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The Issue Of Elites in Society

A society will always have an”elite”. There’s always going to be a group that floats to the top and naturally takes on a leadership role. The word, “elite” has such a negative reaction because modern elites are little more than decadent pedophiles. Even less accountable than monarchs of old, because they have concentrated power beyond what the monarchs ever could have dreamed of.

A benign elite should be one in which there is no temptation of power. Mixing the power of wealth and politics creates monsters. What if they only had wealth and politics didn’t exist? We can’t get rid of, nor should we want to get rid of, the elite. We can, and should end politics, or at the very least, completely remove it from money. The whole system has to be fair for a homeless man as a Rockefeller. Money can’t influence politics. This is a pipe dream. If there’s politicians to bribe, their will be interests buying them.

So what if we do away with politics? How could it be worse? I mean come on, let’s give freedom a chance. The state is inherently corrupt because it is made up of corruptible men. Only Christ could govern justly and he dipped out a couple millennia ago. Expecting good governance by human nature is ridiculous. Add to that, our system relies solely on money. Lobbying, campaign funding, and straight up bribes. Whatever this government began as, it bares no resemblance to the country outlined in its founding documents.

So what would we gain from ditching politics? How would it affect our elite?

Their wealth would never be diverted to buying politicians. They would have to compete fairly in all endeavors. They would never be too big to fail. This elite would serve the public more responsively than any politicians could dream of. Just think about the wasted money greasing palms to get projects done in big cities. I bet billions of dollars would be freed up for actual production and the economy would boom like never before.

So you want a world less focused on the elite? Make them less powerful. Politics is slavery and seductive to those seeking power. Remove the temptation and you remove the system. You see the elite begin to care about humanity. Because they will realize that they are humanity, no better. In this world the elite would be respected and we would know they earned their wealth and position honorably. 

It’s not the elite that are the problem. It’s politics, like everything else.

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