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Compounding Interest, Fiat Money, And Confusion?

I could add a laundry list of other peculiarities surrounding our so-called money. We have become open air debt slaves with  designed default in the system. A money that enters the market as a debt, instead of a certificate of value, is a money system that has been developed and gradually sold to the world with glittery language and brutal force, to rob the underclass continually regardless of the need. 

We live in a world of massive abundance. No child should ever feel the pain of  a week’s worth of starvation, let alone die by the millions yearly. The citizens in Zimbabwe didn’t need a central bank. They had oil and a good relationship with the market. Then add the premium fruits and sugar cane or beet, and you develop a currency that’s worth your labor and the precious items it gets you. Simply tell the small hats, you are going to let the market and the land dictate your agriculture, not the IMF. Your market is down the street and requires only the stand to keep product moving. With today’s tech we should have consultants that can pinpoint the exact location of absolute explosions in gains and estimate its current holdings pretty damn well, in every asset.

The old school massive scar in the Earth for hundred ton loads of, guesstimated, gold  ore, are long  over. Now hopefully we start to mine it  with the ingenuity of the oil and gas industries.some small percentage of actual gold comes from every massive scoop of Earth swiped from the ground by those massive loaders. With a $200 metal detector you can find and try to identify the depth and size, and chemical properties of anything 8 to 12” underground. Add a drone for scouting sites, like river turns and rapids, that have lots of rocks, and you’re a 49’er. The real wealth was the 48ers. Stories of Chinamen pulling their weight from the river in a day.  By ’49, it was better to be selling booze, ladies, and shovels, and used up claims.

Shake your head now and clear it of anything coherent. Global warming is as much a hoax as the middle eastern fellas spending my money today. The data is non existence. At the very worst/best case, we might see an increase over a century of a few degrees. This assumes that human behavior impacts climate at all, so I call BS. Still the scientists that believe in anthropogenic climate change, 7 of 10, also consider the increase in productivity that will offset most if not all of any extra plant food we don’t want. These good scientists understand the role of science. To better understand and appreciate our awesome world and to use our intellect to make the very most of her. 

The very most resources for the very least unbalanced toll on energy, has never been a concern worth even entertaining with the state. When a 50 year lumber plan you make for your company and then have it made useless in a decade, do you even write another, or call it a day? Politicians are about 6 or so years tops and that time is spent on people that can “donate”, or blackmail them. Lumber, drinking water, power, agriculture, all the meat I love, even you creepy chicken wings, because we like eating baby chickens with our football, Lobes me so,me baby chickens of course, I’m no moron giraffe. Love all edibles that had a heartbeat.

So we started off with fractional reserve banking that would cause bank runs on occasion. Instead of making this a death sentence, which it is appropriate for, we let them off the reserves at all. If 10 for every 1 is good. Unlimited to the paper and ink back then, only need ’s 0’s and 1’s and a computer today.  Think people. They started as goldsmiths. They realized they’re lending of their security of their vault gave them access to most of people’s real money. All the while they were unbothered by the keeping of their fortunes, which were metal and hard to hide a lot of, because of the integrity of his banker. Then he notices new loans going out when the bank just had a big run on it’s reserves. Could this bank have that much extra on hand? Of course not, so he goes and withdrawals his accounts. “Bloody Monday” I think they call it. Call it whatever ya want. This time aint going down that way.

The 1930’s was right after a decade of partying and easy money. The people weren’t bankrupt all at once. For every suicide and bankruptcy there was a new millionaire made. That engineered looting of the American country was the death blow. The last century has been our standing 8 count and our knees are wobbling. The fight should have been thrown in 2008 but Don King pimped America out for another whole decade before having to resort to pandemic hoaxes, vaccines that would be gone if only they would make the pets get the jab. Then these demon baby boomers might actually care. The animal that is going to eat you if it gets hungry before they found you dead, just had his adorable heart explode. Oh my God the difference would shock most of you I promise. We’re living through an open air prison but if it caused a quarter of the deaths on cats as kids this would have stopped months ago.

That’s the hard truth about, my comrades. My fellow countryman, if you can call them men. They have lost all humanity and have surrendered themselves  to any power that chooses to take it. They have no idea how to make an independent decision. This is the last generation because we refused to let them grow uo. Worse, we encouraged immaturity, celebrated the naivety of our kids as if it was a good thing. I’m as hard as a ten penny nail and consider my street IQ to be very genius level. Still I was bested by a devastating loss, from a very well organized scam for increasing your credit without waiting so long for the efforts to show. I was moving with that money. The amount was the perfect amount to get me a job, a place and a month or so to spare. 

I’m motivated like never before., I am getting out of this hell hole soon and for those who have been hearing that for a year, take it to the bank this time man. I have nothing to live for in California. I will spare you the details, but everyone I thought I was staying to be close to, has all told me to go fu** right off.

Thankfully I can choose my first choice, Idaho. Reno/Sparks was my location until recently. It’s only like 4 hours from my family. The 3 half brothers on my father’s side, I’ve never met. His wife was only his second and she was very nice, and for her age, pretty. My father was done for cocaine with intent to sell in a stolen car. Luckily it was cocaine That shows a reddish collar on test paper. The cocaine with an oily and wet appearance until they add baking soda to lower the PH level from alkaline, over 7. To somewhat neutral, 7 or a touch less. 

The amount would have taken his life just like any black dude. Difference, he’s smart enough to take the plea and get a life while he’s still able to work. Trying to beat a 4 year sentence by going to the bench is insane. You will run out of money whether you start off with a lawyer or not. So don’t hire one.  He ended up  doing like 4 years on his first conviction. No punk, or informant, that’s for sure. Didn’t violate parole once as far as I know. My mom divorced him in jail. He was scared of the thousands of dollars he owed my mom in alimony and child support. Time just made it easier to let dead dogs die.

My daughter has disowned me. She only contacts me when she needs something. I told her last night I was going to be leaving so she can truly be without me and be the hard, strong, and masculine female that the girliest looking tranny would beg for as a victim.

She called the cops to try and get me a 5150 and she knows that if a cop walked through my place I would be spending the night in a cage. I’m surrounded by guns, knives, I have a bulletproof vest on my shelf. I keep a pistol grip Remington 870 with a bandoleers full of 50 slugs right next to the door. I have “”monkey fists”, throwing stars and knives, and Cali treats weapons and weed weirds. State law for those weed taxes. Federal law when we want you helpless marks.

I stood blocking the door and asked if there was any reason to continue this, after saying my name and, I clearly wasn’t giving them consent. They left after proving their subpar IQ by talking like morons. “Ya man we’re just doing our job, tryin to make sure everyone’s safe…” I looked up and down my empty and quiet hallway and asked if they could be dolls, and give me their cards and then fuck off. 

I would have started with fuck off through a closed door except welfare checks are constitutional free and not even pretending to have probable cause, legal right for anything, and the police don’t regard their behavior in the context of morality, ever. The number of mothers who’ve ordered their child’s own killer on a phone, for welfare checks is astounding. If the dude is flipping out with a knife, and you want him to live, shoot him in the least likely place for arteries. Then call the police and pray they don’t shoot you for good measure.

Calling cops on grown ups with autism is the only thing some people have to do. We have millions of autistic elderly coming of age. How are we going to care for them? It’s jokingly referred to as retard strength. Some folks have no dimmer on muscle control. Smash and barely touch. My buddy had a cousin that would lift his 25 year old ass off of the ground sideways at 15. Hold him up and spin around until everyone fell laughing hysterically. Who’s gonna make these dudes take their meds? How many are vets already and suffering mental injuries that come from earning money from murder.

You borrow the first Federal Reserve Note. Number 2 Are minted and one is interest to be paid back. The other is the government’s who puts its name’s and pictures on it. Why doesn’t all money just have the star of Solomon on it. Our’s does The dollar bill is so dripping with occult meaning that you have to act like it’s a joke because your ignorance shows you who you are. The truncated pyramid, signifying uncompleted work. Topped by the eye of Lucifer or Horas which are essentially the same. Sun God. The light bringer. Like I’ve said, the Mystery Schools were drafted and tended to by great men, in the sense of ability, I mean, they were satan’s minions, so scum of the Earth. They were disciplined, incredibly smart, and ambitious to no end, though

A 30 dollar loan on one  card that you just make minimum payments on, will never go away. If you begin with a prepaid card you pay like half the limit before you get to charge into your own money. Your first payment is usury on the card, not goods for labor. Compounding interest is when the principle continues to grow and the interest payment follows the total not the principle. By simply making your minimum payment $5 less every month you could go months before hearing you have been adding to that interest not working it down. Who sets the minimum?

So who wins with this system. Banks. They get ultimate say over what they do with your money and it’s legally theirs when in their possession. Possession is 9 10ths of the law? More like Possession is the law. No it’s not , it’s a bad joke, the terms are clear on all bank accounts. They take ownership as custodian but that’s 100% more than you.

Fractional reserve banking, Fiat banking. Options trading, The whole NYSE and the rest is garbage.  What have we let them do? Do you people not understand the fundamental issue of math and it’s highly disciplined undertaking? There is nobody that can fix this let alone the rest of the so-called entitlements. Our foreign debt is a few trillion, meh. It’s the private banking cartel that holds like 90% of our debt. The counterfeiters want their paper paid back in blood. Your blood, my blood, and if we are lucky our children too. Yay for us.

What will we say to our ancestors who held John by sword and made him sign Magna Carta or his life? I hope I go to hell because the SHAME I would feel in their presence, this would be my  hell. The undoubting fact that I did nothing that comes close to a drummer boy marching a musket line. When they ask me about my part what will i say? We had technology that was magic to your time. Face to face convos across the world. Still fighting wars though, huh. 

Ya, ya see there was these 2 really stupid and illogical contradictions in everything that ended up consuming the minds of people who used to be consumed with family, friends, and their work. Now they are to stupid to realize their the biggest marks in history and the biggest scam in history is happening as we speak. If we knock this off as “lesson learned” we won’t have a life to give another try with. The lesson needs to go the elite’s turn this time or we are done, finito, nada manyana. Mucho chains, mucho rape, pinche pillow bite ,that shit Holmes. Guys with kool aid on their cheeks sadistically drew me in for a joint. Next thing I knew I was the sour cream burrito and all the homies dumped me full of disease ridden man muck. A story I would happily trade my life to avoid the experience alone. over Even if I was the only one to ever know, I’d be ending my night with a bottle of whatever scotch I decide, a cigar of the same caliber. Then I would ball my eyes while smoking the cigar like a lunatic admitting to mass murder on American Psycho. Then barrel in the mouth.

Analogy if you like but we have been proper fucked. This is the reality that ends in a human reset. Not the “great reset”, just a reset. If they have to, they will abandon all good will they may have, and nuke the final hold out if we are cornered. I’m no trader but a deal could be worked out with China if it’s in our interest. They probably wouldn’t deal fairly with us but maybe a newly independent nation that wants peace and trade with anyone that  wants the same. We can defend the country. Hawaii is on it’s own. Alaska will likely get split up into eskimo, Russian, and American

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