Will Mask Crap Become Tradition?

This is my optimistic view so do take it with a grain of salt. Having a daughter makes me a hopeless optimist. It’s my hope, and sincere belief that our society will be unrecognizable by the next generation.

The 5th circuit just affirmed the stay against emperor Biden’s mandate. The decision puts both the administration, as well as this out of control bureaucracy, called OSHA, on notice and smashes the whole thing.

The masks are sure to be next and I assume it will be over night. Some may cling to their blankeis, but the vast majority of sheeple are just waiting for permission, “socially”. As pathetic as that is, it’s reality. Now.

The whole “woke”, anti-white, and divisive nonsense is coming to an end, finally. It’s taken the people’s own government to declare the parents of school children terrorists, but finally they’ve been offended enough to act up. And act up they are, all over the place.

Everyday I am given hope. The strikes, the school board meetings full of passionate parents, and the absolute explosion in home schooling. Homeschooling numbers have officially doubled and according to “them”, over 10% of US children are being educated at home. This is fantastic and the “unintended consequence” from central planning that they never seem to account for. This one, will be their downfall.

Every single child that experiences even some home school never looks at the teachers the same. I know, I was homeschooled a few different times at different times in my life. For me, as well as all homeschoolers, we don’t associate learning with school. School was social and usually a negative impact on our lives. Most of us notice.

The real numbers are unknown but surely higher. That means we have maybe 1 in 5 children learning that education and the state are actually at odds with one another. That when offered the opportunity to explore their interests the act of learning is enriching and empowering. These kids are learning that teachers have been telling “their truths”, not “the” truth. Not since public school became mandatory have this many American children been declining participation. This is amazing and will lead to amazing results.

I expect this coming future to be bad. Rough on us my age especially. But thanks to the warp speed at which my fellows are waking up and the clear passion Americans still have for their children and justice, I feel in good company and know I have tens of millions of men and women who have my back, and I theirs. We will do what we have to to make damn sure that our kids never have to deal with this again. Not from these monsters, at least.

Most important, we are going to make it absolutely impossible to confuse ours, as to exactly what happened, and how it got so bad before we put an end to it. We will worn them with the most plain language all that we have had to learn, again. This is not the first time a Christian empire has been destroyed from within its own body politic. We need to make sure it’s the last.

That means memorializing our story all over this country in stone. It also means throwing all PC out the window so our meaning can be understood in no uncertain terms. The sovereignty of money is not ever to be given to any power at all. Currency is king. People who don’t control their money are petty subjects to the currency makers.

The war that’s coming is going to settle all debts and give our kids a chance at something new. The central banking cartel that begins at the super national level of world bank, IMF, etc, and tentacles out to every nation on Earth is a poison and pox upon all of humanity. Once this institution is dead and buried prosperity will rule and with it peace among men.

If we don’t act, if we fail to answer the call of history, I shudder to think of the living hell that awaits the generations to come. Due to a technological, financial, and governmental trifecta that’s never happened before in history we find ourselves at a crossroads for humanity. A crossroads we best take heed of.

The time is very short and the people are fragile. The technology available to our enemies is capable of such a horrific tyranny that will be inescapable if implemented. If implemented and brought online we will have lost humanity to a tiny clique of utter lunatics. Our time to break their plan and totally destroy them is short but very real and they are as vulnerable as ever.

If we take on the role that history decided you were equipped for, the future will share no resemblance to today. If we fail to meet our destiny we will doom our species to utter serfdom and a vicious tyranny that I can’t even express to you how horrific it will be.

I believe we will do what is needed and our ancestors will greet us as proud kin. I believe that freedom and justice will rule this land again and human beings will flourish as they were meant to do.

Let’s get it on boys.

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