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Kingdom Baker

A jokey post that made a point y’all should hear

I’m a just king, but don’t tempt me. This kingdom is for the remnant, and the vast majority of you have no business here. We want quality over quantity. My kingdom is no democracy, it’s the private property of an anarchist. That means I’m the ruler but association is entirely free of coercion or force. A kingdom of sovereigns, who see the benefit of free debate.

The laws are simple. Sticks and stones break bones, words CAN NEVER HURT YOU. Ideas are to be explored without fear of offense, feelings, or anything other than a jealous passion for the truth. Beyond slander and liable, there are no boundaries. Defaming one’s character or flat out lying about them is aggression. Potentially destroying a man’s ability to work or enjoy society based upon malice is well beyond the non aggression principle.

Privacy is to be respected. I would never let a subject of mine be put in danger by lunatics. Anything looking like a dox will get deleted. Badgering of my subjects will not be tolerated either. If you have been given a point that needs refutation and you respond with any logical fallacy, you’re playing with getting ghosted. If you can’t debate, don’t.

Best part of your king, I require no taxes or warfare. I don’t even wanna control the kingdom. I wanna see chaotic order rule the intellectual realm. Not bad by a dude ordained by God to rule… hahaha. 

I’m just playing but I’ll leave ya with this. Each and every one of you are a king or queen, in your own right. God made you last, in his image, and he gave you custodianship of the Earth, as well the job of naming all his creations. Any man who says he has “author”ity over your life is claiming to own it. To author it his way, not yours. Only you can author your life and a claim otherwise is a sin against God. He gave you free will and made not one of us better than the rest.

The free will to author your life according to right and wrong is the ultimate gift and curse. You idiots that think fighting a wicked world will be a piece of cake, are out to lunch. Is the legal system moral? 

Perfectly legal to kill a viable human for no reason whatever in plenty states. Illegal for parents to use therapy to help a confused teenager who is under attack from an agenda. Perfectly legal to let a girl of 12 lie to her parents, cut class, and murder a baby. The school isn’t allowed to tell the parents. Perfectly legal to see a million deaths a decade from Dr malpractice. Illegal to take harmless, effective, nutraceuticals. Illegal for you to work or go to church. Liquor stores and every big corporation, safe though.

The supremes used to say I could own a black person and treat them as if they were no better than any other beast of burden. Today they tell us pornography is free speech. Killing babies is female autonomy. Work is something to be punished and reason to steal. Single motherhood is so desirable it must be financed at the cost of my personally worked for labor. The second amendment means national guard when it says “people”, but in the entire rest of the the document, “the people” means the American people. 

Baphomet belongs in front of our courthouses. The Ten Commandments, violates something not even mentioned in the constitution. The country is to have no religious tests for citizenship and the country is to have no national church. The “separation between church and state”, isn’t found in the constitution. It’s a letter between Jefferson and someone else, if I remember correctly.

Teaching real biology that life begins at the very beginning of inception is hate. Teaching that we should be able to murder up to 3 year olds since their consciousness hasn’t developed yet, good science. Teaching race is a social construct that has no biological connection, good science. Teaching that there’s significant differences in blood pressure, diabetes, or rates of crime, racist. Teaching that men, and especially white men, are the sole evil in the world, academically unassailable. Teaching the truth about any aspect of any era of slavery that doesn’t indict whitey, white supremacist hate speech.

If I were a king of old, we’d have far less problems, but, it is what, it is. We need a moat around us to shelter us from the normalization of insanity. They are at war with reality. Alfred The Great would be cool to have around about now. We need someone.

History shows us the Earth is moved by ideas that come from leaders. We need to find the good men and encourage them to take on the role of leader. The more the better, when one falls, many will stand to take his place. I’m talking to you, ya you. You think Thomas Payne knew he was gonna go down in history as the motivating voice of the American Revolution? I doubt it. History is full of normal people doing extraordinary things. Stop waiting on politicians and start to look elsewhere for allies.

We are at war, can you imagine what a disciplined military could do to a force that lacks generals, or anything else for that matter? Time to step up boys. Our people need leaders and we can lead them to their own freedom and prosperity. If we don’t they will be taken in by the enemy who has the dough, the hair, and the status quo. 

We have the numbers for grunts. They seem to know who they don’t want creating a following, Bill Cooper, for one. That’s why we need leaders all over and ours will be a screen that their bullets can hurt but can’t destroy. Time to screen these flies in and break out the bug zapper. It’s time you heroes just waiting to become history, stand up and embrace it. We all gotta die but barely any of us are living. No more.

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