CHAZ Vs Jan 6th

The word insurrection is being thrown around rather loosely. Its disgusting that the people of the 6th are even being referred to as insurrectionists. For the last 3 years we have been under siege. 

Under siege from BLM and Antifa. These marxist groups, founded by big money, that happen to be burning down cities all over America. The knockout game, the debasement of our history by tearing down like 150 statues. Antifa riots are pre-sighted and supplied boxes of rocks. Who the hell is being prosecuted?

Under siege from an out of control state. The FDA wants 50 years before giving us job data on FOIA requests. OSHA wants to impose mandatory experimental gene therapy imposed on all employees, in the country. Stuck day to day hanging on the decisions of tyrants. School boards that are treating parents like they are nothing. They totally ignore the most heinous claims and dismiss the parent like an underling.

Under siege from the schools themselves. They have been taped talking about running secret gay indoctrination clubs in conservative districts. A whole seminar about renaming clubs and recruitment tactics. Using the morning announcement that all students hear, was touted very well. They are praying on your children’s minds, confusing them in a confusing world, at a confusing time.

If it’s not gender it’s communism. These pukes just pump commie crap into these kids nonstop. What do commies need? Struggle. Well, whites are the majority so they get to be the villain. They are the oppressors, blacks, gays, and every single “other” is the oppressed. They are ruthless and willing to go to the mat to get it done. The school system is the front line of this war and we have abandoned it for decades. Reap what you sow.

Under attack from the financial institutions and big tech. The lords of money have printed some $6 Trillion this year. The Heritage Foundation did a study. The average family, right now, can make some $75K, every year on welfare alone. Meanwhile there’s a shortage on labor and they just don’t know why. This destruction of the dollar has just made Wall Street disgustingly wealthy.

Under attack from science and medicine. We have been poisoned with a manmade chimera virus. Now we are being forced to take insane medicine and outlaw therapeutics that are safe and effective. Because of Billy Gates and Tony Fauci we are forced to accept gene therapy or suffer second class citizenship. Every conventional wisdom has been lost and replaced with an ignorance that is scary.

And so it goes, one attack after another. When are we going to take an aggressive stance and, oh, I don’t know, fight back? When will it be too late? Is it already too late? Not too late do die fighting. As I see it, anything less would be an insult to my people and race.

In Seattle armed thugs took over several blocks of the city of Seattle. They set up boundaries and handed out rifles to protect these boundaries. They then declared their little park an AUTONOMOUS ZONE. As in separate and sovereign from the city of Seattle, and presumably, The United States of America. They then proceeded to engage in rape, murder, and extorting local business. This is a textbook INSURRECTION.

How many of those animals were hunted down like dogs and given a trial, let alone sentence? I don’t recall it being mentioned much. I know that the pathetic amount of looters, arsonists, and murderers that have been arrested in NY and other big cities, have walked charge free. This double standard is a declaration of war.

Our war isn’t with the blacks or Antifa. It’s the media machine and whoever they answer to that deserves all of our rage, justice, and reckoning. The politicians that stoked the flames while they bled the public purse. It’s the whole system. It’s rotten to the core and it’s time for us to have some creative destruction.

You see what we have stacked against us. Are we really going to rely on lottery systems for conservative judges to tell us whether we have to poison our children or not? No. No fucking way. I’m gonna live on my feet and die on my feet. Nothing else is acceptable.

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