What Will States Be In The Future

Will there be any resemblance to the classifications we use…

Oh so many ways it’s truly head spinning. We have communist, socialist, national socialist, ethnofascist, democracy, democratic republic, etc… The list is as insane and unending as it seems. The more differences we can label between us the more we can hate each other.

All this is rubbish, straight up. Are you free or bond? Do you have interest free currency or is yours burrowed at interest? These are the only questions that matter.

On these 2 issues of sovereignty we can be very Frank. Only maybe 2 of 200 countries on Earth still hold sovereignty over their currency. One is Iran, the other North Korea. Make of this what you will, I’m not here to support either regime, simply pointing out the obvious connection.

We are in the midst of a global “crises” in which every country that is in good with the super-national agencies like the World Bank, IMF, and WHO are all working in basically lockstep. These global institutions are showing their colors daily and we must take a step back and ask ourselves, what do we know about Iran? What do we know about North Korea?

The way I see it is simple. You have some, close to 200 nations tied into the Rothschild banking cartel. The same nations are all being dragged along the Agenda 21 and sustainable development goals for 2030 and ultimately 2050. Then you have the 2 or 3 countries outside of this spiderweb. Iran, North Korea, used to be Libya. Used to be Iraq and Syria too, but now I don’t know.

This is what I do know. The global initiatives that have been foisted upon all of these countries through loans and demands when interest isn’t met, is depopulation. These nations were offered outrageous amounts of bribery to adopt impossible to meet measures. Knowing full well that the answer would be depopulation if the soft efforts failed. Thanks to predictable people, these massive programs were used up through corruption and theft. The objectives that relieved the regime of depopulation were off the board.

Regardless, even if they had tried in earnest to meet the demands, they would have hastened the starvation, not delayed it. The sustainable objectives themselves are designed to destroy humanity, not sustain it. Many people thought there was no harm on pocketing worthless cash. Who can blame em, especially in Uganda or some other place.

So here we are in a modern world of hundreds of countries, yet one health authority? One ultimate monetary authority? And yes even a International Bank Of Settlements? Seems to me we have many different people among the world, but our elite are very small, very tight, and very vulnerable.

How would I describe a nation today? Royally fu**ed and proper fu**ed. how that be? Unless the people of the world unite against these institutions who hold an undemocratic stranglehold on ever aspect of their lives, they are slaves. Beasts of burden who choose not to use their brains and are no better than animals who have none. 

We’ve already been inventoried, classified, modeled, and tracked. It’s just a matter of time and application. A fake pandemic? Fake alien invasion? Fake apocalypse? Who knows but they have an incredible menu to choose from. Just know that it will be the greatest deception man ever witnessed and if you aren’t looking for it, God be with you.

All the elites of the world are buddies. There will be no more wars of aggression or territory. The final war will be against evil and good, light and dark, satan and his army of demons and God with his army of angels. Think about it, the elite talk at the UN, the EU, the African Council. They are not democratic and they are buddies. It’s you that could spoil their plans. It’s you they must bring to heel or destroy.

All nations are becoming totalitarian right in front of our eyes. America was put on nation wide house arrest for “2 weeks to flatten the curve”. How’s that going. Freedom is dying everywhere and they say it’s a pandemic. The only thing I love that covid has taken is my way of life, liberty, and privacy. If this is the new system Klaus Martin Schwab is describing in his “great reset”, he can shove it up his arse.

Time to recognize what time it is people. That nations of the world have come together like never before to do battle with the truth. There was no pandemic. The virus they war-gamed out, thankfully lacked the lethality they were hoping for. This was hardly a speed bump given the acceptance and trust in a clearly vicious poison they called a vaccine.

When the pathetic mortality rate became too hard to hide they were well into the campaign for universal vaccination. No thought of safety because this is the backup to a block from nature against their man made virus. Nature had us covered unless in advanced age and carrying comorbidities. They bypassed nature at the cellular level and injected a completely novel technology that encourages your own cells to produce a spike protein that is associated with the covid 19 virus. No spike protein, no virus. If you already have the spike protein from natural immunity, this will likely cause an auto immune deficiency, AKA, AIDS.

When this all shakes out and the criminals are in their place we will have 2 types of countries. Ones where people are desperately trying to undo the damage wrought upon them through sheep like obedience, and those who have sustained their human genetics and want them shielded from those who submitted their souls to man’s arrogance and his wickedness.

Most countries will be a mixture of both and they will unfortunately have generations of disaster before they are able to heal what has been done to the purposefully. Those that have the hardest time accepting the new world we are walking into will suffer the longest.

A great reset is coming. The good news is that it’s long overdue and while I may want none of Schwab’s answers, his realization of the unsustainable path they are on is undeniable. He talks of the path humanity is on, I’m talking about the path the elite are on. They live so isolated and outside of reality that they have no idea what’s coming their way. They have no idea that when we reset this thing they are going to be tried, convicted, and executed, for crimes against humanity.

As of right now, there is no difference from the Us to Mexico in the eyes of the elite its the same region. There is no Poland, but a state of the EU that may or may not be Polish. Africa is a region, not a collection of people’s, cultures, and bad leadership. It’s a commodity rich region that has too many people there. The ChiComs have theirs, the Ruskies, theirs, and the Anglo-Americans, theirs. The rest belongs to Israel.

That is how they intend for this to work out. Client states of the capital of the world, Jerusalem. Continents will be regions, and governed as such. The nation state will be history, all borders that separated languages and cultures will be dropped. A single language will be imposed and the law will be both harsh beyond all reason, and at times benevolent, as to keep people in constant confusion.

Religion will be stamped out to be replaced with a vow to Lucifer and his mark you will take. You will have a second to decide, take the mark or the Guillotines. There will be no mercy at this point. Once you’re in this line the battle is over and your best option is to lose your head before your soul.

I hope I’m being crystal clear. Classifying states is like counting angels on a pin. Pointless. The pandemic response being global was rational. The adoption of anti-scientific and even harmful protocol, adopted globally was strange. The continued adoption even after the bugs morbidity was understood and the availability of therapeutics, was strange. Now we finally see some of the so called backwards nations doing for themselves and veering this nothing burger of a flu.

The US has the highest, if not the UK, vaccination rates. The US has lost more people to covid than any other country. If we were doing anything right we would not be dying faster than Kenyans. The fact is, we are being murdered by a soft kill technology that much of the world is saying no to. This vaccine doesn’t claim to stop the spread of covid. It doesn’t claim to stop the infection of covid. It claims to lighten the symptoms of covid for the first few shots after vaccination. It has no positive effect at all. At all!

What are the side effects? Inflammation of everywhere. Heart disease. Seizures. A laundry list of neurologic disorders. Spontaneous miscarriage at 8 1/5 months. Outrageous menstrual bleeding and damage to ovaries. 15 year old football players are dropping dead from heart attacks. The shot has killed and maimed many times more than the virus ever could have. No child should have myocarditis. There’s no such thing as “mild myocarditis”. According to big Pharma, there is and it’s fine.

The sad and uncomfortable truth is this. In a few years we are going to lose a massive amount of human beings. This has already been injected into billions of people. We know these people shed their toxins for up to a week or 2. This shot is made to murder. Maybe not right away but it’s mechanism is such that it requires constant boosters to have any effect at all. The issue is, one booster too many and lights out. My option is one shot is a serious  gamble and if you’ve only taken one, stop now and start to build your immune system as best you can.

The next couple of years are going to be chaotic with spikes in disease that’s totally planned, as well as the mutations nature is going to make. In every case you are going to be given less and less opportunity to decline. This is my Alamo, line in the sand, not one step further. I will not accept this even at the cost of my life. I will make them martyr me before I let them defile me.

The chaos that will result from the loss of knowledge and human capital will be unbelievable. For those who reach the other side they will have a new world before them that hasn’t been seen since maybe the great flood. How will they arrange themselves? How will they incorporate the history they know into a coherent messenger to the future? Will there be a future or is this the actual end time foreseen in Revelation? Who knows?

What I can tell you now is this. Everything you’ve taken for granted will change. The very idea of what it is to be human might change. Something’s are timeless, though. What’s coming will change the human family profoundly. Think Tower of Babel type profound. When the ancestors of old found themselves far flung across the Earth and with language they never heard before they surely knew that they had done something terrible. Not until NASA did humanity once again show his arrogance towards heaven. Or did he? My money says he did not.

Now, there’s a more interesting challenge to God happening in Switzerland. CERN, the particle accelerator and smasher. They are on the hunt for the “God particle”. These lunatics are attempting to open the doors between our world and Satan’s. We are living in a time where science is beyond alchemy, it’s witchcraft. If we don’t stop them we might be hastening the culling of our humanity.

God promised never to destroy the world by flood again. The homosexuals have co-opted this miracle and made it obscene. Regardless, he never promised not to destroy us again and even promised it will come some day. If the arrogance of man is any gauge as to how upset our maker might be, I give you CERN, COVID, and mRNA forced gene therapy. You can add 5g, the explosion in atmospheric toxins, and the whole allopathic medical philosophy as well. We are arrogant and we are about to pay dearly for it.

We need to classify countries along 2 lines. Free and independent, sovereign nations. Then, the client states of the  super-national banking cartels and war machines. Are you free to create currency, enter into treaties, and govern for the interest of your country and people? You are free, regardless of internal governmental structure.

If you are under the currency of a private banking cartel that is accountable only to its super-national, unelected, self appointed, rulers of the world, you are disgraceful. Pathetic really. You provide blood and treasure on demand and ask nothing in return. You accept the loss of your sovereignty like losing a family member you never knew. You failed to understand that you were the sovereign. You were a king in your own right and not another man had command over you. You were too immature to accept the implications of self rule and eagerly traded in your autonomy for a place in the Borg. 

You were given absolute sovereignty and free expression to be whatever your passions and ability would allow. You lacked the backbone and courage to stand on your morals by wearing a muzzle of obedience. Not safety, this has been nothing but game theory using masks as an analog for another behavior, perhaps a bit more extreme. They served their purpose very well.

Even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, people will do as the media says. Add to the media, a bit of social pressure, especially from females, and the results are truly staggering. Despite zero scientific validity, and even a growing body of work showing harm, people will still follow the group, that is informed solely by propaganda. Science and individual thought are meaningless.

I’ve heard some equate this with a giant culling according to IQ. I disagree. Many of our brightest are also naive beyond belief. They trust institutions that have horrific records of abusing the public trust. No I think this is meant to take out the intelligent first, thus the mandates at hospitals. Blacks have a healthy skepticism of government science. This gives them an advantage over dumb whitey. Many blacks remember the Tuskegee experiment and I’m not even black but a government that could do that to anyone is wicked in my book.

This is probably not what you expected but this is the truth as I see it. We are in the midst of a “great reset”. We don’t have much control over the reset. The currency crises, the refugee crises, you name it, it’s a crises. So a reset is coming. How are we going to “set” the world after they “re” it? I think if we are wise and can join together we can turn this into something beautiful and totally new to humanity. The pain of losing half our human family should cause a collective grief and anger that can find every single hiding creature and bring them to justice.

We can start by classifications of “Free and Independent” vs “Central Bank Owned”. This is the reality and the biggest difference among us. Let’s crush central banking, super-nationals of any type, and all national debts that are not due to a people. National debts incurred by using currency the founding document authorizes the treasury to produce, is blatant theft, treason, and should be punished by hanging from the neck until dead.

After the world is free again, we can classify it any way we want. If we fail to destroy this borg like banking system, we will doom our posterity to utter serfdom and science fiction level tyranny. The stakes have truly never been greater and the world never so fragile.

Global warming people crack me up. The Earth has gone from a lump of carbon, to a ball of water, supposedly, to a fully frozen snowball, and then to the amazing and breathless beauty that it is today. This is Science TM’s version and it shows us that Earth doesn’t much care what or who is doing what on it. Earth gonna Earth. Acting as if you are special for considering the temperature it might be in a century is the hight of self importance and total loss of perspective.

As I said, lump of carbon. Today they have many, many of our supposed smarty pants convinced carbon from them is poison to a carbon planet. That carbon based life, on a carbon based planet, is killing mother Gaia. This is the height of stupidity. The nature of carbon is called organic chemistry. Organic! All carbon chemistry is organic! Think people!

So we have been deceived into equating a man made, contagious, but very low morbidity rate virus wit an emergency. Under this guise we have accepted the suspension of all civil life and norms. So desperate for a return to normal we have offered ourselves by the billions, to be apart of a scientific experiment that could go so catastrophically bad,  and retard much of the genetic code that has been refined throughout time. We have done all of this without a single scientific study showing the efficacy of masks, lockdowns, and as far as the jab, we know it’s flat out dangerous.

What I’m getting at is really just too horrific to come out and say. We are looking at a world where half of the people are gone. 3 or 4 billion people. How do you reckon that? How can one even begin to understand the evil at hand? How could they possibly expect to get away with this? 

They won’t be getting away with this one. The elite that live through the chaos are going to be targets for the world. Bill Gates will find sanctuary nowhere. His ilk will be rounded up, their crimes read out to the world and heard by all, then they will get a far more just death than they deserve. 

In every country I suggest memorializing this event in stone. Like the flood of Noah’s time this is a human event, not a national or even World War. This was a clique of lunatics who made war upon God himself and tried to seat themselves on his thrown. They culled the human family by half and perhaps we will see the end of some people all together. This is a sin of biblical proportions. Whatever we do to these creatures will pale in comparison to their judgement before God. 

Still, they have a debt to settle with us before him, and our’s should be without mercy. How many children have these creatures hurt. Let that harden your heart if you feel any sympathy for their punishment. Think of the millions of murdered babies, the millions of murdered elderly, and the billions of trusting souls who were poisoned while being told they were protecting them. Let their pain bolster your resolution and determination. Let them be shown the faces of the innocents they stole from this world as they slip away into judgement.

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