Corporations And Elections, What Gives

This is often brought up in relation to the Supreme’s decision. In the eyes of the law a person, or persona, or corporation are all the same. Corporations are corporate persons and they have the rights that all persons do.

The question is how did you and a corporation become the same. It starts with your birth certificate. It’s on bonded paper and is traded on the open market. They turn the natural human being into a corporate entity as soon as you’re certified and bonded.

If you outlawed corporate persons from engaging in politics, you would outlaw your own participation. You need to reclaim your humanity. Corporations are subject to the UCC, the Universal Commercial Code. Free men on the land are governed by the constitution.

Our courts are absolute frauds. They show you where you are by symbolism. They fly maritime flags in court. The constitution is never a defense. You aren’t even on trial. When you answer to your corporate name and represent that persona in court, you get the punishment.

This subject is very complicated and it has to do with the US being bankrupt. We have been lied to about everything. You, me, and the rest of the country are collateral for the national debt. You mean absolutely nothing to any politician. They are simply there to carry out the transfer of property from a bankruptcy that nobody ever told us about.

The word sovereign is very important. In this country sovereignty lies with the people, not persons. I know it seems foolish but it’s real. Legalese is the language of law and it uses familiar words but changes the meaning of those words. Check out Black’s Law Dictionary and you will see some very strange definitions. Person and persona, are the same. A mask, representative, or corporate person.

Human being is defined as, “monster”. I suggest looking for an old edition of Black’s Law Dictionary and just looking everything up that interests you. It will open your eyes to the corruption of our laws better than I can.

Why should we be surprised? They openly speak a different language when it comes to law. Why would we accept this? The law should be like the Bill of Rights. Plain, short, and impossible to misinterpret. Now we have a federal register with so many laws that we are all 3 time federal felons by lunch, every day. That’s not a joke, there’s a book called something like 3 felonies a day, that goes over some of the insanity that we call “law”.

So the question shouldn’t be, why can corporations act as a person. It should be, when did I lose my status as a child of God, and free man on this land? It is one hell of a rabbit hole and I can’t do the subject justice on a Quora post. Do your own research and look for the reason all of the privately owned gold was confiscated from all Americans.

The 20th century changed this country in such a drastic fashion as to be unrecognizable to the founders. Given that a good number of them were lawyers, they would recognize the issue right away.

They convinced the people to accept a pension, be certified at birth, and basically become property of the US. It wasn’t ever given to them in such terms but they did have a choice. They chose poorly. They are finishing up the bankruptcy now and we can expect it to end with a big war. A war where this time we get the Germany treatment and conquered by a as coalition of enemies.

Sound like fun? Do that research and reclaim your humanity. Then we can take the country back from the banks and never borrow another cent from anyone. Usury has destroyed this country from the feds, right down to the family.

Most corporations are multinational at this point, are you? You get to vote even if overseas during the election. I guess Coca Cola gets to have business in every country in the world, do they get to vote in China? I doubt it. Only in America could something so corrupt actually happen and become normal.

As per everything, our problems start and stop with currency. We gave a private cartel absolute power over money and credit and for what? We have a labor tax that wasn’t needed for the building of this country, but apparently maintaining it, cost trillions more than we had. Between printing, borrowing and spending, we are a ridiculous joke. It’s all funny money, there is no actual debt, and we are being played like a bad violin.

The biggest donors to both sides of the isle are the same. Goldman Sachs owns this country. Them and a few other banks. This has been the issue as long as I have been of age to vote. Until the country has the ability to hear and tell the truth, nothing is ever going to make sense. Once you see the truth it stands out in stark contrast to the lies and propaganda.

It starts with you. You prove me wrong. When you can’t, you will have proved to yourself that I’m telling you the unfortunate truth. Then you are responsible for what you know, and you must act to spread the truth, and destroy this Luciferian nightmare, we are in.

Are you a monster, or a free man? If you let them define you, you will be less than. Less than them, their money, and their power. Nuts to that.

In short, it’s not constitutional at all. Take a look around, do you see much respect for the constitution? I don’t. Not from the state or the people. Nobody, it seems, cares for the law and just how perverted and disgusting they have made ours. Documents can’t protect themselves. We have to be the sovereign citizens that we were made to be in the Constitution. If you think the banks are gonna just go back to following the law as we know it, you’re nuts.

Banksters run the world and they do it from their ivory towers that sit above the nation state. Supranational entities like the World Bank and IMF run the world. As for who runs them, let’s just say they are very fond of the tribe of Judah. What about the 11 other tribes of Israel? It seems one of 12 have appropriated the name Israel and they should call their country Judah. 

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