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This section was inspired by more debating over old stuff.

Anthropology seems to be a basket of disciplines. Archeology seems to get the most press. Certainly since Indiana Jones, it’s enjoyed the coolest status. But just what does digging around the dirt tell us? Well, in some cases it can tell us a lot. In other areas, it’s useless. Mixing archeology with their dating methods is just crap. Right here in the Americas we have things that do not belong where they are, in the ground. When young and excited diggers, especially a female in the 1960’s, come across something that sticks out, and throws the whole time table out of whack, career over. Government grants seem to only wanna investigate the already accepted historical timeline. They refuse to challenge it, or let anyone else do so with any of the usual funding. Grants.

Still archeology has the means to tell us a lot. It can tell us a lot about a particular city or people and what might have happened to them. However, when they equate the burnt wood with the time of occupation, they go off the rails. Ruins of any city like the ancient’s built, last a while. Other people will come and use the space, and unless you can guess when the Earth covered the whole place up, you are just guessing at when the city was around. If there’s a written record that can be found, it will usually be administrative stuff, and useful for dating.

I have been in several recent conversations with folks about this type of stuff. Apparently college kids are under the impression that a skeleton is a skeleton. They seem to be unaware that the extreme differences in our appearances, are far deeper than skin deep. I’ve come across several people who think that race is a social construct, and thus can’t be distinguished when examining skeletons. Even with all of the CSI shows that, I assume, show forensics on skeletons. These folks are just retarded.

Personally I think archeology is cool but only for treasure hunting and finding cool stuff. I would much rather come across a hoard of ancient Roman coins than a million skeletons. The advancements in DNA are much better at telling us the population of a place. I think using DNA and a lot of math, they could actually come up with a much closer start date for humanity than just looking for the oldest skeleton we can find. DNA Is destroying the “out of Africa” theory. Who knows what else we have to learn by studying these genetic records and what they might end up proving.

14C Dating, otherwise known as radiocarbon dating is garbage. Apparently there is 3 different carbon isotopes on Earth. Carbon12 which makes up around 99% of the carbon isotopes. Carbon13 makes up the vast majority of the rest. Carbon14 makes up a trace amount of the overall carbon isotopes. Its this 14C that they study for dating. This carbon isotope is so rare it makes up one atom for every 8.9161e13 atoms. Thats what I got when I put my calculator through 10 to the 12th power. Needless to say they are sampling minute quantities to measure.

Then there’s the half life. They say the half-life of this carbon is 5730 plus or minus 40 years. So anything younger than that can’t be dated by this method. What amazes me, is the incredible faith they put into its long term effectiveness. If it’s half gone in little under 6,000 years, how can we use it to measure back 20,000 years as they claim to do? 

This seems like an issue, but hey, what do I know?

Since the calibration curve (IntCal) also reports past atmospheric 14C concentration using this conventional age, any conventional ages calibrated against the IntCal curve will produce a correct calibrated age. When a date is quoted, the reader should be aware that if it is an uncalibrated date (a term used for dates given in radiocarbon years) it may differ substantially from the best estimate of the actual calendar date, both because it uses the wrong value for the half-life of 14C, and because no correction (calibration) has been applied for the historical variation of 14C in the atmosphere over time.[22][23][29][note 6]

The variation in the 14C/12C ratio in different parts of the carbon exchange reservoir means that a straightforward calculation of the age of a sample based on the amount of 14C it contains will often give an incorrect result. There are several other possible sources of error that need to be considered. The errors are of four general types:

variations in the 14C/12C ratio in the atmosphere, both geographically and over time;

isotopic fractionation; Variations in the 14C/12C ratio in different parts of the reservoir;



So wild assumptions based on minute samples. Just good science. They try to compare their dates with “known” dates from tree rings and other such methods. All voodoo.

I was shocked to find things like sociology and several other so called soft sciences as part of anthropology. These sciences are pseudoscientific crap. These are the disciplines of woke, systemic racism, and white privilege. They have no business in higher ed at all, let alone the study of ancient humanity. Apparently sociology explains more than skeletons can.

Actually the skeletal remains tell us plenty. The race of the skeleton can be easily discovered by the skull shape alone. The sex is also easily discovered by the pelvic part and the overall size and density of the bones. So biological anthropology is the hard science. The only hard science in anthropology, the gene sequence of the human species and the discovery of the genes which provide the most radical differences. This is the answer to the questions causing division.

Sociology has no business in the anthropology field. Adding more soft science doesn’t strengthen the rest. DNA Is the only viable evidence that exists in this discipline.

Radio carbon dating is crap. Wild assumptions that the radioactive decay has remained constant throughout time. At least the 5 billion year old earth. Awful long time to remain constant in decay. Living cockroaches have been tested and declared thousands of years old. Not science.

Stratification, and the dating of such strata  through the findings in said strata, are fraught with issues. Again wild assumptions declare these are deposits laid down over billions of years. The sea creatures in all strata seem to matter not, even though it is evidence of massive flooding and mud layers. If they happen upon a bolt, arrowhead, or pottery in a strata that’s already declared to be thousands of years prior to human development of such, it is ignored, buried, or destroyed.

The timeline is a religion along with Darwinist evolutionists. Anthropology has been owned by the anti-scientific cathedral of higher ed since the government took over research through the grant scheme. If ya want research to be funded you better have the results before the study, and use the state’s funding to bolster this with pseudoscientific BS. Real science, gets you cancelled, booted from polite society, and perhaps even fired, and your name slandered beyond repair.

Investigating/researching IQ, racial biology, or cultural diversity and you are playing with your career. Open inquiry? Not even close. Free and open debate about anything worth debating, is cause for punishment or outright dismissal of their career. The one place free debate should have absolute protection and be offered as a peaceful alternative to violence, is college. Once diplomacy fails, AKA talking, war is a given. Our society seems no different. The shrinking of public debate has given us an explosion in every anti social behavior we measure. Murder, assault, arson, hate crimes, all on the rise if not breaking records.


If this seems healthy or even possible for us to coexist, you’re crazy and must get off on violence. For those of us who desperately want to bring back open, unflinching, and direct disagreement among us citizens, we are constantly losing out to woke. Woke and debate are completely antagonistic and not at all compatible. Woke has no intellectual underpinnings and relies on envy, ignorance, and the media to absolutely wedge itself between us. With the 2 races that have the longest relationship in the new world, we have enough remaining hostility for the knockout game, random gang assaults that are totally unprovoked, and white guilt that easily becomes white hate. Now we see just how powerful woke is.

If one party is so emotionally damaged as to see their very presence as aggression towards all POC’s, they are broken and useless to every race. If the other party relates their very life with superiority, or a mark of discrimination in a systemically racist society, or anything that’s taught through CRT, they are useless or worse  off, dangerous.

Treating mixed race kids and adults like they have some special gift is ridiculous. For some, maybe it is. Hell, I can’t speak to the feelings of a growing demographic that barely existed in my youth. I can say that I grew up in a homogeneous area relative to today. Almost everyone was white. The few asians were full asian and the few Mexicans seemed full Mexican. Almost never even met a black person until I was 13.

Interracial marriage was still openly discouraged by society, and parents in general, when I was a kid. The funny thing is that this remained the case until like ten minutes ago. Racism wasn’t considered because the feelings were mutual. Black men want to see themselves and their families in the facial features of their children. So do white men. I carry my mothers eyes, my father’s hair, and nobody can take that away from me. I want to see these, even if barely, in the features of my grand babies. 

My daughter has hazel eyes that are a beautiful mix of light brown to green sometimes. Her mom was hazel and I’m blue as can be. My daughter has my nose, and other less prominent features that were dulled down for her female face. Still, when we stand together our relation is not a surprise. Even though I have 3 half brothers, we all looked the same at birth. Blue eyed towheads. My first younger brother still looks just like me and we both look like my mom, except hair. I have curly brown hair. He has blond hair. Like Ive said in the past, I have a strong impression that my father’s side is Jewish. Thus the Jew fro.


This next section comes from a post I came across asking WHY it was racist to consider mixed race kids superior. Again, I am blown away at some of the questions that appear to be sincere, but are ridiculous on their face.

Not just racist but total crap. I’ve heard the stories of biracial teenagers that hate it. They constantly feel out of place. People are constantly helping themselves to feel their hair, and they get treated special by the woke adults but have no foundation among their peers. It seems very confusing and is not a bonus for the child, in any valuable way.

Calling mixed race children superior is as offensive as saying all blue eyed, blond kids are superior. Both are ridiculous. Both are racist and bigoted to no end. If they are superior, I have yet to discover what their superior in. Health problems? Often organ donors can be an issue. The black and white biology is about as radically different a combo that exists in nature. This combo can lead to a host of health complications.

Race is biology, and biology is race. Time to get used to it folks.

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