Is A Liberal Utopia On The West Coast, Possible?

I’m going to assume we mean the liberal western states on the coast. That will make it fun at least. This area is ready made for trade, industry, agriculture, fishing, and at least 3 massive port cities. LA, SF, and Seattle for starters.

Independently this new country, The People’s Republic of Woke, would be so predictably bad, it’s fun to contemplate just what this train wreck would look like. A train wreck it would be, for sure. The only question is how far back in time they end up going before admitting defeat. How many bodies will it cost to confirm their utopian, and childish ideals were nothing but mental masterbation?  

The PRW would begin with a strong lead. It’s got everything to be a powerhouse economically, and draw in a tax base to support a nanny state. It would be starting from the assets held by those territories, prior to secession. If we just use the Sierra/Nevada range and go from coast to the peak of the range, we offer them plenty to be prosperous beyond all other similar sized parcels of land. 

They have the Ca Central Valley that used to supply the worlds fruits and veggies. Now it’s just fruits and nuts, haha. They have the snow melt they get already as a state and all the gold, silver, and natural gas in the ground. Northern California was made for logging and mining. Currently these areas are less represented than the spotted owl, and miles behind an illegal, certainly one that works for cash mowing a politician’s lawn.

The SF Bay is so big and you have Oakland and Frisco on either side. Richmond and all the oil refineries are right there as well. When it comes to the ability to conduct trade, the whole coast has plenty of access to container ships, oil container ships, and anything else that moves along the seas. In the beginning, this will be the PRW’s continued dreamland of a supply chain 3 days away from destruction. Eventually the trade deficit between Facebook, and Hollywood, with the producers of food and stuff, will manifest in a shortage of goods.

These ideologues that believe good intentions can fill their stomachs, are going to find out very quickly, that’s not how the world works. There will be such a concentration of this single minded, Marxist, and hedonistic mindset that nobody will understand the problem. Most will fail to recognize that they have a problem. Until they are up against the wall, they’ll continue to walk off their mind. 

We know what these cats do in stressful situations, they totally break down and become hysterical. They never consider their own fundamental principles, or reflect on themselves, at all. All discomfort or unease is the result of an outside force, of which, they are powerless to. The beginning of the end, which might take like a week. Will start with scapegoats and the use of laws to outlaw whatever it is they think, caused their discomfort. Violence will be next and seem less.

As their “judicial” system becomes more and more used as a tool against dissidents and rabble rousers, capital punishment will become as common as traffic tickets. Eventually they could result to genocide of any group they can scapegoat. 

This really is the endgame for our little experiment. Not as far as existing, just progressing. These are a comedy of tragedies that are as predictable as the sunrise. By the time the proles figure out what might be going on, there will already be a well established and all mighty state. That state is going to see the whole picture while showing the public little it can rely on. 

This is when the glove comes off and the people are acquainted with the actual fist of dictatorial rule, by a small clique, but represented by a strongman.  When the leader speaks it’s made instant law and can be retroactively enforced. If he said to be a farmer yesterday, but today calls for the indiscriminate murder of farmers, he must have s reason. Must know something they don’t. 

This will continue as long as the resources available to them, are available through domestic sources, and have not been so stolen from the masses, as to cause starvation. Or there can be expansion through war, to  conquer more goods and labor. This also keeps the population constantly depressed through war, starvation, and political prisons. Schools will teach all children to be undercover state agents at home. They will turn their own parents in, and never see them again. 

Probably commit suicide when they become aware of their actions, with age. Or go full psychopath and commit to the state their very soul.

Given the time, and assuming a world that’s willing to watch it without intervening, this is exactly how this Garden of Eden, in terms of assets, would be turned into hell on Earth. A place where starvation is more the norm than not. A place that has no international trade. A place with constantly, hyper inflated money. A dictatorship of oligarchs and bankers that rule for themselves only. True hell, ruled by a personality that lacks any empathy or humility.

They’ll still vote, and just like now, it will matter who counts the votes, not the votes themselves. These people that began as woke middle/upper class people would resort to cannibalism, in 6 months of the People’s Republic of Woke. Since these are a self selecting group it would be hard to predict if they would ever change things, or if the regime would be knocked off by another country. Revolution or conquest is really their only way out. These are house cats that would walk into a firing line before even considering an armed revolt. So, it would just be a North Korean type of walled off society, that eats itself from the inside out. 

Unlike North Korea, that’s all one people, this new state The PRW, will be a mixture of people who share nothing but fear. Fear of freedom. Fear of living. Fear of dying. And the worst, fear of being shunned by the cult. Their only hope is in a quick and relatively painless death. One that doesn’t bring the family too much dishonor of course.

What a sad state of affairs. A people and ideology so toxic and predictable that it would, without question, destroy the very earth it occupied. People dedicated to protecting “mother Gaia” at all costs, would be clear cutting 300 year old redwoods for a bowl of soup, and hunk of bread a day. Within a month of hard reality they would eat their own children. 

These mental patients already consider human life to be so trivial as to be less than fully human, even as a toddler. Full term abortions to start. Then they develop a choice at birth, keep the baby or get a tax credit for selling it for organs and stem cells. It’s a woman’s choice to raise a baby she born into the world, or “donate” it for organs. In a short time after that the idea that humanity,  isn’t achieved until full autonomy is, will not be fringe. It will be accepted “science”.

Everything will be given a value to the state and its through this system that you will be judged. Do you add more than you consume? Are you a fanatic for the leader? Have you ever bought a banned book on the black market? The legal dictionary will be extremely limited and only accept new entries upon decision of a committee. All other information will be deemed terrorist contraband.

These narrow minded people as they exist today, will seem like brilliant intellectuals after they are conditioned by the state, from birth to death. They won’t be snowflakes by now. They will be callous and cold. Indifferent to everything and only concerned with remaining off of the wrong list. The walls will be used to keep them in, not others out. The world will want to avoid this place like they do North Korea today.

Eventually they will collapse under the weight of their own stupidity. With no way to replenish the worker other than procreation of the existing livestock, this will be a state interest. Thus a state industry. Eugenics will guide the state’s policy for procreation. People will be bread for a specific need of the time. The need will likely be different by the time jr. is old enough to fill a gap that was visible at his birth. If the gap still remains unchanged, or worse by the time jr. becomes old enough to effect it, how can jr. be expected to make a difference? What consequences face those who fail to complete the impossible? Summary execution, if history is our guide.

I can tell you these things with absolute certainty. Not because I’m special, just because I’ve taken notice of the historical record. This vile and jealous ideology, collectivism by whatever you call it, is so predictably disastrous it boggles the mind that anyone would even defend it, let alone promote it. Promoting it in America, where we are almost physically averse to this poison, was and has been pointless. This country was built by nothing more than the freedom to do what one is capable of. Never in history has there been a more proud people than those special Americans that lived in its infancy, and seeded our unique culture. A country built to greatness, by the common men who claimed it, is totally immune to claims of, “fair share” by those who did nothing.

So how did they destroy us so thoroughly, as to make communism a perfectly honorable philosophy to promote, and praise? They replaced the Americans that built this country with people who hate us for jealousy, ignorance, and an agenda guiding them. Long before Biden threw the doors open to the southern border the statistical facts have shown, time, plus doing nothing, equals a minority white America. The growth in the black population wasn’t good enough. Until the “new deal”, blacks voted for the “party of Lincoln”. So they were still too American.

They decided to throw the southern border open and they used the drug war to incentivize a way of making the border irrelevant. The illegals that came early were northern born Mexicans, and were much more Spanish than Indian. Today we are taking in South Americans, on up, and anyone else who can get to the desert. The more disunited the better. Their common bond is their hatred of Europeans and the jealousy they wish to satisfy by taking what they themselves could never build.

We might get to see this thing happen on a much larger scale than the west coast. About half the states are “blue”. Every one of them are acting like lunatics and they actually swear an oath to the US and State Constitutions, from where they’re from. Just think of the founding document these states would draft if they seceded. It would be longer than the current tax code, and it wouldn’t make the protection of a single right, part of the state’s purpose. They would want a negative rights type, pseudo philosophical, governance? 

What I mean is, ours is a contract of limits and absolutes. Theirs would be intentionally vague, and instead of rights, they would have privilege. They might still call them rights, but they will accept that they come from the state, not their humanity. Any religion that is in conflict would be eliminated, just as in the Bolshevik Revolution. Communism and Judaism are perfectly compatible and like the Russians, they will see synagogues everywhere, while churches are looted and destroyed. 

The beautiful cathedrals that dot the lands of Europe are already being defiled and ignored today.

How many times does an idea need to be discredited before it’s finally retired? How many bodies, mass graves, and Holodomor’s does it take? It should be clear by now, these creatures are just not willing to accept the facts, and stop pursuing this sick ideology. In fact, with so much horror to show for their efforts, and the lack of a single success, by any reasonable measurement, at least. The continued obsession with this vile poison of the mind, is religious, not political. This is the religious fanaticism that gave us things like the Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch trials, and the crusades. Just a different “religion”. 

This is a people, both ethnically, and religiously homogeneous. They exist in countries all over the world and hold major positions of power over the banking and military institutions of the world. For a long time, maybe 50 years, jewish and communist were basically interchangeable. McCarthy was dead right. He should have been more blunt about the issue. He names them and that does tell us plenty. He also estimates some 150 communists were  in the US State Department in the 50’s.

We can look at the 60’s to see the fruits of their work in our government. The, center left JFK, wasn’t good enough because he thought Israel shouldn’t be given nukes. They decided to give him a closed casket funeral. He was the last president to even barely stand up to Israel. His brother was endangering the Jewish crime syndicate, Murder Inc. Lansky would die an old man, never having to do as much time as a Jan 6th sight seer.

The leader of the trio of godfathers of US organized crime. Lucky was deported but helped in WWII, and was allowed back in. Benjamin Siegel was too flashy and talked too much. 2 of 3 Jewish but every organized crime movie, book, or tv show you’ve seen shows an Italian tradition. Book making, loan sharking, and extortion. These seem like Italian traits or societal norms? They’re the historical trades of the tribe of Judah.

Well, sorry if this was far more than you were looking for, it’s imperative that we not allow this to happen here. The issue is, right now they are killing us on the scoreboard. We aren’t winning much, and we used to win every once in a while. The courts have swung the pendulum of law, as society has changed and accepted more activist judges. Used to be that we wanted fair play. Win or lose we were a country that fought their case and expected fairness over victory. The integrity of the system was far more important than a decision of any kind.

People who know about it, are often upset at the Dred Scott decision. They’ve never read what justice Taney wrote in the decision, they just know it’s obviously wrong based upon their sensibilities alone. Roger B Taney was an excellent judge that believed in state’s rights over the federal government, in most cases. Furthermore, he rightly said the feds have no jurisdiction over the frontier. Until a territory became a state they were completely out of the jurisdiction of the US. 

Much of Taney’s words were taken out of context by radical abolitionist media, fake news. The truth about the man is that he hated slavery. He also couldn’t conceive of a world where blacks and whites coexisted on equal terms. Something as common to any thinker of the time, it was a given. Lincoln himself thought it would be best to resettle them in Panama. Either way, Roger Taney was well respected until the 20th century, and certainly after the civil rights act he took a hit, historically.

I guess if ya made it through this rant, take this away from it. The men who built this country were like Andrew Jackson, who happened to appoint Taney, the Chief Justice of the Supreme’s. They were tough, industrious, and would watch their own children go to bed without dinner before taking the dole. They took the west and had nothing like a government to help them. Until the war over California, the west was largely total anarchy.

The law was swift and brutal so the crime was low. How was the law known and carried out? Common Law is the golden rule. Most disputes were settled monetarily. Criminal crimes were settled by a posse, short trial, maybe, and a tall tree with a short rope.

If you think today’s liberals are capable of even sustaining the great civilization these men built, let alone improve upon it, you’re just out of your mind. It would be the quickest decline in civilization ever witnessed. A single generation could see the entire drama play out. From secession and statehood, to the rapid decline into despotism, and the eventual disillusion, all could take place within a couple decades.

Remember, these are pre-charged Jr change agents already. With a blank slate to work from the ground, sideways. They will be eating each other in record time. We should do absolutely nothing except enforce the border. Real hardcore political prisoners, we can give refuge to. The rest deserve what they get. It is cruel but who cares. This needs to be done away with, and gone for good. If that means letting them destroy each other and a chunk of land, so be it. We should document it from start to finish for posterity and make the whole idea disgraceful and predictable as the sunrise. 

If the Bolsheviks weren’t enough, Moa wasn’t enough, Pol Pot wasn’t enough, Hitler, and so on. Let them have their utopia. As long as it’s contained and absolutely separate from the USA, I am on board. I will take pleasure in watching the 7th largest economy come apart, and the discrediting of everyone involved.

Pipe dreams but wouldn’t it be effective? Real time communism, no theory. We won’t have to “sell” freedom after that. Communism might finally take its place at the top of the list for most evil ideologies, hands down.

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