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Is My Allegiance To The Constitution, president, or party?

Another inspired Quora question.

This is good, people need to really consider who they serve. You listed 3 totally different things. A document, a personality, and an accepted duopoly of crime syndicates. My allegiances or spread to my liking, but we’ll get into that later.

The Constitution is the best option. It, at least, is an idea. I guess the problem is, do others consider these ideas worth protecting. Documents can’t defend themselves. We are clearly nothing like what is penned on that single page document.

A sitting president? Hmmm, there’s some clear issues with this. First, at best you have an 8 year”leader”. I think “allegiance” means something pretty heavy. Allegiance, means to give one’s loyalty to. That’s pretty intense.

The last and worst option, the political party, yuck. These are the height of arrogant, self aggrandizing, and total and utter psychopaths. These are the puppets that pay the ultimate sacrifice and sell their souls. 

The political class, on the federal level, is purely rotten to the core and without a single redeeming quality. The DNC and RNC are two opposing appendages of the same body. 

Seth Rich would tell ya all about it, but wait, that’s right he got shot. 2 in the back and wasn’t robbed, nor did he have any enemies. Yep, sounds about right to me.

I’m gonna have to go off your list, after all, it is very limiting and my loyalty can only go so far. My allegiance is to my daughter above all. 

Then the rest of my family and those like family. I have allegiance to myself, as my very existence depends upon it, and without that, how could I be of any good to those I mentioned first? Or anyone else, for that matter.

These are physical allegiances. I have spiritual ones as well. My primary, philosophical loyalty lies with my creator. To honor him by being the best me, I can be. My allegiance lies with the creator, and the laws of nature he gave us.

There is more loyalty I can muster up when called upon. That’s my allegiance to liberty. Not some fanciful ideal, human freedom writ large. I am loyal to this end and will remain so, till it is achieved, or I am dead. 

This cause is wholly human and the cause of every time, age, and generation. The history of the world shows us precious few moments and places where people lived as free independent sovereigns. Always ruled by the tyranny of the mob, the monarch, and the money masters, but ruled always.

I want to see humanity set free. We are living in a time that only the worst people could develop. A land of abundance and hunger that is constantly pouring resources into fixing the worst of the issue. Still, millions of children starve in Africa a year at least? They say it’s not a matter of supply, the food is there. It’s just too complicated to get it to the kids. Ya know the ones on the commercials with flies all over em.

If you think any of those choices is worth your finite allegiance, you should consider who and what you serve. Slick politicians are the obvious leader here but no option is worthy of a man’s limited loyalties. 

Allegiance is not tolerance, or even promotion. It’s loyalty. To me that means something special. Serving the wrong master is deadly serious. Follow one’s conscience, sound principles, universal philosophies, and experience. This is cutting edge stuff man, like 3,000 year old white guy stuff. Socrates really set a high bar.

I hope you get what I’m saying and can handle a bit of ribbing with it. Asking questions is what smart people do. How else can you learn what you don’t know. 

They are desperate to rob your kids of their very humanity and individualism. There’s only one you. One of like millions of random eggs found one of like millions of sperm and bang, a miracle takes place that creates a whole new human consciousness.

No I’m not saying that fertilized eggs are conscious, yet, but they damn sure will be within a mere matter of weeks at latest. That is, if they are not sacrificed to the demons of planned parenthood. 

You are a one off miracle that was given a soul. It’s in our nature to except the concept of souls, and associate it with the spiritual part of our consciousness. Not even really explored by modern, lame science.

Allegiance to humanity that’s pure yip yap. Would I like to see the world take back it’s legacy, and tear down the power structures, and fabricated scarcity, that keeps them constantly consumed with, keeping up? More than you can imagine. 

I’d give my all for such an outcome, even a chance of such. If a movement ever materializes, I’m down. I can’t control anyone but myself. So I count on myself.

Anyone that thinks this is going to be solved by some Trump, Q, or any political personality, is just delusional. This is about personal change on a mass scale. The fight is for each of us individually. 

Its different for everyone but it’s got a lot of things common to most. If you have an allegiance to breathing, living without a medical passport, or anything of value at all, you need to fight. I mean with whatever you have available. 

We have courts, grand juries, and some constitutional sheriffs. Let’s use every means available and fight. Or be a historical humiliation. The cliche of hard men that make soft men. Let’s man the fu** up and pledge allegiance to justice and liberty for all.

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