COVID Crazy, Rogan Is Right

Pandemics have shaped the world we live in. The Europeans were cut in half from the plague, after communication with the East. The New World was utterly wiped out by a corona virus, called the common cold. Without any natural immunity this annoying illness for Europeans, became a travesty of some 90% loss of the indigenous people.

These pandemics of old happened before the main stream media. How on Earth did the people know they were in danger? Well, because the death was all around them. The plague touched every family in Europe. The piles of bloated and dead bodies let the folks know what the situation was. Only a hoax would require a constant stream of flat out lies to keep it up. I know, not one single person who has suffered a single injury or come anywhere near death from covid.

As for the jab, everyone I talk to has had something negative to say about it. Usually they say the first shot was cake. Then the second and third knocked them on their ass. That’s the story of the older folks. I don’t know any boys that have been jabbed. A few women in my life have been jabbed. One of these is my mother. Every woman to be jabbed has had issues. Either aches and pains, crazy cycles, and Bell’s Palsy.

Where I live there are still idiots riding in their car in a mask, alone. They wear them outside, inside, and probably sleep in them. This is the definition of mass hysteria. This is not reason, logical, or at al reasonable. These people are no longer behaving as individuals. They have totally given up their own faculties, and have given their lives to the media mouthpieces.

We happen to be enjoying an interesting time where the media’s monopoly on the official record is being challenged. They have picked a fight they are never going to win. Picking a fight with Joe Rogan is the most idiotic and out of touch reaction they could have come up with.

I have my issues with Rogan, but his dealing with the covid BS and telling the truth, regardless of their futile attempts to cancel someone, that dwarfs everyone of their audiences, put together. Furthermore, right or wrong, Rogan’s audience trust him. They trust his authenticity. He moved from a free platform to a paywall and instead of shrinking his audience, its grown.

I have been hard on Rogan since the moon landing fan boy episodes with Neil Degrease Tyson. He knows better and his buddy is an authentic flat Earther. Joe likes to make fun of him without offering any relevant questions. So on these issues I just said F it. If he will lie about a hoax from the 60’s, he surely can’t be trusted with anything real.

Happily he has regained some credibility with the covid debacle that’s befallen our world. He is taking the media to task and they are looking ridiculous for their efforts. Making fun of him on SNL was so pathetically unfunny the writers should be fired and booted from Hollywood. It was in the absolute worst taste and in my opinion, they deserve to be sued.

Thank God Rogan has amassed the following he has. He dwarfs the corporate media like a grown up standing over a child. I was sure that when he got that Spotify money,. He was over. Well, the moon is something I won’t ever forgive him for. However, the work he is doing for us now, and taking on the corporate press, for us, makes him a hero, period.

We’ve all been censored, banned, or cancelled by the media giants like FB and the like. Mr Rogan took himself off of their property and he brought his audience with him, and added more to it. This one meathead, that happens to be smart as a whip, as well, is just about the best thing we have going for us. Even if they were somehow able to cancel Rogan, which they can’t. Just ask Neil Young. All of his listeners are smarter than the corporate audience and will never accept the corporate press on their face. Rogan’s biggest effect has been in destroying the credibility of the corporate mouth pieces.

Once you are awake to the propaganda, and especially this germ joke, you can’t go back to listening to the lies without noticing. That’s why it’s always related to an awakening. Once awake we are introduced to reality, and find it hard to ever turn your back on reality again.

God bless Rogan for the covid war he has soldiered up for. We need him and more of the elite crowd to man up and help humanity overcome this peril we find ourselves in. If we continue, this will be the beginning of the end. The end of freedom of speech, travel, arms, search and seizure, and I could go on. If that doesn’t put the stakes high enough to fight back, nothing will.

If you don’t care fine. What about the future, though? Were you given a dystopian nightmare to live and grow up in? How dare you deliver that to the next generation? How dare you even call yourself a man. You are a sheeple and a beast of burden. Not using your brain makes you no more useful than beasts without minds.

The elite are right when they evaluate Joe Sixpack. Clearly, because I see the sheeple badge covering the faces of pathetic nobody’s that deserve to be forgotten before they go. Such mental midgets, and moral cowards are of no use to me, and cannon fodder for the enemy.

Cancelled Person

I’m a total neanderthal that’s completely confused by the society I live in. I’m offensive, honest, and a good man. I’m, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.

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