Kyle Rittenhouse, My Hero

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Kyle Rittenhouse is going through a murder trial. Not just any murder trial. This kid is being charged with several types of murder counts for several different people. I have been following the trial and am disgusted by it. The prosecution has abandoned all reason or justice and have thrown every cent of the tax payer’s money he can at railroading this young man.

I think we should step back and look at what really went down that night.  All of this crap about Kyle not being from Kenosha and didn’t belong there is BS. His father, as well as many other family members live in Kenosha. Kyle has a friend that dated his sister and worked at one of the car lots in question. The fact that Kyle and his friends were at this particular spot was no accident. The owners of these business’ asked that they help fend off rioters. After losing hundreds of cars to arson, the owners were all to happy to accept help.

These young men started the day by cleaning graffiti off the walls of a school. Then they took up post at the car lot. They had access to the roof and the building because they were given such by the owners. Kyle spent much of this time giving aid to rioters and people alike. The day went on and as the evening fell the situation escalated.

By night time there was a full blown riot just blocks away from where Kyle and company were. At this point people approached Kyle asking for fire extinguishers and help to put out fires. Kyle crossed into the mob and offered medical to people. He was immediately confronted by 3 black men who were so aggressive they scared the reporter trying to interview people. Kyle just walked away like a responsible man.

This is where the mob starts to pay way too much attention to Kyle and it’s clear that in the moment Kyle fails to notice. The video shows it clearly. The mob is yelling at him and threatening him far before he shot anyone. According to Kyle’s testimony this is when bipolar man, verbally threatened to kill Kyle, and told him if he got a chance he’d stomp him out.

Now a word about the “gentleman” they are spending all of these resources to avenge. This POS was a complete lunatic. He was a child molester. He has a violent history with his own family. He threatened his own mother with a knife. On this very day this man was released from a psych ward which he was remanded to after being arrested. He was bi-polar, on meds, and out off his mind. He was also the aggressor and made every effort to get to Kyle’s gun and that’s insane.

What’s more insane is that this isn’t allowed to be brought up by the defense. While watching this trial, in pieces and not in order, I have been able to see so much more than the jury. Every 15 minutes the jury gets sent away and they argue over evidence. This is where the prosecution is showing their true colors. Is the truth even relevant to the state? The bias coming from the prosecution is so obvious and evil that I have a hard time not screaming at the TV.

Even with the defense having one arm tied behind their backs, they have still shown Kyle to be a perfect citizen, and the dead guy, a useless POS. The prosecution’s own witness’ were mostly awesome. They all seemed to understand the stakes and didn’t want to help the state in any way. They answered deliberately and clearly. Every time the prosecution tried to put words in their mouths they corrected him. Until they started questioning people that were related to the dead guy, they were only helping Kyle.

Then the prosecution calls the owners of these car lots. This is fairly entertaining if it weren’t for the fact that a young man’s life is hanging in the balance. These Middle Eastern men are clearly doing something shady as hell. The owners and managers of these 3 or 4 separate business’ only seem to do business inside the circle of business’ they own. They are laundering money, running a front business for something, or just committing high level fraud. 

Due to this, these scumbags have thrown Kyle and his friends under the bus, big time. They have purgered themselves to the hilt. They deny any knowledge of Kyle or his friends. They previously employed one of the guys there that night. They had access to the building and were even in pictures together with one of them. In the pic Kyle and his buddies are decked out in gear and look just like they did that night. After the picture one off these liars drove them to his other lot to show them where he wanted them to be.

These 2 characters are so bad on the stand that you have to wonder why the state is using them to hurt an innocent hero, instead of investigating them, for clearly illegal business practices and organized crime. Then again, why aren’t they interested in any of the rioters that were lighting fires and assaulting cops. No. They want the white boy that put fires out and took fire for it.

As the sun went down the violence went wild. The mob became out of control and they were all armed. According to many reporters that have covered the riots this particular one was one of the most violent ones they’d seen. Open carry is legal in Kenosha and people were carrying everywhere. The prosecution has made a huge deal of Kyle bringing a weapon when he was interested in protecting life, not taking lives.

Anyone that watches the footage, and thinks for a second, understands why you would be crazy to be there without a weapon. The mob, or “peaceful protestors”, were out of control and the police were totally worthless. The cops had a line they were protecting with armor, guns, and chemical weapons. They had no interest in protecting anything or anyone outside their line. The citizens were on their own.

So, now the bipolar lunatic is in full arson mode. After failing to light a portapotty on fire he finds a dumpster that does light right up. He then tries to push this dumpster into some police cars that had cops in them. He changes course and starts to push the dumpster into a gas station. Kyle puts the fire out with a fire extinguisher and then he becomes target number one for looney tunes.

This psychopath starts chasing Kyle screaming about killing him and calling him “nigger”, for some reason. Kyle is feeling the crowd all around him at this point and it’s clear he is in danger. Then a shot goes off right behind Kyle. This spooks Kyle and he turns to see the ,soon to be, dead man lunging for his rifle. He recalls the man actually touching his gun. Then, with no choice, other than to protect himself, or risk losing his weapon to a mad man, Kyle shoots. 4 Rounds in about a second. The last shot was a head shot and the pedo was no more. The world is better without that POS anyway, but Kyle didn’t want to kill anyone. The young man was 17 and trying to do the right thing. He was being courageous and selfless and for this, he his paying dearly. Possibly with his own life.

After the pedo gets what’s coming to him the crowd gets nutty. The single shot that got Kyle’s attention came from another piece of work. This man was intending on killing Kyle, straight up. To his dismay, Kyle beelined it for the police thinking they would protect him. The cops told him to get the hell away from them and pepper sprayed him.

This sent Kyle running the other way and then the single shot guy and an idiot with a skate board started chasing Kyle. At some point Kyle is tripped up, either by the monsters chasing him or just bad luck. Either way Kyle goes to ground and is immediately hit with a skateboard in the neck. The next swing got the skater a shot in the chest. The man that fired the shot in the air, that started the whole thing off was standing over Kyle. As he pulls his pistol and begins pointing it at Kyle’s head, Kyle shoots his arm and the pussy goes running off and Kyle finally escapes. 

Kyle turned himself into a police station that night. He gave his statement and was never put under arrest. He was released that night and probably comforted by many cops and told he did well. See, Kyle was in some program with the police where he got to go on ride alongs and was considering law enforcement as a career. He was also a trained lifeguard, some sort of junior fire fighter, and generally loved by everyone. This young man was an absolute hero and should have his very own folk songs. Hopefully Jordan Page will do something for him.

Thank God everyone that Kyle had to shoot was white. If even one, had been even half black, the world would be over for Kyle. As it is he’s not getting anything close to a fair trial. The prosecution has gotten away with bloody murder and all so they can rob this young man of the rest of his life. The prosecution has somehow been able to keep bipolar’s past and present from the jurors. 

The fact that he was in a mental institute on a 5150 until the day in question, not pertinent. The handful of medication this guy was supposed to be on, not relevant. The past instances of violence and child abuse, also not relevant. This is all relevant to me and goes towards showing the man’s character. Since we can’t know his thoughts we must look to his past to try and guess what his motives could have been. Since grabbing at another man’s rifle is insane we might consider his past to understand what he was thinking. Kyle nails it in his testimony. He says that if bipolar got his gun he’d be dead. Only the most biased person could disagree.

I might be off on this, but I believe the jurors are deliberating right now. It took a whole day for the prosecution, judge and defense to decide what charges the jury could come back with. Not guilty on all counts is appropriate. At the worst there could be a case made for some technical issues on the ownership and use of the rifle. The one thing that should be crystal clear to every juror is the shadiness of the state. The prosecution has badgered witnesses, argued with witnesses, and spoken for witnesses just to be corrected by the witness or the judge. The defense has hardly objected to anything. In fact, the defense has let way too much go without offering any pushback. Meanwhile, the state objects to everything.

The judge is a pretty decent man and seems to be after the truth and wants to be proper in his role. He has not given the state any love and it seems to me that the judge is kinda irked with the prosecutor for even bringing this to court. Because the media has already convicted Kyle the judge and everyone else involved in helping Kyle is receiving death threats. Who knows if the jurors are getting any threats. Will they have the courage to save this man’s life if it might cost them theirs?

This is a clear cut case of self defense. If model citizens like Kyle Rittenhouse can’t defend their lives legally, than who can? The fact is, AntiFa and BLM were destroying a city. The police were absolutely out of business and not even interested in taking on the mob. A few local boys were down to help out a local business and ended up in a horrible situation. Kyle is so upset by what he was forced to do that he had a full blown panic attack on the stand when describing the scene. He spent the time after surrendering to police puking and shaking from the awful feeling of taking 2 lives. He acted like a professional at the time and used the utmost restraint. If the cops could actually do their jobs Kyle wouldn’t have been there.

If this goes bad for Kyle I suggest we demand his release by whatever means it takes. This is Ameica’s boy and we need to have his back. If you losers are going to burn things down if the verdict comes back fair, we should go put them down. If the verdict is not fair we need to make it known that this will not stand. We won’t let them destroy the lives of heroes to appease the blacks in this country. If this is what black people want, they can GFTS. 

I am personally so impressed by this young man that I want him to be memorialized in stone. A bronze statue of the scene where he’s on his back taking a skateboard to the head and another man pointing a pistol at him. The state wants us to memorialize the “victim”. A pedophile, lunatic, criminal is worth the millions of dollars they are spending to defend his honor. Disgusting.

George Zimmerman was a clear cut case of self defense but the press made a Mexican jew out to be a white supremacist. Rittenhouse is on video in every angle you could ask for. He needs to walk from these charges or there needs to be consequences for the prosecutors. Justice must be served and that means taking the ass pirate with the fohawk out. Not out to lunch, just out. 

You wanna play games with justice? You wanna demonize a great young man so he has to move and can’t find safety in his own country? You will get it back, tenfold. Duckbill and fatso are going to make for good targets.

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