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Why No Official Language In US

Why isn’t English the “official” language of the US?

So many things were taken for granted at the founding of this nation. It has no official tongue just as it has no specified people, at least not in the law. If we look at the writing’s of the founders we understand America was founded for a particular people, with a particular character.

For instance, in the colonies there was over 1000 different Christian denominations. Freedom of religion never even occurred to them that it might mean Muslims. Some things were so ingrained in their minds and traditions, that they didn’t even consider that they could, at some time be taken advantage of.

They never would have considered pornography to be protected by “free speech”. They had no idea how perverse a people can be if they desire debauchery. 

So many of the intellectual power houses that laid the early American philosophy made no bones about it. This was a government for God fearing Europeans of good character. That this government would be inappropriate for any other people or faith. Not just any European could cut the mustard, either. God fearing and good character. Without this they could not be expected to handle self government.

Ours is an experiment in governance that requires the proper candidates for test subjects, so to speak. They achieved this, in very large part, until the change of the 20th century. It was at this time that a particular subversive group of what passed for Europeans gained a huge foothold in America. The Russian Jews, the Bolsheviks that are responsible for tens of millions of Christian deaths.

Still, we held on until this immigrant group got integrated and into the halls of power. The immigration quotas that had protected our majority were done away with. The doors were thrown open to the third world in the 60’s. 90% Of America fit the description the founders intended. Today we are some 60 something percent, total. 30 Something percent of school children.

That’s game over folks. This nation is a generation away from being ruled by people who have been reared on CRT, white privilege, and systemic racism. A generation that’s 66% non white. Do I need to spell it out for you? We have designed a hell scape for those 30%.

The United States didn’t need a codified language because they had a people. A people who shared history. Shared history, shared tragedy, and shared victories. We knew that we had family who fought for this country together. Go back from there and it just gets tighter, but how tight is that?

“Hey man my great granddaddy fought the japs in Okinawa. Ya, mine was in Normandy. What amazing men can you imagine….”

That conversation happened many times in my youth. Not anymore. So what makes a people and what gives them a right to hold, own, and appreciate a piece of Earth their ancestors have traded life after the next, just to keep? Furthermore, what right do they have, that the native language be respected and official, or unofficially enforced? 

Pride and refusal to be changed, chastised, or judged by lesser men who aren’t fit to share our air, let alone country. If you have a problem accepting your ancestors and their undeniable sacrifice that you might enjoy the liberty they only dreamt of, go from me in peace. I want nothing from you and wish no particular ill will against you. 

If you accept that you are, but one link in a long chain of life, going back through time, that you perhaps have a part to play in the work of that chain, and you accept the role that God has chosen for you, you are my brother or sister. Our language, religion, and ancient history bind us like no treaty or super national superstition could ever affect or change.

The founders, found themselves in absolute new territory on sovereignty and legal terms. When they say experiment in government they are right on. It’s when they say laboratory of democracy that they begin to twist the language. Every state has a republican constitution. The federal constitution is bound to ensure the maintenance of these free and independent republics.

The attack upon our people has been insidious and so wickedly patient as to be unrecognizable to those in the moment. The founders should have set our quota system in the constitution. They all understood their’s was a design for a people they knew like family.

Our freedoms have been used against us from day one. We, being a slightly arrogant and self impressed people, are subject to insults of unfairness. It grinds on our ego that someone could equate our honestly attained wealth with corruption or worse yet, fraud. It makes us easy marks to milk for fake causes and charities.

The preamble should state plainly that this constitution is established and shall be maintained by Europeans of good character. No religious tests will be administered but atheists have no place here. Due to the culture an atheist will have to learn to do as the Roman’s do, or get out of Rome. Agnostics are humans with humility, not “know it alls” with truly selfish and dogmatic hatred for Christianity. One is truly undecided. One has made the hatred of Christianity their very religious purpose. Not salvation, not some other spiritual awakening and growth, just hate. 

Bolstered by an arrogance and hatred of others that is impenetrable. These are the seedlings of commies and they are as poisonous as anything to the body politic. Regardless of race, color, or anything these are to be discriminated against upon any attempt at immigration. Speaking English makes these spiritual monsters more dangerous. It would be safer if they were bound to Yiddish.

It seemed obvious to the founders who would thrive in the government they designed and gave us for ratification. We became soft and enjoyed the generational influx of cheap labor from the Old World. We failed to notice the ones that came at the tale end of the Italians and were jumbled up with the ethnics labeled Russian. The fact that these were ethnic Jews, not Russians, set the stage for a true horror.

These Jews concentrated in NY and they financed Trotsky and the Red/Bolshevik revolution against the “white” ethnic Russians. Coen and Loeb are a couple names that bought the lives of some 20 million Christian Russians. Then the starving campaigns began and the Holodomor, which appears to be an unknown word by apple, began. It would occur several times before the final toll of starved Ukrainians was well over 6 million.

The truth is, until recently people had enough patriotism where they spoke up if someone didn’t speak English. WTF Are you saying, this is America? Was a common refrain. I guess we have no sand anymore. If we tried to pass such a thing now, it’s laughable. We lost this country in the 60’s. This is just the fumes of what Europeans can do with a few years of actual freedom. 1830’s till 1913. All the wealth was built then and we have enjoyed the inflation of that wealth until now. It appears the end is nigh.

Talk about a rant, right? Well you opened up a stream of consciousness I couldn’t plug. Hope this was helpful, it felt good to get out there. 

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