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Cancel Culture Or Boomer Culture

What will be cancelled in the future….

If we are still living in a “cancel culture” in 10 years we won’t have a country to fight over anymore. This insidious attack against thought and free expression is so lopsided and disgusting that it’s unsustainable. If it continues violence will be the result.

All of this behavior is disgusting. The snowflake phenomenon. The victim hood popularity. The obsession over gender. The acceptance of mental illness and normalization of self mutilation. What we consider good is evil. What is good, we label hate. This is a disaster of monumental moral proportions.

We have cancelled Christ. Cancelled Christians. This is it. If you look back at the debauchery of our society you watch it track the war against Christians. From the blasphemy of Christmas from a religious holiday celebrating the birth of God’s only Son, to a fantasy of omnipotent fat men from the North Pole. To the disgusting idolatry that has become of Easter. The war has been against the religion of Christ. 

Who hates Christ and actually mention him with hatred in their books? The Quran shows Jesus respect. Not the Talmud. We have let our religion be polluted by people who claim Jesus was a con man and magician. That for his sins he’s spending eternity boiling in human excrement. Thus a celebration of his resurrection becomes devoted to bunnies. The pet of the queen of Babylon. Coincidence? Not likely.

So why am I focusing on religion? Free speech is a tradition of Americans. It often surprises Americans of the conditions abroad when we hear about speech codes and the like. In most white countries it’s illegal to mention the Holocaust unless you abide by the disproved numbers of 6 million. In these countries this is the only historical subject protected by law and it’s used to this day to imprison elderly authors for years or decades in the worst cases.

There is a strong cultural relationship between the American people and freedom of speech. However, it seems that even the most precious and long standing traditions are only a generation away from destruction. If we continue to allow, or even accept this crap called “cancel culture” we will have no culture.

Those of us who have already been cancelled are done messing around. It’s so insulting to see liberals constantly exist in their online bubbles and act as if they have the popular opinion. These people are completely out to lunch and the number of voices being silenced are becoming impossible to silence.

Everyday I say something I think nothing of, only to watch a very confused looking liberal, looking at me. At this moment I realized I just burst a bubble and said something that online would be met with hysteria. Without that, they are left to actually consider my words. The nature of my work puts me in 3 or 4 liberal homes a day. I essentially have a test group of constant liberals I can play with and attempt different words on.

I work for a lot of boomer liberals. The most disgusting people you can imagine. They have such a superiority complex it oozes from their very person. They live, breathe, and eat hypocrisy. Despite their advanced age and the fact that they have been made fabulously wealthy at the expense of their own children and grandchildren, they insist upon controlling the future.

I’m of the mind that we have a super selfish generation of creatures still living and making decisions they have no business making. That once this generation is gone and its history can be examined fairly, we will know exactly what we need to do. Go back and undo everything this generation has wrought upon us. We should strike every law and decision back to the murder of JFK.

We should actually figure out who murdered our president and who was part of the coup. We need to do what the boomers didn’t. Cancel culture wouldn’t exist if America still did. This nation was taken over in the 60’s and the boomers were too high to care. Then they sold out and got wealthy in the 80’s. Now they have just encouraged the rot and selfishness by encouraging single mothers, abortion, and no fault divorce.

The boomers are the school system. They are the political class. They refuse to let go of power because they are addicted beyond all hope. We have to cancel them. Grandma and grandpa belong enjoying their old age. Running the country is our job. 

Life is for the living. Why are we governed by the dying?

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