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Are Jews Making War Upon Europeans

My usual rantings

Trust me, this is something I have been leary of, and skeptical of, since first introduced to the idea. I’m going to end this article with a 6, or so hour, documentary. This extremely long documentary will blow your mind. What I’m going to do is give you some takeaways I have made from this topic.

First off let’s get some things straight. Jews hate Jesus. They hate Christians with a white hot passion. Their Talmud describes Christ as a magician and a conman. That for his sins, he sits, today, in a boiling vat of human feces. They say ours will be only as bad as his punishment when they bring in the king of Israel.

The religion of Moses has been lost to time and replaced by the religion of the Talmud. As I have said before the Torah in and of itself has some very Jewish supremacist ideas in it. They have also twisted the world Israelite to mean Jew. Forgetting that there’s 12 tribes of Israel and Judah was just one. They have adopted the Israelite name and we have let them.

So now that we know that The Books of Moses are really of no matter to the current rabbinical philosophy, what has taken its place. The 33, or so volume, Talmud. The religion that was born out of the Babylonian and Egyptian exile. They incorporated the ancient Babylonian and Egyptian mystery schools with their new interpretation of the Torah.

These ancient mystery schools run the world and are the foundation for world Freemasonry. Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Mason wrote the masonic bible called Morals and Dogma. It begins with giving props to the original rebel, Lucifer. Also published under Lucious Trust. This man was the founder of the KKK regardless of what you heard on Forrest Gump.

The Cover Of, Morals And Dogma

Manly P Hall, another incredible mind that wrote a very fine work on the esoteric nature of Freemasonry. In Hall’s literary works we find such illuminating titles like, The All Seeing Eye, “The Secret Destiny of America, and The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy”. I think it’s safe to say, homey knew what was going on.

Manly P Hall

Both these men said that Masonry and Judaism are indistinguishable.

Who cares right? Masons are just a philanthropic man’s club, right? No, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, they are as benevolent as satan himself. They worship the light bringer and believe in the genesis story like all Christians, Muslims, and real JEWS. The difference is in the details. The Christians and Muslims believe the Garden of Eden was paradise and Adam and Eve were the first sinners and it cost them paradise. What if the serpent was the real God?

That’s the Luciferian philosophy. That God was a tyrant and he demanded that Adam remain lesser than he, by outlawing the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. The tree that kills innocence, in other words. There is a philosophy that proclaims this serpent was the real “light bringer”, simply giving eve the ability to be god herself. That God was jealous and vindictive. That he wants to be the only master and is afraid of what humans can do with the proper knowledge to do so. Thus it’s Lucifer that wanted the best for man by making them god’s on Earth. It’s Lucifer that deserves all of the worship and praise. Lucifer is the god of Judaism.

Like I said, the religion of Moses died with the Babylonian conquest. What remains is wholly Talmudic and radically different than even the most ridiculous verses in the Old Testament. While the Old Testament does get jewish supremacist by the modern reading, it usually refers to Israelites, not Judah. The tribe of Judah has no more claim to Israel than the tribes of Dan, Rueben, Simeon… do. The 12 tribes come from Abraham but include his concubines. The tribe of Judah is no higher than Simeon, or Simon, who was actually the firstborn. No it seems the tribe of Judah has taken a story right out of the book and stolen his brother’s birthright. Just like Cain and Abel. We have a jealous brother who hates our relationship with the father.

I have never been to Israel, but when I hear of people doing so, Christians mostly, they say the locals are mean, uncivil, and downright threatening. In Israel kids are taught to hate from youth. They are taught to hate the Palestinians and even propagandized to become soldiers just to kill women and children. Right now the children in Israel are being turned into racist monsters and the state is onboard. They are taught to think of all non-Jews as “goyim”, or “goy”. The European Goy are the worst. Their hatred of Christians and those who claim to be Christian oozes from them. They can hardly contain themselves anymore.

Now we get to see their Rabbis give subtitled and sometimes in English, the exact way they feel about the West and Christians. They hate us and have convinced themselves that their messiah can only be brought in when the European race is dead, and replaced with a world of mongoloid races that have no roots. They will be the only ethnically pure people, and they will have kept and concentrated their intelligence through eugenics. They are using eugenics now with algorithms to find genius as soon as possible. Then arrange a situation where similar IQ is available for procreation. Seems crazy to Americans but Zionists are absolutely dedicated to zionism, at all costs. 

If it was just the displacement of millions of innocent people with a constant state of terror growing up inside their own country, I would still be against Israel. The fact that they are absolutely brutal to the Palestinians and refuse to offer anything close to human rights to them, makes me hate Israel. They have Rabbis holding rallies where people chant, “Gaza is a graveyard”. Not a very “Christian” thing to say. The fact is, they refuse to stop. Look at the original borders of the 1948 Israel and it’s grown to engulf nearly all of Palestine. The remaining land is absolutely terrorized by the Israeli people and state. Normal people make martyrs and holidays to mass shooters who murder prying Muslims in a mosque. They say there is no amount of “goy” blood that could justify a drop of Jewish blood. These people are the most racist, hateful, and smart group in history. 

So why am I convinced that they want white genocide? Their own words. Thanks to the Jewish people insistence upon living in every country on Earth, we have access to their texts and even Rabbi sermons, or whatever they call it. The modern YouTube Rabbis are ecstatic that the refugee crisis is destroying Europe. It signifies a certain claim that they will have their messiah only after the “many nations” mix up and become mongrels.

So I’ve known for a long time that the elite Jews and some portion of the less elite are practicing devil worshipers. I am now at the point that I feel I can say without an ounce of racism, that Jews are evil. At least the practicing ones. Any Jew, when cornered and asked by a fellow Jew, who they can not lie to, must admit that they are the master race and the Bible says the Goyim will serve the Jews as slaves when the 3rd temple is built. When the 3rd temple is built and Israel crowns its king of the world, we will be made to either serve the Jews or die. The  Noahide Laws will be followed by the Goy or they will lose their head. You wanna be a shabbos goy? Not me.

At this point Jews should be treated with extreme caution. I wouldn’t do business with a jew. Their religion incentivizes fraud against non-jews. All the NGO’s helping Africans invade my beautiful Europe. Meanwhile Israel gets to be an ethno-state and offers an absolute right of return for all Jews everywhere. Of course on their application, their jewishness is going to have to pass a DNA test, they are that obsessed with race. Meanwhile they use our culture as a dumpster.

The fact that Jews own the media, Hollywood, and the financial industry is an open fact. They have totally dropped all pretense of humility and their arrogance has given us article, tweet, and video after the next saying that Jews own these things. Their words, it’s all their own words. Everything from the plans for the 2 world wars, to the debauchery and economic destruction of America, to the most offensive, the corruption of our children with cultural marxism.

I try to force myself to only look at the evidence and am honestly not 100 percent on this. The amount of jewish blood appears to matter not. Do they prescribe to the modern interpretation of the Zionist philosophy? Do they believe that they are better than everyone else? 


I want to ask each and every jew these questions. The problem is, their own books permit the lying to goy, but condemns lying to another jew. So when Jews ask this question of random jews, I see a 100 percent representation of the supremacist view. Without going to Israel and doing my own, “man on the street” I am kinda forced to take what I see and wait for contrary evidence.

What I get

Jews for the most part, hate Christianity with every fiber of their doomed soul. They believe in the anti-Christ and are actively moving to bring this about. Fanatics are prefabbing the temple as we speak. They have been clear about their objectives that need to be met before they can bring in the anti-Christ. First they need to erect the 3rd temple. A one world government needs to be declared with its capital in Jerusalem. I guess actually the first of these 3, is the mixture of the “many nations”, otherwise known as “goyim”. They need to destroy Christendom and the white race. They are so fanatically convinced that they are openly talking on platforms open to everyone.

There’s some Rabbi’s who understand and are asking that the Jews stop and not involve them in the holocaust that’s sure to result if nothing is stopped. There’s Rabbi’s reading Mein Kampf to their congregations and agreeing with hitler. Not his methods but his conclusions. They know that a fire has been sparked in the western world and it spells doom for their people if it grows out of control.

Cultural Enrichment, if you’re not Israel, that is.

For instance if the American people knew that 9-11 was a Mossad operation, would they care what AIPAC says? Would they pack their own stuff to go wipe Israel off the map? Who knows? The fact is this. Not all the problems in the world are Jews. Without jews though, the would would be instantly better. As extreme as that sounds, the logic is sound. There is a subspecies of the white race that remains distinct, obsessed with parasitical living, and constantly destroying things made by others. The tribe of Judah.

I personally take my philosophy from brilliant Jews like, Rothbard, Rand, and many more. I find it hard to believe these people were apart of this at all, but can’t know their minds. I’m not making the case for genocide, all though I think there could be a situation where that’s acceptable. I am suggesting an immediate break from all multinationals, supranational institutions, and the very heart, the Federal Reserve.

We need to pull out of all of these Jewish institutions. Globalism is an ism, for a global people. I only know of one international group. Jews. Simply repealing and outlawing their institutions will be sufficient to break their stranglehold on our culture. Usury needs to be made illegal and the Bible needs to be the reason. The Jews don’t charge each other usury. The Muslims have outlawed usury from the beginning. We borrow all of our money into existence, with usury is built into the whole cake. Never enough to pay the bill and so we owe a private clique 20 something trillion dollars. We could have printed that, interest free and just wiped the books clean when they got out of control.

Today the media is constantly attacking anything traditional. Anything “white”. Anything that’s not disgusting. Jews are flooding our borders with animals from all over the world and they’re using NGO’s to do it. We are under attack by a foreign country. Israel is trying to conquer us with refugees while they refuse to take in any. They refuse to consider giving Muslims rights. They refuse to respect property rights going back thousands of years. They get too tell us how bad we are. They get to pay billions to import the worst people on Earth they can find to flood America and Europe with. 

The perfect family, YUCK

This is genocide straight up. The foreign power responsible for all of it, is and has remained, Israel. FU** this country, its people, and its representation in my government. I’m an individualist, and on a personal level, everyone gets a chance. There’s not a damn thing about freeing ourselves of counterfeiting criminals, subversive immigration coyotes, or the un-elected private NGO’s working to destroy this country, that’s racist. If you think it is. GFYS.

If we don’t do this, and take the political route to unwrapping this Jewish octopus from our country. We are leaving open the bloody route. This will be far less discriminate and hurt people I would never wish ill upon. My sensitivities are not going to guide a violent decision to the Jewish Problem. That’s why I want to see us free from their wicked institutions. If this, in and of itself, causes America to be forced into a war, I support wiping Israel off of the face of the Earth.

Call it what you want. I call it war, and they started it. We should make every effort not to disturb any Palestinians, and move them into areas after the Jews have been cleared out. This is about giving the rightful owners back their country, and ridding the world of a poison that was injected into the system in the late 1940’s.

All good, unless you’re a wicked Bolshevik, that is. We might even send some refugees too, to help populate and “diversify” the place.

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