Flat Earth Is Ridiculous, Right

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As I said, when I was obsessed with the moon landing I kept bumping up against an even more bizarre theory. At the time there was a gentleman on YouTube named Eric Dubay. This guy was putting out tons of information that I just couldn’t even consider until I was ready.

That’s how these topics work. If you aren’t ready to accept the information it becomes a threat to your ego and threatens your worldview. Well, this was a threat to my actual view of the world we live in. The implications of this being secret are as scary as the fact that they went through so much trouble to lie and continue the lie.

I’m often told, who cares what shape the Earth is? How does it effect my life? This is a total copout. Hiding the true nature of our world from us, with malicious contempt for the public, is the most criminal lie ever sold to the masses. The truth is simple. It appears that we are in the middle of all of creation. It appears that Earth is special, unique, and the only game in town for life.

This subject did a large part in bringing me back to Christianity. If that’s seen as some sort of evil or bad thing, blow me.The Bible is a flat Earth book and when the word of God details a flat, unmoving, world, and the people accept the Copernican model of our universe. A Jesuit Priest and an alchemist. Essentially a warlock and Luciferian dressed up as a critical thinker.

Still, the common man never bought the BS and still depended on their senses and faith. Then we had the industrial revolution. A young patent clerk that made his name by simply stealing patents, Einstein. His Theory of Relativity and his follow up work were considered toilet paper by the most enigmatic and brilliant mind going back to Socrates, Tesla. 

Nikola Tesla is responsible for the tech world we live in today. The only difference is Tesla wanted the world powered by wireless free energy. Einstein told us everything is relative and, in the end, means nothing.

Why was the press so obsessed with this jewish patent clerk? More so than the man responsible for lighting up the first World Fair in Chicago. The inventions that can be credited back to Tesla are incredible. Einstein gave us a couple theoretical physics books, and nothing else.

The Father Of The Modern World

Tesla gave us modern cell technology, alternating current, which is enough to immortalize the man for eternity, and did his level best to give the world free and abundant energy. After his main financial backer got word of the nature of Tesla’s experiments did he pull the funding. Energy was monopolized by the elite and the stranglehold they were intending upon harnessing against us. JP Morgan was that man. Tesla was trying to pursue the theories independently and he blew the power to an entire town. After that he was pretty much shut down. The man spent his elderly years feeding pigeons and living in poverty.

The second he died, his apartment was raided by our government and his entire collection was made classified, and likely used as the baseline for the end products that control our lives today. Tesla and Einstein were contemporaries. Tesla never respected AE, and considered his work to be nonsense. Tesla knew the Earth was flat, sound, and motionless. Using pseudoscientific theories like gravity to explain that the world isn’t what your senses tell you, it’s just relative, wasn’t a respectable opinion for Tesla.

Tesla didn’t do “theoretical” science, he did real deal experiments that cost him his reputation when Morgan decided to discredit him after killing the power to a city with an experiment that could have led to free energy. He lost ties with Westinghouse and died alone with his incredible mind and nobody interested in picking that brain, but the pigeons. He should have had every new physics graduate banging on his door and begging for him to just talk to them. The media made him out to be a genius lunatic that’s lost his fastball.

Our government disagreed, according to their actions at least, directly after the man passed. The reason I’m talking so much about Nikola Tesla, is simple. This was the greatest mind in science ever to do what he was doing. Had he been born in the Middle Ages he wouldn’t be in a single book. Tesla was obsessed with electricity and the time he was living in was ready made for a personality just like him. He was so far ahead of his time that Einstein never said a bad word about him, and knew he, himself, was a fraud comparatively.

Tesla called the relativity theory garbage. Einstein was the first Neil deGrasse Tyson. The first pseudoscientific personality they could make the average man admire and listen to. He’s also the seed that bloomed into the Manhattan Project by lying about the German research and capabilities. They couldn’t even find a safe place to produce the V2, just to get conventional explosives over the English Channel. Yet according to a refugee jew, they had the technology to destroy cities with one bomb. The actual science to make this happen, took hundreds of thousands of minds and a safe, not bombed, area to work. The Germans had neither. When Peenemünde was spotted and destroyed, the V2 basically went with it.

When Germany was conquered the intelligent were split up between the soviets and the US. That’s why the rocketry that launched soviet and US space missions, exploded a mere 5 or so years after the war. First things, first. Time to play with these new nukes and how far they could be pushed and how to deliver their wicked payloads. By Bikini Atoll and the introduction of the hydrogen bomb, I guess either scared the crap out of those with sense, or met the demands of the brass. As far as I know, the “super” is where they stopped.

Operation Fishbowl was to follow. This operation that began in the late 50’s and early 60’s sent massive nuclear weapons into the atmosphere to test the results. This was done despite the fears that the atmosphere itself could be ignited and literally kill the world. Their most successful test, that provided the least hard data, sent a Thor rocket, tipped with a massive warhead, some 400 miles up. It was designed to detonate at 250 miles high on its way down. It was a spectacular scene to be sure. It caused instant auroras, both near the explosion, as well as all over the sky. Operation FishBowl is an odd name for a mission like this. Were they looking for the firmament? Was this arrogance against God and a threat towards the heavens?

Then they started high altitude ballon experiments. Supposedly the first man to witness the curve of the Earth found it at around 103,000 feet. Basically 20 miles up and he was able to see the ball Earth. I call BS.

This Cat’s Decorations
Legion of Merit

Above are just a few of this guys decorations. The Legion of Merit happens to have the 6 pointed star in the middle. The bottom one is an Air Medal and it’s a Phoenix rising with the sun in the background. The Legion of Merit medal is disgusting, the first ribbon. It’s an upside-down 5 pointed star, AKA pentagram, or Baphomet. With the star of Solomon in the middle. 

This super symbol is so esoteric that it means everything. That’s why it’s so prominent in society. Duality, as above, so below, and Saturn, of course. After all Saturn is the light bringer, or Satan for those less autistic. Many signs for Saturn exist all around us. The black cube, the hexagram, and so many more it’s ridiculous. I can’t see myself wanting to do anything for an organization that adopts such symbolism.

The truth about “finding the curve”, is its never happened. At 30,000 feet you see nothing of the sort. A horizon that raises to eye level regardless of height. A ball would cause you to look down until you eventually lost sight of the horizon at all. The only people that claim to have witnessed the curvature of Earth are military and masons.

Flat Earth proofs are literally all around you. Once you understand the math it becomes comical. A ball at 24,000 feet in circumference would be easy to show the curve. It gives us a parabolic drop, not linear. The further you go, the more drastic the drop. Roughly 8 inches on the mile, squared. One mile you should see a drop of 8”. Next mile should be like 64”, and so on. Within just a few miles you get to very unmissable numbers. Watching a ship disappear from view only to be brought back into full view with zooming cameras is all over the place.

Check out a Timelapse of the North Pole. Perfectly spiraled stars every night. If the universe was flying apart and in constant movement, how are we still using the Zodiac symbols and sky that they used 10,000 years ago? According to their theory we should have a brand new star map every night. Certainly not consistent positions for 10,000 years. They even claim that Polaris, our pole star was a different star long ago. How the hell would they know that, or assume it?

I hear people say, who cares? What does not matter to me what the Earth looks like? Going from the center of all creation and having the celestial bodies to guide us and be our clock. Being the center of the entire universe, puts to bed any nonsense of ET’s and UFO’s. It also proves that we are the creation of an intelligent mind. It makes it plain that the Earth is here for man, and not the reverse where man owes Gaia his own life.

This ridiculous assertion that “we have known that Earth is round for thousands of years, is crap. The so called experiment done in Athens proved that either we are moving, of which there was no physical evidence for. Or, that the sun was moving, something seen as obvious. All he did was prove sun dials are accurate. They aren’t Earth dials after all.

Today the whole movement for independent research and science has been polluted by trolls and hoaxes. Early on when only a few of us were willing to even look at the evidence, YouTube left it alone. Now if it’s flat Earth and anywhere even kind of mainstream, it’s misinformation. Its not complicated, requires no gravity, and has yet to be disproved, period.

They say we are spinning on a tilted axis at 1000 MPH at the equator. Problem with this is the extreme difference between the speed at the equator and the speed near the poles. Why can’t I feel the difference from 1,000 MPH down to a few hundred MPH? Why does the sun clearly get smaller when at the southern latitudes, but not so much above the equator? Our sun’s seasons stop at the Tropic of Cancer, and The Tropic of Capricorn. The further south you go, the further you get from the sun. That’s why Antarctica is much colder than the North Pole.

I’ve embedded a video put out by Eric Dubay. It’s called 200 proofs Earth is not a ball, or something to that effect. This was some of the first material I came across and it through my whole world into question. I’ve come to grips with the reality of our world and the evil it takes to deceive the masses on such an insane level. Make no mistake, this is evil. This is about the destruction of God and the age of confusion we call science. 

Don’t be afraid of being wrong, we all are sometimes. Don’t ever blow off information as beneath you, because you don’t know everything. Come to all subjects as if you were free of any knowledge, one way, or the other. Use the Socratic method in all reasoning. That is, humility, skepticism, and stoicism. Appeals to authority are nothing but a copout. NASA is rotten and they simply can not be trusted as a source for anything. In your research you must use sources that are not biased. Independent researchers, old literature you discover yourself, and the sound opinions of others who invite you to test them and think for yourself.

That’s what I am doing and hopefully you are getting this from all of my posts. Do your own research. Take nothing for granted. Let nothing get between you and your search for truth. If you can’t handle sharing what you learn, which is like impossible, keep it to yourself and drip it out to those closest to you. This is the biggest red pill to swallow because of the enormity of the lie. Well, Satan knows no bounds, and he wants so desperately to rip you away from creation, he will do and say anything.

The blue marble has hurt man’s relationship with God like nothing else ever came close to. Look at the drop in religion since the moon landings. The adoption of crazy egotistical philosophies like Crowley are ruling the day. If we are so insignificant and, ultimately of no worth to the creator of the universe, let alone some stupid planet of evolved apes, why not “do what thou whilst”? 

Are you a child of God, made in the image of your creator, and shown so much love, as to cause a rebellion in heaven? Or, are you the product of time and dead material that developed itself into the magical world and amazing night sky we are blessed with caring for? As for myself, I am with God and Good. I want nothing to do with hedonism, mysticism, or any fanciful new age garbage about becoming god. I know God and know his son. What’s better, they know me, and they love me, regardless.

This video will give you the visual stuff that doesn’t translate through words very well. Please do watch it and start to question everything. Socrates was the man. Let’s be more like him and less like sheep.

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