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The Moon, Our National Disgrace

I’ve alluded to my feelings on the moon landings in several posts. Today I’m making my case that there’s no way we went to the moon. I happen to also believe in the model of our world that was adopted by every single religion and people on Earth. I’ll save that for next.

My whole life I have been a huge NASA fanboy. Due to some luck and bad luck, I got to go to space camp as a kid in Florida. I had spent a year stuck at home under a severe medical condition. I was a temporary Hemophiliac. My step-grandparents, that lived in Florida and were well off, offered to have me to Florida for a month. 2 Weeks of which, were spent at space camp.

I have a flight suit and a cheap set of wings from the experience. We got to play in a lot of the simulators. The simulator that simulates the 1/6th gravity of the moon, is a spring loaded walking harness. My steps would take me some 10 feet off of the ground. I realized I was in a special group when several of the fellow campers were Jr genius’. I was chastised for failing to speed read at 12.

I’ll never forget the experience and am well aware of the exclusive nature of it. Not everyone has an over the top abusive stepdad, who has parents that were so much better and nice to me. Frank, my step-grandpa was a bad father for sure. The results speak for themselves. As a grandpa to a fragile and scared kid, he was a great man. I regret losing contact with everything related to “him”, and when Frank recently passed I took it extremely hard. To finish the service they showed a clip of his life. I wasn’t in a single slide. I quietly left in tears.

Focus, Baker.

So, I took my love of space and the technology with me well into adulthood. I have always loved the space programs on the cable channels. I watched everything. Black holes, galaxies, pulsars, exploding stars, etc.. all of it was the coolest stuff I could dream of and I never missed a chance to see the TV scientists. In my early 20’s I started to notice things I couldn’t reckon.

I noticed that everything on the discovery channel, while beautiful, it was animated. With Hubble and the like I was curious why so much animation. I was always looking for a digestible explanation for the “Big Bang”. The TV shows just confused me more and convinced me that they had no clue what they were talking about.

The Big Bang was a stumbling block I couldn’t overcome. The mainstream “theory” is just too fantastical and far flung to be taken seriously. They have to totally reject all known laws of the conservation of energy. They invented a theory called “inflation” to describe the way all the mass in the universe was exploded beyond all reason, like beyond the speed light. It then immediately became an expansion of matter that only needed one miracle to overcome the inflation that begins the theory. So we have gravity and inflation, mixed with the explosion of a compressed universe for no apparent reason.

I’m losing my focus, the moon. So in like 1962 or 63’ JFK promised we would go to the moon in a decade. This was clearly high ambitions and we will never know if he actually thought we could, or if it was an inspirational speech about the capabilities of a world, not mired in a Cold War. Regardless, he was no rocket scientist and perhaps was given some BS about our capabilities. He passed before they even began, as far as I know. Rocket research was in full swing, but it was for nukes, not people.

I’m gonna follow this article up with a few documentaries. One called A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon. The other is, Astronauts Gone Wild.. These 2 documentaries are a great primer into the subject. You get to see a “likely” hammered Buzz sock the producer. Both are produced by a fella named Bart Sibrel.

That said, I have plenty of reasons to know that 1969 was no more special a year for space than any other. The original 3 astronauts were actually killed in a simulator 2 or 3 years prior to lift off. The very day they died, Grisham, the captain, hung a lemon from the lunar lander. That day they were in a sealed container with bolts and gaskets sealing the tin can so as to be utterly without a safety contingency for fire. They pressurized the cabin with a pure oxygen atmosphere. A spark lit the O2 and the real OG’s died a horrific death of burning alive, while the NASA suits watched. From that point on, astronauts kept their opinions to themselves. These were celebrated men that history has forgotten.

The holocaust on Pad 34, which set the US moon program back perhaps for months, claimed these victims:

  • Virgil I Grissom, 40, hero of the Mercury and Gemini programs that blazed the first American trails in space.
  • Edward H White II, 36, first US astronaut to leave his ship and become a human satellite.
  • Roger B Chaffee, 31, a fledgling spaceman looking forward to his first mission.
The first choice for their bravery, but last choice for their integrity

There’s plenty of video of Armstrong trying to manipulate the landing vessel on Earth and never successfully landed it. There’s video of him ejecting out several times, with no footage that looks confident enough for the moon. Use a good search engine and look up, “rocket fails”, a lot of these dick shaped bombs just explode before going anywhere. Some get airborne and then explode. There’s a 30 min mashup of just rocket explosions. The father of NASA, Mr NAZI Operation Paperclip, Wernher Von Braun, made a prediction in the 50’s, that to get to the moon the vessel would be the size of the Empire State Building. 

So the story goes. In the 1960’s with the computing power of a calculator, the technology originally purposed for terrestrial bombing, was so improved on from the V2 in 45’, to a rocket capable of a 9 day journey, with the ability to detach a separate vessel to actually land on the moon and take back off from the moon and link up with the craft orbiting the moon, at thousands of miles an hour. 

Just the craft that moved them from the main vessel to the moon and have the ability to launch and relink is incredible. It’s said to have landed on a spinning hurling rock with nothing but tiny amounts of energy from rockets to slow down thousands of miles without losing consciousness from G-Force. Then they made their famous, “the eagle has landed”, with a single rocket engine from the bottom of the craft. Small boosters to maintain level. 

What slowed them down? The moon has no atmosphere. They would have had to drop their speed by thousands of miles an hour to a dead stop with only rockets. Safely slowing down would have taken a week or more without liquifying them from the G-Force. Same with their incredible gain of speed to catch up with Collins in the orbiting craft. 

Then they spent 3 days galavanting around the moon, acting like children. Not scared, out of their minds, and so focused they see only the project before them, laughing and horsing around. They then stayed on the moon in the light which is a comfy, 300 degrees Fahrenheit height, or so. The 10 foot tall moonwalks I did as a kid are nowhere to be found. These men were supposedly 1/6th gravity from Earth. Even with double their weight they should have been soaring like 6 feet up on a jump. Nothing.

The photographic evidence has been so thoroughly debunked it’s embarrassing. I prefer not to harp on the ridiculous pictures and film that survived oven temps and radiation that should have made every astronaut a corpse. The missions are easily debunked by the technology alone. It simply didn’t/doesn’t exist.

3 Days in a suit that you can’t take off, or put on in the tiny tin can they claim to be in. A way to keep from cooking without the ability to use any conventional methods for A/C. Conventional air conditioning requires an atmosphere. 9 days total in an aluminum can at 300 degrees is impossible to explain. The idea that it was achieved in the 60’s with batteries, is ludicrous.

I don’t need to debunk pictures or find documents, I work in this industry and know exactly the mechanism for air conditioning. It requires that heat be absorbed by a medium and moved where it can be released by a fan. Furthermore, the best schematic I have seen for the spaceships show 2, 100 amp breakers controlling the power load on the ship. If the temp control alone took up half that, which is insane, it would need a whole lot more and a brand new concept for cooling, or removing heat, what powered the rest of their wireless suits and gadgets?

There have been times when knowledge has been lost and progress undone. Not usually on purpose though. They didn’t have any of the official tapes from the moon missions. They got rid of it all to save space. Now when asked why we can’t go back, they say the technology has been lost and would be a painful process to rebuild.

WTF? So how did they get it done in the 60’s? As to the ton or so of rubbish they brought back. Some moon rock we gave some country in Europe tested it, and found it was a petrified tree. The Cold War was blaring and the US and USSR just decide to cooperate on the most cutting edge science around? A science that if understood and controlled could be weaponized with ease? You really believe this nonsensical crap? The Cold War was a scam to brutalize the soviet people and crush our republic. Done and done.

So that’s where the story pretty much ends. They just stopped going to the moon and now pretend to float some 200 miles above us in a constant state of free fall. It’s quite likely that the moon isn’t even physical. Could be plasma. You can see stars through it sometimes. The only thing I KNOW about the moon, is its never had human beings get anywhere close to it.

Continuing this canard makes us look incredibly stupid and arrogant to the rest of humanity. Sure, in the 60’s people were skeptical but hey, it was on TV. Poles at the time showed a quarter of the US knew it was fake the time it happened. They would whittle that down to a paltry 6% of the population disbelieving the moon missions in the 90’s. With the explosion in information from the internet, it’s a joke and a national disgrace today. The only people still holding on are boomers who are in dementia, and the low IQ folks who can’t think for shit.

The US and the Soviets should apologize to the world for trying to disprove God, give credence to Darwin, and enslave the products of Earth under the pretense that we are nothing. All astronauts are masons. All of them.

Watch the press conference held when they got back. The first people to go to the moon acted as if they were embarrassed by it, not proud. Armstrong refused to even play the role unless absolutely necessary. Good ole buzzed-Buzz. He was the biggest moon whore and had the least integrity of them all.

Mars missions, Shatner in Space, and on and on. This will be such a bizarre time to write about for historians. A time of accepted and protected lies and nonsense. All to hold up the honor, so to speak, of a dishonorable and disgusting lie. If you track the independent science going on about heliocentric and traditionally accepted and taken on their face, the shape of the Earth theories. The moon landings hastened the debate overnight. 

Gravity is the stand in for God when all else fails to explain anything relating to our insane, aimless, and hurling apart universe, with greater, not less momentum every day. Gravity blew the universe into existence and then after developing mass, it took the rest of time off. 

We’ll talk flat Earth next time. The way I found the flat Earth was when I disproved the moon landing. Gotta follow a sequence. Use your heads people. Think about what they are asking you to take on faith. Faith in a corrupt, disgusting, Luciferian, cult. We can’t check any of their work because they “misplaced” some tens of thousands of containers of information and plans.

These lunatics haven’t been able to explore the entire terrestrial world yet, and we believe they have invaded the heavens? Please.

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