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“Hate is Reality, Don’t You Know God Hates?”

The lyric above is from a punk rock song that I’m not sure who to credit, it. I heard the Slayer rendition. Hate is certainly our current reality. The cynical accusation, that even God hates, is kind of profound for a punk song. The insinuation is that hate is natural and even hardwired into Mankind through his initial designer. Looking around today I am sad to say that it might as well be the case.

Hate is a hardcore emotion. It’s the opposite of love. Where to love something requires our affection to be the main driver over our state of mind. When we hate something it puts disdain and hostility in control of our mind. Both emotions are motivational. Both create desire for action. One positive one negative.

But are these 2 opposites equal in their effects? It seems that they are. Not only equal in kind but equal in outcome. Since both are motivational, both cause us to act, both are important to our entire lives. If we live in pursuit of the hatred that we see and experience we will live in a state of despair. It has to be this way. To think otherwise would be to completely ignore the obvious. That people motivated out of hatred can be highly effective, successful, and materially wealthy isn’t question. At what cost? That’s the question.

Living for love is the polar opposite. Your main source of motivation is your desire to live and be loved. It sets you free of fear and anxiety. It gives you appreciation for the small things. It encourages you to be better and to see the good in others. It lets you be in the moment and focus on actions not words. If hate is despair, love is satisfaction.

They say all emotions come from fear and love. All others are derivatives of these 2 base emotions. Not sure why I chose to post this today I’ve had it in draft form for months. Anyway, something to think about. Are you living in love or fear? Hows your life going, mines going rough, are you trying to stay in the positive on the balance? I’m trying.

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