethanol and poisoning it to keep people from using a commercial cleaner for its pure ethanol qualities. They ended up killing untold people by the time word got out that “denatured alcohol” meant poison. So an unintended consequence of stupidity and the asinine notion that people can be made to behave a certain way by law. No, if the people refuse to obey, it’s a law of no effect, which is far more dangerous to the government than a law that’s grudgingly obeyed. 

Prior to the temperance movement and the war on Americans and their vice. There was no organized crime in this country. There is no need for black markets in a place where the taxes are non existent and everything is available for legitimate purchase. The Americans that were heading into the 20th century had these things in its favor. A truly precious time lost to us and at the cost of trillions of dollars and untold destroyed lives through a justice system that went off the rails. 100 Times the sentence for having cocaine hydroxide vs cocaine hydrochloride? And the American people just saw the word crack.  Most were never aware, never even aware that it was just cocaine. Crack is just cocaine made smokable.

The first chance for a merchant class to capitalize on the extreme profits that come from smuggling contraband, and it was on. By the end of the so called experiment, organized crime had corrupted every aspect of this society. For the first time, crime was celebrated and criminals were too. Meyer Lansky and Benjamin Segal are two odd names for Italians. Yet these are 2/3rds the founders of Murder Inc. the only Italian, lucky, was deported.

The beginning of prohibition gave the criminal element a grip on the judicial apparatus of this country in such a way as to have made it a mockery ever since. Now our police are entirely devoted to the unconstitutional searching and finding of drugs they don’t like. To this end they have used dogs and other such ludicrous methods to sidestep traditional routes to probable cause and further destroy the Bill of Rights at every turn. If a dog can not give testimony to the things they witnessed, they can not be apart of the arrest at all. You cant cross examine a fu**ing dog, do I need to be more emphatic than that.

So the people of the 1920’s and 30’s realized the unintended consequences that their social engineering brought about. They humbly asked that it be repealed and they hoped the corruption would go with it. Not so fast their buddy. The amendment was nullified and drinks were had from coast to coast to celebrate. The issue of organized crime, however, was now a part of life and has been so much worse with the drug war than the people of the 20’s could even imagine.

The corruption and debauchery you get by outlawing things that people will have anyway, is horrific. It’s the single reason that Mexico is ran by war lords and cartels. They are the access point for Americas unending demand for certain substances. They have become more powerful than the government of Mexico. They are diversified and play with the big money movers in Wall Street. They could drop the dope and live off of legitimate business investments at this point. They are organized like a modern corporation. Organized crime. 

The reasons they got rid of a bad law was because of the bad effects it had on their society. We could have done the same when Nixon declared war on America, we could have said hell no, look what happened last time. Unfortunately, Americans were already whipped and willing to take the disgusting government of the 60’s and 70’s at their word.

By the 1980’s we were seeing new inventions in the law like civil asset forfeiture. This is where they find money or property you own and they claim it was bought with illegitimate money. It’s a civil charge against the property itself, not you. You have to sue to retrieve whatever they take. Miami Vice made this all glamorous and fun. It’s a gross violation of justice and a ridiculous legal theory. Property held on civil charge? 

Then you have todays gangsters, Vs the Capones, Lansky’s, etc… today these products are pushed by the most violent and powerful organizations in a country. They can’t be challenged even by the Mexican military. The biggest market for drugs of all variety continues to be the USA. Supply and demand are economic laws of nature. When supply is way off, the demand, prices fall. When the demand becomes greater than the supply, the prices increase. In the case of just opium, it goes from $900/pound in Afghanistan. By the time it gets to America it’s worth over $30,000 and we can’t understand why we can’t stop drugs. The money is enough to corrupt any system, certainly one the size of ours and with the division of power that leads to jurisdiction issues and the like.

The good people of the temperance movement were able to quickly see the folly in their thinking and demand things go back to before. Today Americans are too thick in the head to recognize the untold hell that is suffered upon by so many Americans for simply using a medicine that’s not prescribed to them.

With half the female population in the US on some sort of depression medication, the explosion in overdoses due to unknown and unregulated, by the market that is, quality of product, and the wealth that has been accumulated by the worst type of ruthless criminal that now puts these governments to work for them. They are extremely powerful and all because of the profits they make selling poison to us. Why don’t we make our laws consistent and have liquor stores that just sell pharmaceuticals? You could be carded at the door like a pot dispensary. 

We shouldn’t have to beg a doctor, pay insane insurance bills, or be bothered at all if we want to buy medicine. If Ivermectin was an over the counter medication we could have treated ourselves instead of being poisoned and ventilated by “caring doctors”. For some reason, when it comes to our health, we are the most strict. I’m allowed almost no say in my treatment. Most people can diagnose a cold and know what some Codeine will do for them, yet it’s prescription. You can buy dick pills but not penicillin? This is a bad system. We are treated like bad children.

The prohibition ended because the people of the time had the sense and the character to admit fault and return to the prior policy. Americans today have no character, common sense, or a memory longer than their member. Todays politicians and deep state use drug profits to fund black ops and have been since at least, Iran/Contra.

It’s time to end this disgusting war on the people of this country. Waging war on drugs is just as stupid as waging war on terror. These are ridiculous statements. War is made on men, women, and children. Call it what you want, it’s war against your own people. It needs to stop.

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