Did The US Kill King, Why Haven’t They Done What He Preached

Hang back and listen to the soothing sounds of the end of the world

Another Quora inspired post.

The question is a little mysterious but I’ll try. There is many, many people who know king was killed by the US. Both white and black know it and still want justice for it. 

When King started to go hard against the Vietnam mass murder, Johnson stopped having him to the White House. When King was compromised with blackmail material and was basically preaching commie crap, he got by with character assassination.

I think he either came clean with his wife or chose to let her see what he knew was fake. Hoover, being gay himself, hated King with white hot passion. At least some portion of criminals had pictures of Hoover with a mouthful of his life long “buddy” down his throat. Perhaps King came to own a copy of what I’ve heard was quite a collection, and that would make blackmail impossible.

The fact that this country memorializes the great men they cut down has far more to do with the people who were moved to follow them. The state doesn’t want JFK, Malcom, RFK, or king on anyone’s mind. The people refuse to let them forget. 

However, this trend of tearing down statues and memorials perhaps we will forget the 60’s and the hundreds of mysterious high profile deaths that defined the decade. Or it used to, now it’s kinda lost behind Woodstock and the dirty hippy movement.

King’s family all believe the state murdered him. I believe it as strongly as I know that JFK wasn’t killed by Oswald. 

There’s so much evidence in all of these murders that if we could ever get anyone on a charge we could blow the whole thing open. There’s still classified material even though, with JFK we pretty much know exactly what happened.

They are asking for a 50 year pass on FOIA requests regarding the jab. Something that started with JFK, I think. They made the moon mission permanently classified. As if the rest of the world takes our word for it. They don’t.

As for doing what King said, most of what King preached was commie crap. He was 100 percent on about the war but he wanted the money going to blacks not bombs. 

Seems that blacks are getting plenty of welfare, special treatment in college admissions, and even hiring for firemen and cops. What more do we owe black Americans, plenty of whom came here long after slavery?

The progressive movement has no final point. It’s a constant movement of chaos and violence. This movement believes in causing struggle among people who had none before. Black and white, men and women, and rich and poor. 

Most commies get by just fine with the jealousy toward the rich shared by the common man on the street. 

Americans are free to become rich and historically have looked up to the rich and honorable elite. 

Our founding documents weren’t the works of your average man or woman. They were penned by brilliant lawyers with personal libraries that would blow any modern persons mind.

Jefferson donated his library to start the Library of Congress. Thousands of works just from one man. Today the library holds copies of every single work of any medium, that it can. A staggering collection that began with TJ.

We are living in King’s America. The blacks that burnt the country down are not being bothered at all. The 500 people who dared cross open barriers have been treated like John Dillinger. 

When a cop kills a black it’s made front and center across the media. When a white person is illegally shot the media ignores it all together. So much so, that cops kill over twice as many whites than blacks every year. Still people think it’s the opposite because of the lack of reporting.

Even King would be ashamed of the last few years. He never advocated violence and always stayed on his best behavior. I think he would regret much of the “progress” made in his name. He was a preacher, how would he react to gay marriage, kids taking hormones to be the opposite sex. 

I think a conservative preacher would be shocked by our corruption and debauchery.

I want to live in Malcom’s America. Where people are free to be with their own, free to explore other places, and free to discriminate over certain spaces for whatever reason the owner wants. 

Malcom wanted a realistic world where blacks could be black and whites wouldn’t be allowed to bother them. He accepted that the whites were allowed the same. We would be so much better off in the theoretical America of Malcom, than the racial hell we have today thanks to King.

If only Malcom would have had more time, he would have got his way. Not many whites cared to visit the black neighborhoods anyway. Most Americans that were dealing with insane riots would have seen a, you go your way, I’ll go mine, type approach as a great idea. 

Instead we got forced integration. That was a disaster and the spark that stoked the blazes of hate we cook under today.

Giving the mob what they ask for today, just emboldens them to ask for more and more. Now we are way past the level. It’s now balanced for blacks and against whites. 

It’s now whites being discriminated against. It’s whites who are open season for the police. Whites have given up enough and if it’s not good enough, tough. 

Take it or leave it. Don’t complain about all the free soup.

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