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How Many Ways Can I Describe A Dumpster Fire

For those who have been with me throughout this horrific year, you have heard a lot. Not much in the way of good news and I can’t seem to find much to give you. As desperate as I am for a positive move towards freedom, there is precious few victories to speak of.

Desantis is activating the Florida State National Guard for its original purpose for the first time in many decades. The Who has made a public statement suggesting boosters are pointless. The 5th circuit affirmed the overstep of power and illegality of this mandate. There’s groups of moms all across America fighting desperately for their children.

So fu**ing what? I live wear masks are fashion and never going away. I live in a state that wants to poison 5 year olds.  NY Just mandated vaccines for private and RELIGIOUS schools alike. Nobody seems to care about the law and all I have is sheeple around me giving these pigs more and more cover to act like tyrants.

The legal fight has been won. I showed you our “victories”, they mean squat. These tyrants have gone off the script and are not longer bound by the law of civility. The only law left to us is the law of nature. If the written law has no effect it is our duty to restore it. At all costs.

Let this be short and sweet because it’s message is simple. Keep fighting a rigged system or demand your freedom. 40,000,000 Californians doing the orders of one man? WTF you pathetic wimps. We surround them and they have committed treason. We either let them leave or we hold court on the capital lawn and let them be tried in absentia. Their penalty they will have to be there for. All other talk is cheap and I’m over it.

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