Insurrection, Theoretical, Of Course

Depending on how you take these articles in, you might find I elaborate quite a bit more on the podcast. I have alluded to the plain fact that a movement, that moves nothing, is nothing more than a distraction. Getting this country back is no longer easy. Get that crap out of your head right now. This is going to get harder and harder, until we stand over our enemies, or be destroyed.

What I intend to lay out is a hypothetical way for a random group of citizens to bring their despotic government to its knees. Sound interesting? Hope so, because if we don’t take heed of the time we are in, and the place in the game we find ourselves, we are lost. Like lost to winds of history. Perhaps remembered, perhaps not.

This government has proven time and again that it is relatively ineffective against an insurgent war that’s supported by the people. Pick your conflict. Vietnam? We spent 20 years and more ordinance than we did in Europe during WWII. In the end we were ran out fleeing like cockroaches.

The government war-games everything they can contemplate. The next civil war has been war-gamed to death. It has been accepted that as soon as the patriots engage in asymmetric warfare the government loses. It’s only time and body count they are unsure of. Our victory is a given, regardless.

The government absolutely can not resort to any nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons without losing the respect and protection from the greater Western World. They will have to rely solely upon intel and torture. Families will be targets. Patriots and their families should lose their ID and each together until it’s over. Men chosen for the most dangerous jobs should be reserved for the young or voluntary. In fact, everything I’m talking about needs to be made deadly clear the consequences of being caught, identified, and what that could mean for one’s loved ones.

They will absolutely use this against anyone they think is a subversive. These citizen’s only option is to go eye for eye. Lists of judges, prosecutors, and their families have to be secured and used to protect those we love. If not for protection, then revenge. This is going to be the most personal conflict in human history. The horror of what I’m talking about will bring the very best, and worst, out of people you thought you knew completely.

The numbers I have heard are 80% of enlisted will join the cause immediately. The remaining will have our spies sprinkled about. The police are a non-entity. They will be protecting their families and likely burn their uniforms. Our goal is controlled chaos. Utterly ungovernable, indignant, and self righteous about it every step of the way.

The sheeple will fight our battles for us. We will show them civilization without the goyim. In darkens we will wreak havoc upon the authorities by constant harassment. These are not genius’ we’re talking about. It’s the government. The power goes down to some ghetto. How long before the whole grid is on fire? Who is the focus of the dummies? The looters. We back off.

Hypothetically, a completely different group of shooters could take a grid from South Side Chicago. Let the madness unfold. Add to this a few detours from missing bridges, fire hydrants that are dry, and no radio because of jammers. Cell phones made useless by shear overload of the network. Again we disappear.

There can never be a central group, never a single person who knows everything, or even most things. Compartmentalization is the way the state keeps secrets. Only the most trustworthy, and proven worthy of our cause, can be considered for membership. Full backgrounds on all active members need to be surrendered and it needs to be made clear, sabotage will include your family. Torture is not sabotage and nobody can withstand the torture they will put you through if caught and identified as an active insurgent. Still, just because we won’t kill your family, means nothing of the state. Best to be dedicated to this only. When we are singing the star spangled banner you can go back to being a person. Once this starts you are a soldier, and the cause is bigger than you. If you aren’t willing to go all the way you should never make it past the initiation.

It is our purpose people see us, that we are everywhere and nowhere at once. Just another proud American, pissed at the troublemakers. Secrecy will be the difference between being killed through treachery, and possibly being allowed the honor to die in battle. The problem is, if we are in a battle, we lose. Insurgents hit and run. Harass them, and drive moral into the ground. This is psychological warfare played with pawns of real flesh and souls. No kid’s game.

Hypothetically, a disconnected group with the common goals could have, by now, developed a following. The army of eyes and ears all over this country and they all come back to the patriot movement. Once the shit hits the fan, the state is going to go into hardcore police state mode. Everyone but treacherous cowards will be with us. When our militia needs food they will be helped by their countrymen. When they need shelter the American patriot will shelter his brother and sister.

There are armories at every national guard station across the land. Ours is right by the freeway. Tanks, MWRAP’s , and all the “small arms” you can dream of. Plus, plenty of even cooler stuff. All ours and growing from every city or district we can through into chaos. The only way the US military can win is to lose all good faith with every other nation on Earth. This might be the best thing for us. After all it was France, Russia, and Germans who helped us gain independence the first time.

Unfortunately folks, that’s about as far as I’ve got. Beyond telling you that we have this in the bag, I can’t put a number to the lives that it will cost. I can’t quantify watching your family be hung in front of you, in order to torture your soul into giving up info on your countrymen. I can be honest and tell you that it’s going to be like that. This is a war of good and evil. If you think fighting the darkness coming our way can be done without sacrifice, go from us in peace. This isn’t time for pretenders anymore. 

We can control the flow of material and men by destroying the bridges, railroads, and and aviation equipment. This starts at the power stations. Then on to the explosives of aqueducts and dykes, and eventual communication with the enemy about our intentions, and the way they can capitulate. We are legion and will always present as the everyman. They will never be safe around anyone with an American accent, or any accent, for that matter.

This is why we are likely to see a UN “peace force”. These monsters are notorious for their brutality of the people on all sides. These are also North African reserves and other disconnected groups that we can make hash of, with each man taking the role of protector of his own home. The men of the block have that. Then the neighborhood needs choke points and checkpoints.

By this stage in the game it’s attrition. Well, bodies and PR. We need to win the world and we have a great case. We the people of this great nation are tired of being the world’s police. The empire is over. The assets in whatever foreign country, previously owned by the US, are now on the sovereign land to whom it belongs. Who would stand against us? Not a single country. In fact, the world would regain a respect for this people and country like we used to enjoy.

A continental congress with all interested parties at the table. Truly dedicated to create a more perfect union. Or we do nothing and be destroyed by consent and with blessing. I intend to fight, hypothetically. I know for a fact this will work and has worked for naked Vietnamese, dirt farmers that rank the poorest on Earth in Afghanistan, and a database of rogue assets called ISIS. If they can do it, you bet your ass this son of liberty can do it too.

How many sons does liberty really have, that’s the question.

Cancelled Person

I’m a total neanderthal that’s completely confused by the society I live in. I’m offensive, honest, and a good man. I’m, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.

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