Martin Luther Coo, I Mean King Day

Haha, hope the title triggered ya. Yes this is MLK Jr’s day, and he used to be regarded by a much less PC name. That is by the FBI, Johnson, and everyone else who shook his hand in public, but hated him in private. See, while there were surely many citizens who were pleased to see him go, it’s only the state that really had the means.

An interesting fact about King’s assassination is the rise of a few of his lieutenants. Big names like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Gotta wonder who sold him out. No you don’t. The following video is an inspiration. It’s the last time he spoke publicly before being cut down.

I’ve been harsh towards Dr King in the past, and it’s been genuine. I really have too many disagreements with the man to be friends. I don’t have to like someone, to be inspired, or have respect for. The man in this little video is the definition of brave.

He knew his days were numbered. It’s my belief that he knew he’d been sold out. I wanted to know what the “other” black folks had to say about king. I was surprised to find nothing in the way of real criticism. Farrakan talks about the last 2 years of King’s life being much different than the “I have a dream” character we all know.

He says that His teacher and King met 2 years prior to King’s killing. I’m not sure on the timing but this is around the time King started to preach about Vietnam. When I say preach, I mean teach. His sermons on the issue are surprisingly accurate and bold. He holds nothing back, and makes it plain just how disgusting our war was. It’s worth a search or 2 on YouTube to find.

King was a Mason. I think there’s no doubt about it, he was a Blue Lodge Mason. That means he was owned, I’m sorry to say. The reason he was killed is because he went against the brotherhood. Not the brotherhood he had with his followers. The Brotherhood he had with the black sellouts.

There’s no doubt that King was apart of whatever the 1960’s was. The brutality that scars that decade is truly horrifying. So much so, that the people seem to want to gloss over the whole mess. Chalk it up to a time of rock and roll, and peace and love.

Not from where I sit. I see that whole decade as a giant coup against the country. One that was pulled off without a single mistake. Beginning with the Cuban debacle and ending with the fraudulent moon landing, the whole era seems fake. A made for TV movie.

This day really should be a day for all the patriots that were taken during this coup. JFK and RFK absolutely died for this country. Malcom X, MLK, and many more like Medgar Evers, died for their people. These are all heroes and all were taken from US. White, and black. These are open wounds for all of us. We are all owed answered and the ability for justice.

The issue is, we are over 5 decades removed from the situation and have so many new crimes to deal with. Everyone involved with the coup in the 60’s is dead. The people ruining the country today are within reach. We can’t turn back time and make the 60’s right. We can start acting today like they did in the past and maybe have justice for those that are fucking everything up in our time.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day, to all. Regardless the man’s flaws, they don’t hold a candle compared to his courage. He was courageous and he loved his people. For this, the demons running the FBI had him killed. Jesse Jackson was an accomplice to say the least. As to motive, ask Johnson and Hoover. They killed Jim after all.

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