They Are Not Like Us

Hope I got ya with that title, haha. Who’s not like us? Who are us? Some good questions we should examine. We suffer from an easy issue. The normal person, with the normal sensibilities, just can not handle a certain level of controversy. There’s only so far they are willing to go to know the truth. Ignorance is far too precious for these people.

The problem is that monsters look just like you and me. Psychopaths are well trained in adapting their behavior to please whoever they wish to abuse. Our world is ran by absolute psychopaths who hate humanity, hate you, and they hate me.

I have seen these people for their fruits, and can not see them any other way. For myself, it’s easy to see evil in a Clinton, Bush, Podesta, etc… but for the sheeple these monsters where a costume. When I hear the proclamation of some multinational institution, I am instantly disgusted and couldn’t care less. Some are totally taken in and the source of the mouthpieces authority, becomes irrelevant.

Real monsters are wearing pant suits and slick blue suits. They look like humans. For brief moments they can even act like us. They are not us, though. Not in any way. They are sick, arrogant, and they worship a philosophy of hedonism. A hedonism that can lead one to take part in dark rights and rituals. Some contracts that are deadly serious. Some signed in blood and made official with the sharing of the ritual murder of a child.

Are these not monsters? How do we wake up our fellow Americans to the real nature of evil? How do you slow wake someone that’s sound asleep to the nightmare they live in, and the way things are going? I myself have become complacent with the dumb idea that people know things I do, just because I do. Don’t know what to say, it’s a journey and you learn and survive day to day.

The best thing we can do is ask questions. Just ask why so many people with vaccines are getting covid? Why does the media seem to serve one master, and have no interest in the truth, at all? 

Perhaps when said person actually asks the all mighty question, why, you can point them somewhere. Somewhere preloaded with something they can handle. I know my use of language makes me toxic but care more for free expression than clicks. Give them something that will make them ask, why again. Lead them to fish or we are screwed.

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