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A Silver Lining To The Insanity Regarding Cops

Again from, an article of interest.It appears that from all of the absolute chaos and arbitrary violence, some good might come of it. That is in the case of the way certain things are know being dealt with by, traditionally, law enforcement agencies. They’re stats so far are quite moving and worth taking note.

The article begins doing a very proper job discrediting the police in America. 

“According to a recent analysis of police killings in 2021, carried out by the folks at, the majority of police killings involve calls in which there was no crime or that the suspect is only suspected of a non-violent offense.

“Most killings began with police responding to suspected non-violent offenses or cases where no crime was reported,” the report states.

It gets worse.

According to a comprehensive database of all American mass shootings that have taken place since 2018, constructed by Mother Jones, there have been exactly 202 deaths attributed to mass shootings that have taken place on American soil.”

The quote taken from the article speaks for itself. The police are killing over 10,000 Americans a decade and we worry about the 200 or so, mass shooters.. Clearly we have our priorities way out of whack and its been going on for decades. The police are the most dangerous civilian you can find yourself unlucky enough to interact with. It’s a statistical fact.

Don’t think it’s racial, twice as many unarmed whites are murdered than blacks every year. This is a change in police policy that I have grown up, in just the right time to notice, like the traffic lights. When I was a kid cops were there to help. They would do whatever they could to keep a good kid out of the system. Now that system preys upon humanity as if we were just a commodity to be traded on the open market.

Which is exactly the way private prisons work. They trade in the market of human flesh to maintain maximum capacities. So much so, that most US prisons are grossly overpopulated and disgusting sins against humanity, and God himself.

The US make up 5% of the global population. We hold 25% of the Earth’s prisoners. How dare we call ourselves a free country. The vast majority of violent crimes are plead down to 10 years tops. The people that believe in the system, like Kyle Rittenhouse, are usually bankrupted and railroaded. They take a possession charge that is then trumped up to conspiracy to distribute, and all of a sudden they get 10 years with lifers. Spending 10 years holding the pocket of some insane killer that will knock your teeth out if you use them. Sound like justice, you pay for it.

From the article,

“On June 1, 2020, Denver began the Support Team Assistance Response (STAR) program, which sends a mental health professional and a paramedic to some 911 calls instead of cops. 

When we first reported on the program in October 2020, their results were fantastic. Now, it seems that departments who continue the old way are doing a disservice to the mentally ill.

According to their latest data, STAR has responded to more than 2,500 calls to 911 in which police would have normally been sent out. The STAR team — armed only with experience and compassion — has never once called police to back them up and no one was ever arrested.”

That’s 2,500 citizens that could have been killed. Cops are killed and kill more domestic violence calls than any other.

This lastly,

“By a 14-2 majority vote, the city council approved the Driving Equality measure which they say will deter and reduce disparate, unequal police practices in how minority motorists are stopped by police for minor offenses like broken tail lights and expired inspection stickers.

According to the Councilmember Isaiah Thomas, who worked with the Defenders Association, and the city Law Department to draft the bill, it is designed to “significantly reduce car stops by police for minor infractions that advocates believe discriminate disproportionately against Black and Brown motorists.”

The 120 day period before it goes into effect is specifically designated as a police training period so officers can be educated in how not to prey on the poor and minorities through predatory laws like license plate lights, window tint, seat belt laws, expired stickers, and other laws designed to extract revenue from citizens.

Unlike other legislation, which claims to aid society by limiting certain prosecutions for thefts and other petty crimes with actual victims, this bill truly does stop the persecution of a myriad of real victimless crimes.”

Get past the stupid political speech. This is a win for all motorists. Being harassed on our way home from a long day work, just for a tail light, is disgusting. The police have better things to do. How about when they get above 50% of rapes solved in California, then we can talk tickets. Hell, let’s see them get the murder prosecution rate above 90% and I’ll let them talk all the revenue schemes they can deem up.

However, until the rape prosecutions improve from their current 10% prosecution rate, car theft, 2%, and murder a paltry 50 to 60%. I don’t wanna hear a damn thing about tickets, passports, or a damn thing else. You pigs either defend the laws that are universally agreed upon or you might find yourselves unneeded at all.

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