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Why White People Are Being Targeted

This was an answer I gave on Quora and it’s gonna get cancelled so i put it here.

Because white Christians have been the only real opponent of the clique. The ones ruling the world through the manipulation of money and credit. We are the most dangerous people to these demons because we know them like nobody else. Our history shows us the rocky relationship we have had with this cliques ethnic group.

Time after time the people of, one of the 12 tribes of Israel, have been expelled from European countries. Time and again the elite let them back in because of their money schemes. Eventually they upset the people with their rituals and luciferian religion. Child sacrifice by these one twelfth of the tribes of Israel, is well documented. Ritual child sacrifice is as old as time. The Christians don’t stand for it, specially when it’s their kids being poked to death.

Anti Semitism is nothing but voodoo. Is there a single word I can use to get people to not judge my behavior? Just saying “Jew” is anti Semitic if they decide it is. I’m anti satan and unapologetic about it. A magical people who get to be “white” when it suits them. They even take out names to hide in plain sight. Jon Stewart? Not even close. He’s a liar and a Jew. Why take a goy name? Deceit, plain and simple. Hollywood is literally full of these liars. 

If you think lying about who you are is innocent and just a Hollywood thing, you are a moron. They know that we will notice the extreme concentration in banking and media of folks with the same last names. Given their an extreme minority, 2% or so, we might take notice that they control the 2 most powerful institutions ever invented by man. Finance and mass media.

So they destroy our history by describing it in the most hateful and derogatory way possible. They make our children hate themselves, hate their history, and hate and distrust their own family. They lie about everything from violent crime stats, to rape, to race and IQ. They will stop at nothing to destroy Christendom and those who live in Christian countries. 

I suggest y’all grow a pair and learn that there’s things so much worse than being called a bad name. Are you really so pathetic that you can tame the North American continent but if someone calls you a racist you completely capitulate and grovel for approval?

Call me whatever you like, I’m here to win. The game is on and we’re playing for keeps. I’m whatever you say I am, and then some. I’m a bad mother fu**er and down to do anything for me and mine. Words make me laugh, actions will be met, ten fold. Come fu** with me and see. 

White people have no backbone and they’ve let their women get out of control. Now the country is a laughing stock to the world. Our ladyboy soldiers and the rest of our pathetic “super power”. White people are getting what they will tolerate. Tolerance is the holy of holy’s so I guess you have to be a doormat. 

Not me you jackals. I don’t tolerate scum, liars, snowflakes, punks, losers, or criminals. If that rubs you the wrong way, lick a dick up, till ya sick up.

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