It’s Time To Get Over The 6th

For those of us who have been watching this train wreck for the last year, and have more than 2 brain cells to rub together, the whole thing has been a propaganda circus. As we speak the democrats are desperately attempting to convene some committee on what happened. Problem is, the 2 republicans they have asked to join them have declined.

Mind you, this committee, is so far made of 7 democrats and that’s it. They want a token republican, but can’t seem to get one. I say 1 in 7 is a bigger joke than if they just went full and transparently partisan. Expecting the sane people to help you lunatics make a  federal offense out of a misdemeanor, is political suicide for the republican that does.

Why are we still hearing about this? Why haven’t the police who opened the gates and are recorded screaming, come on in, being investigated. Why was the only killer on the property given a promotion for shooting an unarmed national guardswoman. Why aren’t the feds being brought before a hearing and made to explain how many “assets” they had on the ground, what they were doing, and what footage from any drones they might have?

Furthermore, why aren’t we asking, on what grounds are these people being held, without charge or bail? Why so much talk of insurrection when most of the charges have actually been fairly minor? Why are some being treated like John Dillinger, while some are sailing through the process? How many were actual people, vs agent provocateurs?

What of the timing? Trump asked that his Jan 6th rally have National Guard units to protect the property. Nancy Pelosi personally shot that down. Watching C-Span as you watch the TV footage you can notice the whole game. The very first state to question the delegates and refuse to certify the vote, instantly starts the cops opening the barriers. This was no insurrection. This was high level corruption to stop an age old tradition from taking place.

Near half the states were planning on contesting the votes. This would have thrown it back to the states to give each one, one vote per state. Before they could even get close to that procedure, the whole thing was sabotaged. Watch for yourselves, the timing is unbelievable.

So I’m no voter, not partisan, and think the president is a puppet. However, I do believe in right and wrong, and this is wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, after a year of looking at this thing, I tell you this. Donald Trump won that election, fair and square. Then it was stolen from him through so many different levels of fraud  it’s disgusting.

So here we are. We know the dem’s orchestrated a fake insurrection to disrupt their certifying of the election. Why do that unless you already know you’ve lost? How truly dangerous is Trump to the swamp?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter. That was a year ago, and do you see anyone getting in trouble for stealing the election? No. They’re still going after the poor citizens of Jan 6th. Enough. WTF Is our problem? I know their deal, Luciferian. What of us though. Have we no backbone? Are we so cowed that blatant injustice is cheered on by some, spoken up by few, and silent by most? Americans? Meh.

This is what ya call a travesty of justice. Every legal protection that is supposed to protect folks with political ideas you don’t agree with, has been ignored. Where’s the ACLU, the ADL, and the rest? Oh that’s right, these were goyim, not jews.

The ACLU, ADL, and the SPLC are all defending black murderers, and child molesting jews. They have no time for the civil rights of a Goy. According to the filth they consider holy scripture. “The best of the goy is DEAD”. The Talmud makes clear we are no better than snakes, and the best of snakes deserve to have their heads crushed. Good folks though.

Enough is enough. The patriot movement is huge, why are we letting them bully us so bad? Why have a patriot movement, if you never move? I’m really starting to question the practicality of such a movement, at all. Apparently the leader of Oath Keepers can’t even talk without being harassed, assaulted, or kidnapped.

Time for the Minute Men of Concord and Lexington, boys. This drag ass pussy loafing around. Playing tough army guy is pathetic. Take the power grid down in LA. Destroy the power supply to the governor’s mansion. Do something. Talk is cheap, and I sell it for free all day. Actions make the world go round. You wanna talk, or do you want freedom? Choose now.

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