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How To Improve School For Kids

Let them be children! It’s not complicated at all. These are youngsters that are basically learning to interact with their peers and follow rules. I don’t believe children belong in any coerced schooling until at least JR High.

Think of the culture war raging over the curriculum of grade school kids. Holding off and letting them develop themselves in a much more free and voluntary manner would give us students already looking to increase their skills in something. Today’s jr high students are already so uninspired and cynical that school’s purpose is to put the right answer to the right question. What makes an answer “correct”, doesn’t matter. By now they now that the “right” answer, is the teachers choice. The “correct” answer is the one that the teacher says it is.

Free range learning is the norm, going back to the dawn of learning. In early America one learned how to read at home, more than likely. Libraries were available, book clubs, and literature niches were represented by a group somewhere, going back a century before 1776. Then there was single room school houses for developing the skills to read, write, and whatever else might be available for study. This method makes the kids of different ages become mentors and develops a relationship among the community. Schooling by physical local, and community was so much better than separating all ages, and setting up a hierarchy system based upon age and, by extension, size. A hierarchical, competitive atmosphere that encourages bullying, hazing, and extortion.

How many students live in fear of some bully they are 3 years younger than, and 50 pounds lighter than? How many are forced to surrender their property in an attempt to avoid violence? Highly and utterly degrading, and humiliating. 

The injustice of a good kid that’s smart and just wants to do well in school. If they are singled out by the predator class that exists in school the same as society. They become the project of a criminal maybe 3 or 4 years older and likely surrounded by a crew of intellectual equals. This would never happen in a single room, where the teacher is a mother, or grandmother connected to the neighborhood.

Schools are robbing children of anything that can be called innocence. Between the disgusting disrespect for Christianity, exclusive of all other so called religions, the absolute slander and libel that they use to describe US history as well as the evil of whiteness upon all times and places. They are forcing minds far too immature to grapple with concepts like slavery, racial issues, and social justice in kindergarten.

School was not a big part of my life until 8th grade. I grew up in a small town and the teachers and parents talked. I don’t remember school, more than the time completely free of any supervision. I was expected to check in and make sure my folks knew where I was. Other than that I had a freedom that no youngster today could ever appreciate without actually experiencing it. 

The current model of schooling is disgusting and a criminal misuse of our nations greatest capital, it’s young. We aren’t creating the next brilliant thinkers that can overcome the challenges of a world that designed them to be exactly as they are. Passive, fragile, spineless, hedonistic, and arrogant.

End compulsory education immediately. Make all education local and only local. The opinions of AOC shouldn’t be in my child’s class. Children need to develop a bit of what makes them, them, before sending them to change agents for communism. The bond to the family, neighborhood, and ancestors needs to be firmly planted and rooted before it can be challenged by trained liars.

We need to tell kids that we are all different and it’s this human biodiversity that makes up the human population. We were all given strengths and weaknesses depending on our ancestral origin. These differences are in our skin, head shapes, and behavior. We were clearly given areas of the world to call home. Europe for Europeans. Africa for Africans, and so on. Science isn’t hate.

America is a gift to the world by chance and circumstance. Letting our kids watch us capitulate to the destruction of THEIR heritage is disgusting and cowardly. So far some 150 statues have been torn down. What kind of example are we setting? Can you blame them for falling for the race haters?

Similarly, there is the straight up surrender of white America to anyone willing to use the word racist to describe them. This is disgusting. Racist? Really? That’s all you have? We can take the North American continent, but say something true, but called racist, and we shut down like a child who just got scolded. You think this is good for your kids to see?

How about masks, mandates, and science? Have you been jabbing yourself and your kids, while if they are old enough, can research better than you? This healthy? Watching the ones you depend on act like lunatics? No.

So what can we do to change the schools. Change the parents. The schools don’t care one bit about your child. Do you? If so I suggest you take them on as a protege and mentor them as you feel best. Never act like a wimp or a reckless jackass. Instead try to reason your decisions the way you want your youngsters to do. The Socratic method works. The answer comes more from parents than schools. For too long you, and I, relinquished our parental rights under false pretenses. We can no longer claim ignorance to those agendas that are desperate to infect the minds of your kids.

It may sound insurmountable. If you really consider I only suggested moving the start time from 5 to more like 10 to 12, don’t tell me it’s radical. It’s reasonable. Take it, or accept the ticket to ride, and enjoy the rewards. 

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