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Lockdowns For Germs Can Fix Climate Change Too has turned me onto a paper written by some egg head. This paper suggests that if authoritarianism worked for covid, why not give it a try with climate change. Before I get into it< I want to point out the facts.

We have been screaming at the tops of our lungs this whole time, “STOP SUBMITTING”. That the only way back to “normal” is to refuse to obey. Non-compliance has been the only answer, and I, as well as many others have been screaming for years now, stop consenting to tyranny. Unfortunately, our clear and percent cautions went unheeded. Now authoritarian state action is a legitimate act for social engineering. Take a bow you NPC’s.

We gave you charts, censored doctors that were giving you safe and effective therapeutics, and the straight facts as far as morbidity rates and the jab dangers. We have done our level best to stop you from letting them poison you. Now the germ is over and more and more coming to be a seasonal cold/flu. The establishment is finally admitting what we have been saying the whole time. To what end? They won the game by a mile.

They were taught that Americans are more malleable than once first thought. If they will let us destroy their lives, economy, and their very families, over a fake germ, surely we can achieve the same obedience over a different “crisis”. Just as the crisis of covid was more a crisis of conscience and moral fortitude, so too is the fight against, so called, climate change. It’s a totally asinine theory that has flip-flopped in my lifetime at least 3 different times. In my youth it was global cooling, the 90’s gave us global warming. Then when they failed to show any warming data for a decade or so, it became climate change.

Anyone that realizes the ridiculousness of the previous paragraph, should naturally be skeptical of any claims of climate disaster, on any level. The short and skinny of it is this. We are living in a historic warm period. Nowhere near the warmest era of the recorded climate, but warm. The midivil warm period, saw temps high enough to grow wine grapes in England. That’s a climate far warmer than today. Furthermore, the benefits on humanity of a warmer Earth are incalculable. It lengthens the growing seasons. Cold kills far more than heat. History shows us that surprise cold snaps cause famine. Surprise warm years cause increase in population.

Climate change is a wholly anti-human philosophy. It’s not a science of climate, it’s a science of control. It’s a philosophy that is based upon lowering the global human population, and it goes back at least as far as a fella named Malthus. Going back to like the 1700’s there have been crackpots screaming about the population/resource ratio, and absolutely convinced that something must be done to change the situation, and force is not off the table. The fact that these looney tunes have been disproved time and again, matters not. It’s a paper thin reason for genocide.

From the paper,


As the climate crisis deepens, one can find a cautious but growing chorus of praise for “authoritarian environmentalism. ”Footnote 1 This mode of governance, typically associated with China, is often juxtaposed to the “democratic environmentalism” of wealthy, postindustrial states like the United States, Australia, Germany, and Japan. The essential idea behind these encomiums is that, while authoritarianism is in general lamentable, having a government unencumbered by democratic procedures or constitutional limits on power could be advantageous when it comes to implementing urgently needed climate action.

Isn’t that cute? They took the most anti-social and un-American event in our history and said, hey, this can work for everything. Every crackpot scheme we can come up with. The issue of climate change will not be like Covid. There is about half the country, at least, that flat denies there is a single thing about climate change that’s not clear BS. The idea that humans are poisoning the Earth, and deserves an authoritarian approach is going to be like 10 percent tops. I mean absolute tops. The 90% of us are going to be fighting you with unbelievable rage. Not just the organic rage that would come from such a thing in normal times. No, we have been pent up with rage for years and you’re playing on top of a powder keg with sparklers. What’s worse, you don’t even seem to get it.

These people are so isolated and insulated from the actual people of this country that they think we still respect them. What on Earth could give them this idea, I have no idea. The polls show congress, the press, the president, and so on, are tanking. Real deal numbers that have actually significant polls put these institutions under 10% approval. Instead of fear and perhaps a change in tactics, they press forward. This is a kamikaze attitude that is so cultish it blows the mind.

If you losers think that the American people will put up with anymore of your BS, you’re betting against the house. You should be shocked that you survived what you’ve done already and hide for the rest of your lives. You already have done plenty to find yourselves hanging from ropes all across the land. Are you really so thick in the head as to believe you can continue this? I think you might be, and I’m happy to tell you, you are going to get what’s coming to you.

If there is an authoritarian approach to climate change, we are going to have a revolutionary answer. You’re playing with your lives. Back the fu** up and do so now. Continue to behave this way and you are excusing more and more ruthlessness in taking you out. The more tyrannical you get, the more just our cause is. So keep giving us the only ammo we need. The American people’s support. We are fighting over the support of the people and who do ya think is winning. Freedom, or tyranny? From where I sit, if I were you, I’d be shutting my measly mouth and shrinking into obscurity. At least before the “national razor” comes out. Unless you want to see how long the eyes continue to signal to the brain before the long dirt nap, after severed from the spinal cord that is.

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