Immigration Or Foreign Invasion

My personal feelings on immigration and borders have made a complete 360 degree revolution. In my youth I hated illegals and hated the fact that they were here. Hearing Spanish grated on me and their disinterest in learning my language I considered a personal slight. As a young man I had no philosophy. I was a product of my environment and experience.

My life began to seriously improve when I stopped partying and started learning. I was first drawn into the rabbit holes of finance, 9-11, and JFK. I was constantly coming across names like Ayn Rand, Bill Cooper, and Ron Paul. The first copy of Atlas Shrugged I read changed my life. I don’t own a single copy but have bought many. I give every great book away after I read it. War is a Racket, None Dare Call it Conspiracy, and Behold a Pale Horse I have bought an unknown amount of copies of, and given them out. My neighborhood has little book boxes on the sidewalk anyone can take or add to. It’s on the honor system and a wonderful aspect of my community. These are mostly for kids so I try to keep them stocked with, How to Win Friends & Influence People, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. Occasionally I throw in a Ron Paul or pocket Constitution.

When I started to learn the philosophy of self ownership I had to reckon a lot of my ignorance. I still was fairly naive in terms of race. I knew from experience that they couldn’t  be trusted, not in criminal type settings. Still I assumed these were the few bad apples that deal drugs, not representative of a black lawyer. Similarly, I was forced to accept the fact that labor should be free and not bound by imaginary lines. The cultural stuff never was never acceptable to me, but tolerated. I was starting to give the “markets” way too much respect in the organization of society. Free markets are the only financial system I believe in. The question is can it be global and still work? More likely, it requires borders that respect this system and require all citizens to accept this philosophy as a citizenship test.

A test asking whether a potential American has any type of plan to be a business owner. If not where are they starting their new job and when? Do they understand that this nation is based upon free trade. No trade, no food. We have no “safety net and will not give you one cents worth of help if you fail. Historically we only keep around 1 in 3 new Americans. The rest are given the opportunity to go home and live as they see fit where they belong. This is how we grilled white immigrants before the end of Ellis Island and the 1960’s abandonment of quotas. 

We are the world’s whores. According to the Texas border patrol, we have seen a 100% increase in arrests at the border since 2011. About half are from the America’s. Half are from insane places like Somalia and 47 other nations. FORTY-SEVEN! Every week the Texas border patrol take in over 22,000 criminals from some 40 different countries. EVERY WEEK!

I am still an anarchist and I still believe it’s the only moral way for us to coexist. Call it maturity, experience, or a cynical salty cracker’s opinion. We have gone from a border problem, to a treasonous throwing open of our country to the barbarians. They are flooding us with gangs of ex-military, rapists, thieves, and murderers, and all fighting aged men, with a serious grudge against the people of white complexion. These are going to “do the jobs Americans won’t”. Sound Familiar?

This time it’s going to be our police, military, nurses, and all the rest of the unvaccinated. The jobs Americans are turning down, are due to a mandate. These barbarians are disposable and legion. Billions of people want to get to America. They will get their chance when a jab death or vigilante death happens. Both are going to be happening at a steady stream. That is, unless we can get our sovereignty under control. Like making the globe a instant utopia of free trade is a fantasy, so to is the making of America instantly sovereign. We must pick our geographic property line and make it sovereign to everyone. Our borders will be impenetrable and the feds will have no authority here.

We can use the Declaration with a few edits and claim our independence. If you think this is too hard to do now? Just give up because this is the only way we can avoid being destroyed. Destroyed as a people, a race, or even life itself. Our ancestors showed us the way and drafted us the document we need and they half expected that it would be needed again. Thomas Jefferson actually thought a revolution should happen about every generation. If necessary the people should raise up anytime even a threat to the least of their rights are made.

If you think it’s coincidental that we are being allowed to be invaded by as many fighting aged men, who don’t speak English, and happen to have no skills at all, you’re a moron. What are these illiterate barbaric lunatics supposed to do for a living? They are the foreign conscripts that are going to be kicking your door in and zip tying you and yours as they shuffle your bare feet into a bus, or something that you can pack to the top with doomed souls. If you think this is humanitarian, you are lost. I feel bad because your ignorance will cost you your life. I don’t have the ability to completely turn my back on someone who is being attacked. Liberals will cheer this on until the gun owners are wrapped up. Then yours will be the least bothersome and without ceremony. You’ll dig your grave while being taunted in a tongue foreign to you. Then you will be faced towards it and in an instant you will sleep forever.

Our enemy is being brought in by around 25,000 a day and given free reign over the place to be there until needed. I am absolutely convinced this is the force coming to finish the vaccination and culling of this country. It’s time to start fighting. The invasion of thousands of foreign nationals with absolutely nothing in the way of protection from the government tasked with protecting our borders and sovereignty, makes this government illegitimate, straight up. They need to be received of their power and arrested for their crimes. A constitutional convention needs to be held immediately and we need to appoint a wartime government. 

We need to hold conventions in the states and then after the delegates are decided by the states they need to meet nationally and work out a temporary martial law government. This needs to begin with an edited Declaration and an immediate dissemination of our independence in hopes of being recognized by as many other states as possible. With Poland on our side we could get a lot done.

No more chances at peace, folks. They’re bypassing the law and importing a fighting force of millions of fighting aged men that hate white people. If you intend upon passing on you DNA, let alone any wealth, you better saddle up cowboy. 

Regulators, mount up.

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