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A question from Quora that I thought was worth sharing. “As we look at America in 2021, explain how you view class…

In my life “class” has never been an issue. When I was a kid we were middle class and thrifty. My mom stayed home and me and my brothers wore hand me downs. We were never hungry but never given money. As far as I knew, we had enough and I was happy.

Success has never been demonized in my personal life. I have always been told to work hard and do the right thing. 

The most influential man in my life, my grandfather, was a truck driver. As blue collar as it gets and his attitude towards the rich was never really mentioned. He certainly wasn’t jealous or dissatisfied with his life. He taught me what matters in life and he never harped on money.

My grandfather passed away in 2001 and, for the better, hasn’t seen what has become of this “culture”. He lived when the rich were men that happened to be very wealthy and perhaps powerful on some level. Today we have Bill Gates who is the planets self appointed savior and all knowing ruler of humanity. Mark Zuckerberg that controls speech to a 6th grade level. A president that has facilitated the greatest transfer of wealth from the American people to corporate America in history. 

We’re I am in so called class structure? The same place you and everyone you know is. The bottom. I don’t care if you made $5 million last year, these cats print money and trade children. There’s the clique and their minions, who will be killed either way. Then there’s us, the profane. The uninitiated. The sheeple, useless eaters, Goyim.

Things have changed from granddad’s time and now the very tip of the top has declared war upon the Earth itself. I know where I am, do you? This is more about the battle of light and dark much more than class. Good and evil. Envy, jealousy, and coveting are the drivers of class warfare. I have none of that poison in my heart. My class is human and my place is everywhere my interests are.

As to the social stratification of the US, it’s been going on for long enough. If you people can’t be mature enough for freedom you will be put in your place. Either stand for your rights and accept your responsibility, or submit now and beg your daddy for his scraps. Daddy state will hear you and he may even satisfy you today. Just don’t be surprised when the farmer slaughters their sheeple, for you begged to be made beasts of burden and nothing else.

Hold on folks, it’s gonna get bumpy. 

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