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When a half The Country hate the place…

This was a tongue and check jab at the correlation between women voting and America exploding. 

I respectfully disagree. The nation was totally different when it was largely homogeneous. That only ended in the 1960’s and has come hard and fast. When the “other” half was still white Christian’s, there wasn’t that big a difference between us. 

Certainly after the war among the states, there was an American people who were United and not completely enemies through the party system.

The 1960’s is now enough in the history that it’s time to be adults in the way we talk about it. First thing, our president was assassinated and a military coup took place right in front of us. The deep state killed everyone that even might be a problem. We remember JFK,RFK, MLK, and Malcom but there was hundreds. Everyone from obscure politicians to popular musicians and stars. Norma Gene, Marilyn Monroe. Sam Cooke, several minors and adults alike if they were near Roman Polanski. Medger Evers, and the lesser known civil rights leaders. There’s some 100 witnesses that were in the warren report that were dead by the time it was published.

History is everything. It’s clear to me that ours has been purposefully distorted to fit a narrative. We need to begin a public office of record. The Library of Congress is a treasure but it is not exactly set up for efficient research. 

Anyway, the history is ok for now. I want to focus on 1900 forward. All treaties, laws, constitutional conventions, amendments, and petitions towards such. I want every decision made precedent, in this century, re-examined and if necessary, refined under whatever legalese it takes. 

We must get to the bottom of the beginning of the central bank, our entrance into WWI and how and who were the players that cost a quarter million souls in a quarter of a year. We must investigate the income tax and confirm it was actually constitutionally passed. All evidence I have found, show this to be the biggest fraud ever committed in history.

We must scrutinize every decision made in the so called progressive era. Judges are to be absolutely unbiased, or honorable enough to know when they can’t, and recuse themselves. Progressive judges have no such standard and are working off of the communist handbook, not the constitution. They have been activists, not judges and their whole work needs to be stricken from precedent. Activist judges deserve treason.

The difference between elected sheriffs’s office and the appointed security guards working for incorporated cities, needs to be understood and used. The one single law enforcement “officer” in a county is the elected sheriff. The DA’s and people are, technically as well. However, the guys who get to arrest you are supposed to be accountable to an elected official. We can have wonderful relationships with our sheriffs because they serve us by default. They depend on us for their employment, and we depend on them to protect and serve. If they fail us, we bounce them and their posse as well. 

Municipal security guards are given more respect than the most important elected office in every county. The sheriff is sovereign in his county. That means the feds too, people. The sheriff can remove any federal agent at any time for simply violating posse comitatis.  Law enforcement is illegal to be preformed by the Feds.

Yes women’s suffrage started in the last century so it should be re-examined as well. Voting for the lives of others is immoral. Whether you’re in your 60’s voting on climate change policy that raises taxes you’ll be dead for. Or voting for war against a regime with the lives of others and hiding behind your sex when the shrapnel starts flying, you had no right to vote, or even have an opinion. Voting for the country’s young men to be shipped across the world to expand the US empire under the guise of humanitarian missions, is not your right, or morally correct. In fact, sending others to die in your place makes you a murderer.

Since the UN and women having half the say over matters of war and peace, we have been in constant war. Some 80 separate nations we have invaded and “helped” with bombs and bullets. Talk about privilege. I can’t send women to Somalia to further the US Empire and pay in the blood of me and mine. They can, and have been for 100 years.

We lost the requirement of property ownership to vote. This decoupled the producers from the produced. Women’s suffrage was contentious even among women. The fair and reasonable ones lost out to the freshly propagandized to. Bernays was tasked with this movement and he killed 2 birds with one stone. Smoking and voting.

Our women have been legendary and hard as nails. White women have been the only women hard enough to conquer the wild and natives alike. They have an intense family bond that nothing like danger and victory can give a people. If you were to talk shit to a woman of the frontier she would mollywop your ass before you knew what hit you. If you offended her man or family, you might eat a bullet.

The tightness of the western family was so damned tough it’s taken over a century to break. I believe we can revive it when the time is right. Our women have been targeted for their character. Caring, paternalism, and motivated by feelings over logic. These virtues have been turned against them and us. Then, as crazy as it is, they have brainwashed millions of females to hate men, white men most. Luckily it’s been so blatant that even the targets of the attack are noticing.

I hear videos of youngsters using cancel words everyday. Hard “R’s” and stuff. I think this is finally having the reverse effect. Woke is as uncool as possible. Cool is being cool. Woke is a celebration of hysteria, the opposite of cool.

Mock all woke relentlessly. Mock snowflakes, relentlessly. Begin talking like you think and see how it goes. You might be surprised, women are waking up too. Women that know what time it is know they need a man. Protection comes from men and woke ain’t worth safety. Women need us to have the society that’s best for their children. It took far too long but eventually this is becoming understood. Women need us for protection from violence as well as fraud, cons, and theft. Women are naive to a fault and men are skeptical to a fault. Good mix.

Let the hate begin… just kidding y’all are great. 

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