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Race War Or We Cooperate Against The Enemy

Unless you’ve been seriously insulated from pop culture, and God knows I try, you know they are desperate to stoke a race war in America. We are inundated with interracial couples on TV, outrageous media coverage that is pure hate and baseless, and total silence when it comes to white on black crime.

This is becoming so impossible to miss that even liberals are noticing. Moms all over America are furious that their children are being painted as racist, privileged, supremacists living their sole lives to hurt people of color. These are typical liberals who have been on their knees, regarding race, their whole lives. They have no idea why their pathetic acceptance of guilt that wasn’t theirs has had the opposite effect they were promised.

American’s, for an entire generation, have been begging for forgiveness over a crime they had nothing to do with. They have flogged themselves constantly with shows like Roots, the holocaust survivor every school kid has to listen to, and the constant acceptance of woke. All for not. The problem has never been worse.

No matter what white people do they will never overcome a guilt they don’t own. This post was inspired by one line a fella named, Richie From Boston, made. He has a YouTube channel but if you want to see him you need to try Bitchute or something else these days. He mentioned how everyone just a few hundred years ago were pretty much in their place. They had their economies, cultures, and little wars among each other. A time of relative peace and tranquility compared to the chaos of today.

It seems that around the Napoleonic era there was a change. The European world had been experiencing this change slowly up to this point. The fabulous wealth created from the manipulation of this war, the revolution that preceded it, and the stranglehold on bread that proceeded that, well, this is the type of thing a smart elite would notice.

In this case, it was a smart shadowy people who were in lockstep with the elite but not ever in the view of the people. After they accumulated the Earth’s wealth and were able to bring monarchs to their knees, they swarmed the lands and began to behave as if they owned the place. Then we start to get wonderful and exciting ideologies like Marxism and since America has free speech, how dare you prevent the spread of such filth?

Oddly enough, the exact same tribe of folks that lobbied for the legality of chattel slavery, made it a wedge issue to rip a people apart that had finally began to live together. Every divisive and subversive ideology has found its roots in a the tribe of Judah. These folks began to infiltrate the high houses of Europe long ago. A few years ago they branched out to have their plan put into action. America was to be a base, but the world was the target. They wanted Palestine ultimately, but while they fought towards that ends, the US was their base.

They conquered America in 1913 with the central bank, our dragging into their war for Palestine, and ultimately the yoke of an income tax illegally bound around our necks. We were given (SS) numbers and actually incorporated into “persons” and given certificates of bond. Unbelievable as it is, from my perspective, Americans accepted absolute chains and slavery in the decade between 1910 and 1020. Perhaps that explains all the loose money and partying during a decade of, oh I don’t know… guilt?

People began with their own spots and customs. Eventually they let in a people who declare their society to be lacking in some subjective and impossible to deny way. They will aggravate any differences they can to upset the order that had previously existed. If all they have is religion, they will make one evil and praise the other. If they have only class they will make the poor hate the rich and use envy and jealousy to stoke hatred where cooperation existed previously. If they have access to an insane country like the present US they have so many wedges to use and jealousy to incite it’s not even fair.

There is a people on this Earth that regard themselves as different from all others. They write their laws to reflect this exceptionalism they themselves have over the profane, or goy. They are the only people who can trace their lineage back past maybe a few generations. At least in terms of numbers, Jews are the only people retaining the blood lines they had back to Jesus’ time. They may tell you that race and genealogy matters not, but to them, it’s sacred.

I don’t want war with blacks or Mexicans. I don’t want war with anyone but if I’m forced I demand to know my enemy and to fight on the right side of history. It’s not the blacks that have stirred up the country, it’s the media. It’s not the “boss” that wants to pay you the least, it’s the taxes that prevent him from paying you twice as much. The undercutting foreigner that’s here because it’s in his best interest is just doing what you would. The fact that he has a red carpet laid before him is the result of jewish influence, not his.

You name it. CRT, Jewish. The race war, stoked by Jewish media. The financial crises, Jewish bankers. These are facts. Call them hate facts if that makes you feel better, but facts they are. I am not offering any solutions here because that’s for another article. We must be able to name and face our enemy before we can possibly free ourselves. We are so easy to misdirect. So willing to blame the messenger. We don’t need to wake up. We need to grow up.

I don’t know what the answer is, but the problem has never been easier to see. We have a jealous and envious ideology that pervades our institutions. This ideology is the ideology of an ethnic group. This people was a wandering people without a particular homeland for a few thousand years. They spent this time developing for the world a plan to use christendom against itself and then use the christian empire to rule the world at large. Ambitious for sure, but impressive in their results thus far.

The same time I myself was sucked into the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, I completely forgot Gislaine Maxwell. We have, perhaps the biggest, most powerful pedophile ring ever discovered on trial now. Where’s the media? What world am I living in where a clear cut self defense case is more news than a pedophile ring of the elite? In a world controlled by the same people controlling Ms Maxwell.

Even the reporting on Rittenhouse is designed to incite a war between white and black. They are desperate to ruin the fragile relationship we have as it is. Back in the railing 20’s blacks and whites got along. They had segregated neighborhoods, yes. However, there was no issue with people crossing lines for work or social reasons. This segregation was largely natural.

The relationship between whites and blacks was healing and going well. Then feminism was probably the first ism that began to disunite us. By FDR the country was beginning to splinter. This is when the black vote switched from hard republican to democrat. They abandoned the party of Lincoln for free stuff. This began the beginning of the end of the black family, as well as the antagonism between the races.

The NAACP was founded and ran by Jews until like the 70’s. Margaret Sanger set up Planned Parenthood to kill black babies. If white and black actually locked shoulders we would bring them to their knees.

Malcolm and Farrakhan are right. Many good Christian preachers are as well. Seems only one of the “Abrahamic” religions is acting up. Are we surprised? Our books worn us of those who call themselves Jews but are not. Come on people.

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