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Was Waco A Violation Of Posse Comitatus

A question from Quora.

Absolutely. It started with a completely outrageous investigation into legal gun transfers. The months spent that turned up zero evidence of illegal behavior ended with a military type attack and siege. The feds are barred from law enforcement duties. It technically says military but what’s the difference between M-4’s shot by army privates, and M-4’s fired from paramilitary agents? Not enough to matter.

Regardless, the use of special forces and army were on the ground. They used tanks from fort Dietrich. They had helicopters and fully auto weapons. The rules of engagement were even looser than the military has. They had shoot on sight orders. The military would have been far better and likely ended without the tragic fire. The CS gas is illegal in warfare. Shooting civilians that aren’t threatening the soldier is murder. 

Our soldiers don’t take selfies with themselves over the burnt and bent in half bodies of children. The Feds did. Ruby Ridge and Waco were clear cut violations of posse comitatus. If not in the letter of the law, clearly in the spirit of the law.

“* The Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act work in tandem to define and limit circumstances under which U.S. military forces can be deployed on American soil.

* The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the armed forces from being used to enforce laws within the United States, unless authorized by the Constitution or an act of Congress.

* The Insurrection Act provides an exception to the Posse Comitatus Act, authorizing the president to deploy both the regular U.S. military and the active-duty National Guard in cases of insurrection and rebellion.

* The Insurrection Act can empower the president to bypass Congress in deploying the regular military on American soil.”

While the rights to assemble and protest are granted by the First Amendment, they can be limited or suspended when such protests endanger property or human life and safety.

Neither instance was ever mentioned by the president. The law gives the president the sole power to declare an emergency. Ms, half a million starving children, Reno, had no authority. 

Both situations used military assets of machinery and personnel alike. 

Ruby Ridge was completely fabricated by the feds during PATCON. A mission where they invented, out of whole cloth, their own white supremacist, militia group and crisscrossed America looking to entrap innocent people. One of those people was Randy Weaver. 

They butchered his only son, shot his innocent wife in the face while she held their infant, and wounded 2 men seriously. Then they spent a week taunting the surviving 12 year old girl asking how Vicki was? What’s for breakfast? We’re having pancakes. All the while Vicki, the 12 year old’s mother was rotting with her head blown off in the kitchen.

Waco was the torture and eventual Holocaust of some 86 people, 23 or so children. 7th Day Adventist just like my great grandpa, but to the news, they were Branch Davidians. A name as foreign to them as it was the rest of us before the ATF had a mini Normandy there. The only reason the attack ended? The dip shit feds ran out of ammo and begged for retreat. The church members could have cleaned them up with ease. Instead they gathered their dead and expected this was getting close to done. After all, they let the Feds leave, they were no danger unless fired on first. What happened next was totally unacceptable.

A 50 day siege of constant psychological warfare. They used tanks to level the area around the wooden siding building. They bathed the building in blinding light day and night. They played directed noise machines at them with the sound of slaughtering  bunnies as well as other soothing sounds. Then a day before they were most likely to surrender, the realization of how much damning evidence remained in that building and if it were to remain standing, they could be in trouble.

Before the congregation had completed the last day or so of work they needed completed, the feds assaulted the church. They began by punching two massive holes in the sides of the building that the wind was blowing through, making it a wind tunnel. Then they pumped a supply meant for 2 days worth of CS gas and its propellant into the wooden structure within about 4 hours.

At this point anything could have sparked a fire. The women in children were in a makeshift bunker. This was opened with a shape charge and likely the blast wave killed them all. The living were inundated with CS and if it was ignited poisoned by hydrogen sulfide gas.

There’s FLIR  footage of the agents using tanks for cover and shooting into the burning building. The man who invented the technology has testified it can only be a gun shot signature and light doesn’t effect the technology at all. If this is your idea of a peace officer, wow.

Training and gear are the difference between a cop and a soldier. Today they have the same exact gear and are trained by military themselves. The feds bought our “peace officers” in the 80’s and 90’s. Now the difference is so thin civilian cops refer to me as a civilian. We got a problem here buddy.

So the truth is this. Posse comotatis started out as a way for sheriffs to deputize the public. It morphed after the reconstruction of the south and people decided law enforcement and military are not the same jobs. Thus, some hundred years of cops bragging about never having to pull their piece, to vets who have “die mother fu**er” on their AR. We have a serious problem with the law enforcement, military bleed over. It has to get fixed.

The program that gives local police military hardware needs to stop immediately. Any special training under the guise of terrorism, drug, or human trafficking needs to end. The police need to be issued standard uniforms of old. If they wanna wear an annoying and hot vest, god bless. Body armor made for close range rifle rounds, a bit much. 

Carrying a second piece is reasonable. One in the holster and one on your ankle just in case. You should have a badge that’s not covered by anything, with your full name under it. You should also hand every “contact” a business card. Refer to all of us as ma’am or sir. Don’t behave in any way that you wouldn’t want your mother to see. I try to treat my clients as if they were family, you should do the same. When cops acted like this they were respected and appreciated. 

Last thing on what they should do. Serve warrants in a way that makes sense. Why kick a door in at 3am? What possible good could come from that. Just wait for the suspect to leave for work. Knock on the door like you used to. Or pretend to be the utility guy. The current way of serving warrants is the most dangerous way possible for everyone involved and even neighbors that aren’t. 

Acting hostile to everyone in every situation, escalating all situations to the max, and having no control over your emotions, are all great reasons to be in charge of nobody, ever. I don’t want warriors policing my streets, I want peace officers. First off officer means elected office. Unless you’re a deputy, piss off. We need accountability over our law enforcement and it’s done through the mechanism of county sheriff. If his deputies are acting up and he’s unresponsive, goodbye jerk-wad. If he’s responsive to the community and strikes a good balance between keeping the peace and respecting his constituents, re-elected no problem.

The one constitutional law enforcement officer in your county is the sheriff. He brings criminals to the DA who are elected as well but the ones who arrest ya are either elected or representing the one we did elect. Thus, they best represent him well or risk being fired. If I was elected sheriff I would keep my deputies safe and the county would love it. Peace and privacy. That would be our creed.

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