Driver’s License Vs Covid Passport

Covid crap keeps getting analogized away with other crap. The fact is, in this country you need ID to buy cigarettes, alcohol, board a plain, buy a train ticket, and probably hundreds of other things. I’m against all of this but it exists and it started with driver’s licenses in general.

I’m absolutely against the idea that I need an ID card, and have to pay yearly extortion payments to keep from being harassed by armed goons, just to use my private property on the roads.

Americans accepted the false claim of safety, and now the constitution doesn’t exist on the roads. Mad Mothers Against Drunk Drivers finished off the last of any pretense, of the 5th or, 4th amendments on the road. So I think the documentation and privacy concerns are gross but already so embedded into our lives, acting like they’re going anywhere is a fantasy.

That all being said, the one thing that doesn’t bother me in the slightest, is requiring ID to vote. For all the arbitrary uses of ID in this country, nothing is more important than proving you have a right to vote in our elections. With so many people in your country who are not citizens, voter ID isn’t just sensible, it’s necessary. Unless you think it’s appropriate to be governed by foreign nationals? I don’t.

One ID strictly to be used on voting days is a far cry from the world we live in. Still requiring voter ID is constantly shouted down as racism. Well, the least vaccinated, by percentage, is blacks. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t you supporting a program that will disproportionately hurt people of, oh the shame!

I’m not carrying any stupid covid card because covid is over. The virus was a man made chimera that was released into the public. It failed to prove dangerous at all. The risk from the jab far outweighs the risk I have from natural covid. Plus, I already had covid, so I am vaccinated better than anything you got at CVS.

So just because you want a safety blankly, that says you did the right thing, by bowing down to arbitrary authority, regardless of the massive amount of conflicting information. You think I should be a second class citizen?

I was right and you were wrong. Just like everything I fight with you people over. Get over yourselves and realize that a high school drop out is a million times smarter than you because I choose what to read instead of waiting to be told what to read, watch, and think.

If you’re still advocating for mass vaccination, then you are either stupid, selfish, or evil. The numbers are in. Covid is now a seasonal cold and its not going anywhere. We can thank The US, UK, and China for developing a bioweapon and releasing it upon the masses.

As far as accepting their ludicrous gene therapy as a necessary part of life, blow me. Lick a dick up, till ya sick up. No way, no how, and I will get by without ever taking this mark of the Beast. Nah, nah you demons. My life’s code is sacred, and how dare you pigs even suggest that you can improve upon it? How dare you satanic pukes tell me you can “fix god’s mistake”. Blow me you bastards. Blow me you monsters. Before I blow your asses away.

You really want a two tiered society? Fine. I’ll be over here with the folks who know what time it is. You be over there where y’all can continue to churn out strains of covid, every STD in the book, and God knows what else. This aint the “Yay it’s Liberal Hour”. You need to be on your own. Whatever the border be. We need to be allowed to remove ourselves from you. If you refuse us the right to leave then you are begging for violence. 

I won’t continue to be treated like a child. I won’t continue to watch child abuse be normalized. I won’t continue to watch you gender bender this country’s children. I’m over you and you have a few options. We either split up in any way that is acceptable to all. 

Or there is going to be a conflict to sort the borders and populations out. If you actually think liberals, POC’s, and the rest of your disconnected masses, stand a chance against the real Americans still willing to bare arms for her, you’re out of your minds. We’ve known this for long enough already, and just need to get away from you.

If a national divorce is not brought about soon to fix the issues in this country, we are headed for a massive and violent civil war.

You losers that want to believe in germs, climate change, and every other pseudoscience they can come up with, fine. The rest of us that think for ourselves, want nothing to do with you. If the state told you oxygen was toxic you’d stop breathing, you’re that stupid.

If you continue to allow for this illegal vaccination passport jazz. You are forcing the hands of the patriots. We have shown such restraint, do not take our restraint for weakness. We are strong, connected, and pissed off. Keep it up. Keep pushing. You will regret it, I promise you that.

Driver’s license are absolutely worthless. Vaccine passports are a shock test to see how pliable the American people are. I’m not pliable at all. If I can’t be left to live my life unmolested in America, where can I? Sadly, America is broken. Happily, I know how to fix it, but it Will be violent. You liberals decide, the ball’s in your court.

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