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How Can Christians Justify Salem

A snarky comment on Quora

Because the natives were so scientific and rational right? The inquisition was about weeding out a new comer tribe claiming to be Jewish converts. People get uppity when their children are kidnapped and ritually murdered.

The Salem witch trials was perhaps hysteria, perhaps cultural incompatibility. If these were practicing luciferian witches, then the town had every right to try and convict them of murder, not casting spells. Child ritual sacrifice exists today but these were just zealots with bloodthirsty hatred for women, right.

Your scorn for everything white, Christian, European, or just plain old, true, to be an a front against your self righteous rage. The time period saw a growing community of Jewish merchants living near the border of Canada and The US. Salem is pretty close and if just one of the children in my village ended up dead from being poked to death, I’d hang a whole lot of folks.

Of course the history channel says it was just petty jealousy and superstition so, case closed. The Hitler Channel was too busy coming up with programs like Hitler and His Small Weeny, Hitler, High as a Kite, and my favorites, Hitler and the Occult. Like 20 years of WWII B-Roll set to Charlton Heston’s voice. I liked war footage until I finally realized this was propaganda that was worth paying to push 24/7 for decades, 70 years after the event. 

I started to notice the lack of any objectivity towards the Germans and barely any for the Japanese. Also the glorification of Stalin and his “great victory” at Stalingrad. Western democracies allowed that lunatic to lock the civilians in the city before the battle, to motivate the boys a bit more. Even with the support of the whole western world, minus Germany, and safety from Japan, Stalin could hardly fight his way out of a paper bag. His front line soldiers may be worth honor.

The commissars that followed, to occupy the territory the west gave them, were barbarians that made murder and rape official policy. The lucky ones were able to tag along the retreating Germans. That is, according to the witnesses that weren’t Jewish. Ya know, the hundreds of millions of people and 60 million or so Christian deaths that also happened during WWII. Many have put the blame squarely upon the soldiers of Bolshevism. Yiddish to those who knew them by tongue.

The Holodomor, the gulags, the repeated genocide of Ukrainians, the destruction of all religion except synagogues, the 70% Jewish majority in the Cheka, and the same disparity in commissars. Out of 100 political officers of a town, 70 were local Jews, 20 were American Jews, and the rest were Turks and even a few blacks. Not one ethnic Russian. Revolution? Foreign conquering that murdered the royal family to let ya know. Judaism is like Islam, they are both very political and even still following ancient law.

I’m tired of half wits using my religion as a whipping boy. You think it’s courageous to mock Christianity? Oh, so edgy. Say something about kosher butchering or Sharia law. How about mutilating the penis of infant boys? Nope, gotta go back hundreds of years to crap on Christians. Pathetic.

At the time of the Salem witch trials there was not a lot of hard science in the world at large. Many advances were in the works but we were still dying by the millions from dirty hands. You wanna pick some of the most civilized people of their time, hell any time, and act like they were special? In Africa some people think you cure AIDS by sex with a Virgin. In Libya I can roll down with a Benjamin and buy a black man. Today.

The gains enjoyed by sharing space with Europeans is incalculable. The pain, is measured in teaspoons for their medicine. Africans have never been asked or made to stay here. In fact, quite the opposite has happened in many areas of the country. They choose to stay here because Africans, in Africa, don’t particularly care for them, and they are the richest black people on Earth. 

Take that in. Of all the places to live where blacks rule by number and civic power alike, America is the only one that makes them wealthy. Not just a little bit either. America is home to 7 black billionaires. There are just 2,800 billionaires in the world and 7 black ones live in the US. Their combined wealth is near $23 Billion. Why again is it me who owes you folks a damn thing?

So get off of white Christians because it’s pathetically weak. Who you trying to impress? The other boomer cat lady? You self hating, self centered, and spiritually bankrupt boomers are on borrowed time. Take a hike, get outside, or just zip it.

Have Christians gone overboard on occasion? Ya. They also began their religion being fed to lions and crucified. Of the 3 Abrahamic religions, Christianity is by far the most inclusive, peaceful, and fair. It’s also the only religion open for the most vile mockery. PissChrist, for example. I want Christianity back and celebrated. We are in insane times where Marylin Manson and Kanye are preaching a supposed Christian message. While I have passed on looking into their sermons, I already know I would be infuriated.

How do you think God will treat you when you are asked, “why didn’t you defend me or my son?” Why was the blasphemy all over your TV even allowed to be on your TV? Why did you laugh at me and the sacrifice I made for your pathetic soul? Since you can’t be counted on for anything, why should I even know you? If someone that called themselves my friend did nothing every time I was ganged up on and humiliated, then afterwards tried to claim they were their for me and devoted to my very name. I would have far more rage for this sneak-theif, than the open satanist that owns his sins and accepts the responsibility.

As with woke, Christianity has a very simple solution. The churches have destroyed religion and turned what should be a celebration and lesson plan that is relevant to the times, and offers advice regarding all things, political or not. The greed of accepting the status as a charity gave them tax releif. The costs, you are licensed by the state and you are bound by the state’s obligations. These 501C3’s make any political action illegal. So when God’s law is in conflict with a proposed law, your state preachers are stuck avoiding the issue. Preachers are community leaders. They have every right to offer guidance regarding politics. Since they are outlawing Christianity piece by piece, we need good preachers who can guide their sheep.

Many pastors, preachers, priests, etc.. are professional. This is their job and the tithes support them and their family. They have time to research and study the laws, politicians, and then compare these to scripture, all while the rest of us are out working. These are our counselors, the man who baptizes you, regardless of age, and offers us communion and compassion. These are wise men who are respected greatly by those they serve and they need to be able to offer us political advice.

Taxing a church is absolutely evil and legally dubious. This assumes there is a power disparity between God and the state and the state is the superior. Thus we must pay for the “privilege” to worship our maker in the freedom protected by the 1st amendment.

What great civilizations have the muslims made? Jews couldn’t even build a civilization, because labor, yuck. Christians seem to have civilization built into our hardware. Or whites if ya like. Tearing down Christianity in America is about destroying whiteness. The white family. The white community, The white legal system. The white history. These jackals are motivated to tear down civilization and they hate those of us who build and thrive in our cultures.

Yes culture. Christianity is as much white culture as being European is. The center of Europe for centuries was the Vatican, a Christian empire. While no fan of Catholicism I respect it. I think that all Christians should set aside our minor differences and work towards disrupting the Beast System from destroying Earth.

Make no mistake, this is the Beast’s System. The mark is being taken by billions. The restriction to the market is on the move. Jerusalem has, thanks to Trump, been declared the capital of Israel. When does Israel claim the capital of Earth? We can stop them, we have free will to turn back the wickedness we have allowed to envelop our world. It doesn’t have to go this way and why would we want it to?

I have said this before but I’ll say it again. Christians get off your knees. You kneel to no man and have already allowed evil to grab such a foothold on Earth that our fight is only going to be as hard as it is, because of our lack of action when we should have been acting. Failing to act is our doom. Simply acting together ends this tyranny today. 

I’m not afraid of dying. I’m comfortable with where I’m going and I have had 40 years that have been long enough. My daughter is 19 and deserves a chance at life. She deserves to live a free life authored by her and her only. So I’m not drinking the kool aid and waiting for the apocalypse. I’m fighting with everything I have, my life included. The Lord will have me for fighting evil, I am sure. Trading my life so that my daughter might be able to have a better one, will be the ultimate sacrifice I can make to preserve his creation’s freedom on the Earth he gave to all of us. 

This is the work off evil men who embrace Lucifer and worship him with all their hearts. They are nothing but pawns and souls collected by the devil. He loves deceit and vanity, and boy does he have an embarrassment of riches to work with. He is still a pathetic con man that must get our soul through consent. 4 Billion have declined the Beast System. That’s enough to stop this thing and make the world new again. I’m never giving up and everyday I am only more devoted, more radical, and give less and less fucks.

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