Why Tradition Matters

Tradition is the basis for all political ideology. We develop our politics out of our experience, otherwise known as traditions. Some develop jealousy, envy, and hatred through their experience. Some experience cooperation, a mixture of wins and losses, and are motivated to be better.

Communism requires the destruction of tradition and history so they can attempt to collectively forget the traditions that were so dear to them and theirs. Traditions of Christianity, private property, and freedom of thought and speech. These are the enemies of Bolsheviks.

Tradition is the guide for those who wish to retain their customs and laws. Tradition just means history. Historical regularities. Keeping tradition just means, keeping one’s history and letting it guide your future. Tradition is a map and it is helpful when a people are infiltrated by insidious ideologies. When people start to rail against a certain people’s tradition, they are attacking the people not the tradition.

If you are told that your traditions are based on hatred, supremacy, and barbarism, and you have no other context for them, how can you defend them? If your history is accused of being one long crime against humanity, and you know only what the haters have “taught” you, how can you defend it?

Likewise, a people that are devoted to their history and celebrate it by holding to their traditions, are hardened to any attack upon them by insidious insiders. Tradition is a guide for the future and those who decline their tradition, turn their backs on their history. Those who turn their backs on history are defenseless to any attack upon them or their history. Today we see what happens when a great people’s history is distorted. It can actually induce self hatred, hatred of one’s family, and abandonment of all reason and logic.

All people have traditions. Jews have kept their traditions throughout several thousand years. It has served them so well that they have remained a distinct people even when separated throughout the world and rootless as far as a homeland. If not for their strict observance of tradition, the Jewish people would have been lost to interbreeding long ago. So, no people on Earth know the importance of tradition, for the maintenance of the future, more than the tribe of Judah.

Curiously, it’s this distinct tribe that is attacking every Christian country on Earth. They are at war with every traditionally Christian country and they are attacking their history’s and traditions. They are desperate to shame our children over an inhumane institution that doesn’t follow Christianity. The Old Testament makes slavery a normal aspect of Jewish life. It commands them to be just, but they consider whites to be cattle, blacks to be cursed to slavery for the rest of time.

As we lose all of our Christian traditions, the national ones follow. Letting them turn our most important religious traditions into mockery is disgusting. Turning our most sacred days into jokes and fairytales about omnipotent fat men from the North Pole, and magical bunnies that hide eggs, is disgusting. God is the only omnipotent entity in the universe. He traded his only son for our salvation and was risen after his horrific death, to fulfill prophecy, or tradition.

Thanksgiving used to be so important to Americans that it consumed the whole country and was celebrated universally by all Americans. It’s a harvest festival that was celebrated among the pilgrims and the Indians together. A joining of peoples to celebrate the bounty delivered by the creator. A day of thanks and appreciation. 

It’s now become a shopping event where 400 pound Americans physically assault each other to save $50 off a TV. The football games are there to gamble on and draw you into the television. People used to have pickup games of their own and they played ball while moms cooked. Nobody spent thanksgiving alone. If you were a neighbor and alone you were invited to share the day with one of your neighbors. It was an all day event and all about family.

Christmas was always special. Not because of the gifts, but the whole package. Getting to see family from far away, waking up early with excitement and the anticipation of something amazing. We did gift opening one at a time so everyone saw what you opened and took pleasure in your happiness. Only after all was opened and thanks had been given with hugs and kisses were we allowed to play with anything.

Easter was religious at my house. We didn’t do the Easter bunny and I’m thankful for it. Easter as a kid meant going to church and getting a basket of goodies from my mom. Easter egg hunts were had but no BS about magical bunnies. The bunny is the favorite pet of Ester the queen of Babylon. Who is it that just can’t shake the Babylonian traditions? The tribe of Judah. We’ve let them pollute our lords day with lies of magic and idols. Disgusting.

The last tradition I will touch on is one of great national importance. The 4th of July. This was the most amazing day of the year my whole youth. Where I lived everyone celebrated together and it was a day where the whole town was one. We partied hard and let nothing stop us. Entire neighborhoods were inaccessible because of streets filled with people barbecuing, drinking, and enjoying each other. When the sun went down the sky lit up. We all celebrated and enjoyed the tradition that we were holding dear. Today it’s illegal to light fireworks. Barbecuing is banned in the place I live. Fireworks are banned in the city I live. The city used to put on annual fireworks displays, now they are hit or miss. Usually miss.

Given all of this, probably more than you wanted, how can one question the importance of tradition? Ideology should not upset tradition that has guided our people through the good and bad times, and remained with us for the comfort we find in them. Any ideology that requires the abandonment of our traditions is an attack upon the people who started these traditions. 

The most tribalistic and obsessed with their own traditions, have made war on all of our traditions. They still hold the sabbath holy and use “shabbas goys” to do their bidding during this weekly tradition. Obama was the slave of his Jewish office neighbor as a senator. Even Elvis played this role for some Jews. According to wiki the modern use of timers and other tech has largely replaced shabbas goys.

I find it insulting and infuriating that these people have such a superiority complex that they consider themselves to be the chosen people of the true living God. They don’t seem to have humility at all, sensitivity towards the goyim they rely on, or any interest in sharing the world with anyone outside their group and the slaves necessary to keep them comfortable. Their traditions are sacred and not open for mockery, criticism, or even the law. They are barbaric in their slaughtering of animals. They force a tax upon all goyim by forcing the products in our grocery stores be kosher. For a can of beans to be kosher it requires a blessing from a rabbi. This isn’t free and adds to the cost of all goods to appease a 3% minority. 

As you can see, tradition is the glue that holds a people together. That’s why ours have been destroyed, distorted, and made into blasphemy instead of honoring God. We have provided for the traditional desires of Muslims, Jews, and statist atheists without question. Meanwhile we ban our children from prayer at school. Bar them from thanking God in their graduation speech. Now they are trying to turn your children into mentally broken, self hating, snowflakes that have no confidence or moral compass. Because they have no tradition to fall back on and remind them of their worth and achievements, they are steaks on the table for spiritual monsters. 

Hedonistic, self centered, and totally spiritually bankrupt. That’s the result of a people who have lost their traditions. Look around and tell me where I’m wrong. Without tradition, observance of the past, and the appreciation of your ancestors, you have nothing to protect you from the insidious hatred being dumped on you. Without knowing Christianity personally you are subject to letting that void in your soul be filled by demons. We are spiritual beings and will seek out anything to fill that void, except the very greatest and true religion, Christianity. Nothing is less cool than Christian’s right?

Nope. Christianity is the religion of peace among men, charity over greed, and humility before God and man alike. The New Testament is special. It spread around the globe like wildfire in a time when information traveled at the speed of feet. The only people to have nothing but hatred for Jesus and his disciples, are the tribe of Judah. They have confused millions of apostate Christians to worship Jesus instead of God the father. The way to the father is through his son. It’s the father you want to worship and it’s God who demands your fidelity. 

Jesus is not God. Christians worship the same God as Abraham, not Jesus. We recognize and revere Christ for fulfilling prophecy and giving us profane, the chance at salvation. Modern super churches worship Jesus as God and support Israel more than they do America. This is the bounty they get for destroying our tradition. Slaves by choice and consent. 

I follow no man and am accountable to my maker only. By honoring him, I live a life that attempts not to offend or disappoint him. I understand the stakes on the table and try to wrap my soul in the message of Christ. He was our teacher and guide. Even Christ told the disciples that he was accountable to the father as we are. He never performed any miracles in his name, but in God’s name and with his power. Do your best to act as Christ did and walk the path God has laid for you. In all things remember you are a child compared to the maker. Come to him with the innocence of a child and he will accept you because he loves you.

We needn’t rely on ritual or sacrifice. Christ was the ultimate sacrifice and the final life sacrificed for the glory of God. 

Those who knew to expect him based upon their own religious doctrine. Jesus marks off all of the prophets claims. His generation, place of birth, and raising in Nazareth is all foretold in the Old Testament. Then there’s the miracles that the disciples were witness too. Finally we have his betrayal by his disciple Judas Iscariot. When this Jew tried to return the money, the apostate priests refused it. They didn’t want the blood money of Christ in their presence. They knew what they were doing. 

Thus the luciferian religion was born and adopted under the banner of Judaism. They knew they were making war with God, and accepted the consequences. Then again, the Bible shows us that the tribe of Judah was constantly falling into idolatry and wickedness. They were almost constantly being punished for their blasphemy. Abraham, Moses, and David would want nothing to do with today’s Jews. Today’s Jews want nothing to do with them either. Solomon, however, they seem to worship. They are desperate to rebuild his temple. The masons happen to worship Solomon as well. 

I’ll keep my traditions and you can deal with it, or deal with the consequences.

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