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Judge Puts FDA in Its Place

As I have mentioned before, the FDA wants a crazy moratorium on the release of jab data. They were asking to leak out documents at a pace of 500 pages per month. This would have taken 75 years to get every one of the papers they used to foist this garbage on the World’s people.

A federal judge has shortened this time, radically. The FDA has been forced to produce a whopping 55,000 documents a month until finally released in about 8 months. Still using a fairly slow drip system of info drops and it’s still taking 8 months. With 55,000 documents at a clip, it’s hard to be disappointed at the wait.

The problem is this. Ya, we’re getting to see the data that was supposedly going to help us flatten the curve, 2 years ago. The problem is that they have been injecting this filth into the bodies of people all over the world, and just now they are starting to release data on it. All you people that took this jab, did so completely blind. No medical informations whatsoever on the poison you let them inject into your body’s cells.

The fact that they are willing to spend millions of dollars, just keeping this info from those who have already accepted their gene therapy, tells me plenty. It’s obvious that within these documents are the facts that we have been warning of since day one.

So what if they have to tell us the truth? The population is immune to the truth. They are demoralized to the point that they could take anything on faith. Faith in people, mind you, never faith in the Lord our God. Ex KGB Agents have told us the exact way a communist country overthrows the nation without a single shot.

They demoralize the people and flood the universities with useless theories and mental masturbation. No more physics, chemistry, or anything relevant. No, you get ethnic studies and the history of urban warfare. The communist subversion in this country has been done so thoroughly and so complete that the average man can’t tell false from fiction, unless told so, by an authority of some kind. This, the commies refer to as, ripe for the picking.

2 Worldviews control this Earth. It is very diverse and it comes in as many colors and details, as are in existence. Yet, still it comes down to 2 views of the world. One suggests that the people are the best when they are individuated and free to become the very best they can with the intellect God gave them, the resources they get from the world, and their own will to achieve their goal.

The second is collectivism and it outweighs the other in terms of adherents by a mile. This is the philosophy of jealousy, tyranny, and death. It’s these cultures that give us the sayings, the nail sticking up, gets pounded. The tallest flower is first to be cut down. The point is clear, average is what you are allowed to be. Making waves might cost you your life.

Sure there are systems that offer some mixture of these 2 systems but they never last. They are taken over by the commies and then made communist. Any amount of communism is too much. It’s like asking how much hemlock we need for supper? There’s no amount of communism that’s safe and acceptable to allow into your body politic.

Commies are not a respectable enemy. They use anything to advance their aims. Deception, bribes, and anything else is totally acceptable to get into a country and grow dissatisfaction until they can whip up a revolution. They don’t believe in a fair fight upon the battlefield. They are subversive, deceitful, and they use existing, historical scabs to pick at and aggravate until it’s an open wound again.

We live in a commie state that has a citizenry that still thinks it’s a republic. That’s why the FDA even had the sand to ask for secrecy about what they are forcing into your children. Is there really any acceptable reason for waiting until every single person involved is dead before allowing us the documents. That is the reason for the 75 years. Nobody will be alive to be ripped out of their easy chair and hanged from the lamp post outside their houses.

What else could possibly be the reasoning of 75 years. They do this with all of their hoaxes but even JFK got a 50 year moratorium. I think it’s safe to say, whatever they’ve done, and documented, is enough proof to have these people tried, convicted, and sentenced for crimes against humanity. That means an international tribunal and mass executions. 

At the rate of 55,000 documents a week we are going to have everything in 8 months. Clear your calendar because when we get the info, we might just bring back public execution. Breaking on the wheel would be appropriate. Let’s get medieval here folks. They have tried to cull half of humanity. The sentence needs to fit the crime. And let their cries for mercy be heard all over the world as we show them none. Only after they have felt the pain of the others they have hurt, will we finally do them a favor, and expend a .22 into the base of the neck.

This documentation is going to show us a declaration of war. Even if the goods come out last, we are 8 months away from knowing everything. They are 8 months away from a long drop and a short stop.

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