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Democracy, The Least Worst Government, Not

I’m actually trying to get at the boomer under you who locked his post like the child most boomers are. Voting should have remained only available to citizens who own property, and probably left to men. I know, gasp. 

Our original system was actually a well functioning and sensible government. The idea of universal suffrage is wholly communist. Why would we want losers, morons, and foreigners voting for our laws? Why would we even consider not discriminating who can vote? I want smart, well to do, and people with skin in the game voting, and nobody else.

There’s one party that claim humans aren’t mature enough to buy cigarettes or alcohol until 21 years old. Same people think abortions should be offered to 12 year olds without telling their parents. They also want the voting age dropped to 16. I couldn’t sign for a tattoo on my 17 year old daughter. The same people that claim nothing can give a 17 year old the ability to make a life long decision. Seem to want younger kids voting on issues they couldn’t know less about.

This group of people haven’t got a single consistent 2 thoughts in their head. My body my choice, when using a drug without a prescription? Go to a cage. They squeal over the self defense killing of a child molester, while making a drug dealing, porn actor, and street thug named George Floyd a saint. They condemn slavery, but support taking as much of my labor as they can get. Working every year until March, or July for free, is hardly better than slavery, and way worse than serfdom.

The electoral college is the last original prerequisiteS for voting that remains. Maybe some others exist on paper, but are of no effect. Without this system we would be a single party country, governed by the most lunatic Bolsheviks to come out of the sewer since Mao. Popular vote has another, less fancy term. Mob rule. It’s not considered especially rational to let 50% + 1 decide all things.

We don’t need constant governance. We don’t need millions of laws. The idea that we need politicians making new laws all the time is lunacy. The law should be plain, intuitive, and never conflict with the contract that all law makers are oath bound to serve, and protect. The Constitution.

Representative democracy? How’s that working for us? Politics by bribery and fraud. These morally bankrupt losers care about keeping their position, and couldn’t care less about the future. At least a monarch considers the future and has an interest in that future. Politicians are throw away care takers. If they can get free stuff for their constituents at the cost of the future, they will do what is good for them, and couldn’t care less about the country.

We are coming up on 350,000,000 Americans. The House of Representatives is the branch of the national government that represents “the people”. It’s supposed to be organized to about 30,000 people per rep. With like 400 reps for the people, no reps for the states, and the ever expanding voting base, are we doing better or worse?

All money related bills are supposed to originate from the House. The people hold the purse, so to speak. Then the senate was supposed to be the representation of the sovereign states that make up the Union. Lastly, the president was given veto power, that can be overruled by congress, and the CEO position over the federal assets.

Now the president makes law with executive orders, the first of which was by Washington, and it was just ordering dishes or something for the White House. Until Roosevelt, presidents stuck to their legal and limited powers. Teddy thought he, was the people’s voice. Might have been practically true, but not at all in line with the law.

There’s the issue. Are we a country governed by men, or law? Men suffer from a myriad of flaws. Ego, greed, and jealousy is just skimming the surface. The law has no ego, bias, or anything offensive if it’s a moral law. The Bill of Rights are a wholly righteous list of laws. Not one is a law that governs us, they are the governance of the government. Things absolutely forbidden to do by the state.

Once we opened up voting to women, we might as well have just gave up right then. Men continued dying in coal mines, wars, and 80 men died just on the Golden Gate Bridge. Now we are second class citizens in the country we cleared and built on the blood of millions of Europeans. Slaves were used in agriculture, and were definitely making their Jewish slavers very rich. Still, cotton built Israel, not America. Europeans built this country. 

So we now have a suicidal system that was forced upon us over the last century. The progressive era is coming to an end. Totalitarianism is hot on its heels. That’s the point of the whole affair.

Now we have demanded universal suffrage while letting ourselves be replaced. Females have been the champions for voting like a religion. The original suffragettes had a huge opposition of women. Women who knew that men were responsible for the state’s decisions. Taxes are coming from daddy’s labor. Wars are fought by brother and father. Women were far more interested in managing their homes than managing the country. Now they abandon their families at the drop of a hat, and regardless the “equality”, they get a paycheck from hubby, and child support for a separation that was out of the man’s hands.

They treat the country just like the poor fellas they abuse and use. Take, take, take, and cry, cry, cry. It’s never their fault. Oh ya got pregnant, when sleeping around, and not even using a condom, with the dude who got into your undies in a nights worth of BS. It’s not your fault, you can just kill the life growing inside you, because you can’t be bothered to use one of like 20 different types of birth control available to women. 

If you see a female junkie selling her body, you consider that worthy of animal treatment, cage and all. We cage people whose only “crime” is using something without a permission slip from a doctor. Follow the Hippocratic oath, which expressly forbids abortion, and states to do no harm? Not to use their knowledge to harm, ever, for whatever reason. 

Absolutely not interested if it’s a baby a woman doesn’t want. That’s the civilized world of like 3000 years ago. We are so much better because, oh that’s right, the same folks who gave us the age old oath to doctors, also happened to come up with democracy. At least they’re credited the title, the system is purely intuitive on a personal level. When divvying up some candy. 

Just like socialism works for the family, but results in mass murder and misery if implemented on a national scale. Mob rule too, has a top end where it stops becoming practical. I guess I’d put the top at the point when it becomes a mob. Far smaller than a country. People act insane when in groups and the last few years have given us a wealth of real world data on group think and mass hysteria. People that are passionate and in a group lose their inhibitions and the group itself ends up being a destructive force by the nature of mob mentality. 

There’s only one group that never gets away with the whole, everyone else was doing it, shtick. White men, and more and more, white people generally. We got to see the same phenomena work out on 2 sides of the current paradigm, and they both showed us the same conclusions, but radically different in terms of frequency and intensity. 

Liberal tools are literally allowed to commit bloody murder. White people who step out of line, one time, after the other side showed em how, for the last 2 years. They get the John Dillinger treatment. So groups act in ways individuals don’t, usually. Some groups, act with hardcore destruction, and violence. Some are more about being seen and heard. The group called government is in favor of the former and calling the latter, terrorists.

Women have no business voting. They have no ability to be objective. They use feelings in their decision process as a primary motivation. Men tend towards logic, and real men hate feelings. Emotions are not appropriate for public behavior. Women can’t have a passionate debate and shake hands after. Men can and often with more respect after the debate than before. Women just want to be “right”. Disagreement is personal on all things.

Now I know this is getting censored but who cares I’m gonna post it on my website too.

Jewish subversives we’re the reason for the women’s suffrage movement. They started the civil rights movement. They founded the NAACP, ADL, and Planned Parenthood. They have been trying to destroy our nation through universal suffrage for a century. The goal is simple. Take away all of the pride in Americans. Only teach our children the controversial aspects of our history, and put whites in the worst light imaginable. Then flood the country with the least compatible people they can help. Make their vote matter the same as mine, who has plenty of relatives who have fought for this nation. Give them the vote but none of the responsibility. 

We are being prepped for the biggest genocide in history. A whole race is on the block right now and Jews are working towards this end. They want your daughter to marry a black man. They want your black son to marry a white woman. That’s why interracial relationships are rare, but on every program to come from Hollywood. T

hey intend to displace all Europeans and either see them be mixed or killed. The rhetoric from the schools are plenty to give us a massive number of white hating lunatics. Now that white kids make up a third of all US students the bullying that was frowned upon in my youth, has become gang stalking and jumping with one white kid on 5 or so POC’s. Bitchute has hundreds of videos of this. The refugees are raping and butchering Europeans by insane numbers and the leaders do nothing. 

Jews own all of these NGO’s that are helping violate the sovereign borders of countries that aren’t theirs. Meanwhile they promote mass murder of Palestinians. Refuse to take any refugees. Most offensive, Israel treats terrorists that are chopping the heads off of christians. Medically I mean. They hate Christians far more than Muslims. If you kill Christians, you’re Israel’s friend. If you live on land that has been in your family for a century, but some Jewish supremacist decides to take it, you can leave or be crushed with your home. They prefer the latter. 

Every aspect of our form of government has been agitated against and changed by subversive haters of Christian’s. The way we pick our leaders has gone from delivering statesmen like Jackson, Jefferson, and Adams. Now we have bought and paid for degenerates. Puppets without a single original thought. Criminals, perverts, and drug addicts. This is the description of todays politician.

You wanna remove the last remaining protection from our voting system? Then voting is no longer American. This country has been destroyed by voting it to be so. We are gross and deserve to collapse. We actually deserve to be overthrown and conquered by a people that will abuse, torture, and steal everything we have. If we continue to be Israel’s military, we will get what’s coming to us. Our relationship with Israel is a net negative and needs to end. FDR is the shabbas goy who recognized the USSR in 1933. Bolsheviks owned his polio ridden ass.

Maybe that’s why the Jewish media would keep the American people so clueless they voted a 4th term for a dude who couldn’t walk because he was dying from polio. The 1930’s and on have been one disaster after the other. He actually confiscated/stole the privately owned gold from the people of America to give to the Jews to start the super national institutions that would come to rule the world. What did we get for such a cost? Paper money that’s totally controlled by a private cartel of private banks. 

If you thought, that was it, you’d be wrong. We got to be the muscle for forcing the multinationals onto the heads of every human on Earth. We got many, but China and Russia gotta get theirs too. So we stay within our “sphere of influence”. Three empires that all answer to the masters of money, the tribe of Judah.

If you think this country can be changed or even stop the rot, by voting, you’re mental. Every single thing wrong with this country came to us by democracy. When you’re in the one group that’s “colorblind”, and surrounded by loud and proud others, voting won’t matter. Principles like fair play, good winning and losing, and honesty are not universal. Only an idiot would think so.

Every group that has amassed a population that can be loud enough has made their intentions and motives clear. They care for them and theirs and they are willing to take what isn’t protected. Take your job, your neighborhood, and your country. Then they will remove us or enslave us. Both Jews and Muslims agree on the issue of slaves. Okie dokie.

I guess if they have the votes, we will have to be their slaves, right? Democracy demands it, and democracy is righteous and the only “moral” form of governance. Democracy is so important, we bomb it into countries who we feel aren’t doing enough democracy. Can’t wait to see what democracy has in store for us white people. A real Holocaust to bring in the Antichrist. That’s my bet.

I’m also betting Jews are gonna go ahead and make damn sure they aren’t, “white” when the shit goes down. They have free “right of return”, so to speak, in Israel, and that’s exactly where they’re headed after they achieve the destruction of the US, Europe, and Australia.

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