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What Is A Good Citizen, What’s The Standard

This was a question on Quora and being an anarchist, it got me thinking. We all know what the state considers good citizenship. We also know that their idea of good and bad are so corrupted as to be reversed. So we could almost say, without caveat, a good citizen is the exact opposite of the elites, in every way.

Citizen or countrymen? I prefer countryman. I love my country but hate her government, with white hot passion. The very sight of these creatures makes me physically ill. Chuck Schumer, Bill Gates, Fauci, and on and on. Private, public, non-profit, it matters not. The leadership is rotten to the core. The missions that have become the sole purpose of these institutions, have been anti-human in every possible way. 

I think Lennon was a commie douche bag. That said, he was interviewed once and said something like, the world is ran by maniacs, for maniacal ends. On this I couldn’t agree more with Mr, commie, Imagine. He was simply making an astute observation of his time, in I believe the late 70’s. Not much before his murder, in fact. Oh and what was the assassins problem? Lennon split the band to make God awful crap with a demented wench. Dude sounds like a Sirhan Sirhan to me.

Service to my country is war against the empire that has overtaken her. The republic died a long time ago. The Spanish-American war, maybe. At some point this nation grew a hunger for empire and conquest. Perhaps it began with the final war against the Indians. I think the absolute disregard we have shown treaty after the next with these people is shameful. Mt Rushmore is an absolute disgusting work of vandalism. That was the property of the Indians, and was so by treaty, which is the supreme law of the land. Treaties hold as much weight as the constitution itself. The document says as much.

The Indians were relocated by force just to then be made war upon over the very land that was theirs. The discovery of gold was stronger than any treaty, apparently. At least Custer got a taste of what the Indians deserved. They had every right to fight back. Killing settlers and farmers, unacceptable but in war, who is to say. If you’re being starved out by a total war strategy that attacks indiscriminately among the people, how honor bound are you to respect civilians? Dead is dead. The Indians collected scalps. Our people collected ears mostly. Still you hear stories of Vietnam vets who collected heads. Mutilating a body wasn’t the horror we’ve been led to believe it is. Or better put, it wasn’t unique.

The state spends a lot of your money finding out how to maximize the absolute most civic loyalty it can get. To the state a model citizen would give their life for mere orders alone. No enemy, cause, or threat. Just an order and a click of the heels, followed by a single shot through the mouth, and out of the back of the citizen’s head. A population of dumbed down, obedient, and barely still capable of free will. This is the model citizen. The Milgram Experiment showed us just how many good citizens they had created back when they did the test in the 1960’s. Just imagine the gains they have made. In the early 60’s the public was smarter, more social, and far more empathetic to their fellow peers. Today psychopaths rule the world.

A good citizen is one who cares for himself and family foremost. Then he cares for the local neighborhood. Eventually he will have loyalty for his town, county, and perhaps even state. A good citizen can not be a federal agent. Not in any respect. I don’t care if you deliver mail, answer phones, or drop mortars on innocent women and children. If you just do the books for the mob, does that clean the blood off of your hands? When does it become a choice with consequences? When you are asked to bend your morals for patriotism, national security, or just a plain old authority complex? Can you shred a document? Can you play our video game that is actually an advanced weapon system to bring death to the globe through remote control? Can you do these things and never betray the trust that has been bestowed upon you? Citizen of the year, they’ll say.

So, to be a good citizen you have to become a bad person. That don’t make any sense, America stands for freedom and democracy, doesn’t it? Nope. They have been flying our battle flag since WW II. The war never ended it just changed. The “police action” in Korea was an extension of the WW. It was this theater that convinced the clique to make USA, Russia, and China in charge of the world. They will continually be at war with one or the other. Like 1984 we can just change enemies when the people need a motivation. The wars mission is population control and the patriotism that war breeds. The idea of global powers going to war against each other is as asinine as it would be for us to be invaded by aliens. Which is a plan they have. A fake alien invasion would globalize us real fast.

The elites hate humanity and consider us barely worthy of the same air they breath. A good citizen would recognize this, and start to rally his fellow countrymen in advance of an attack. A good citizen loves his country and countrymen, but he hates his government. A good citizen is one who worries himself with global events, politics, and domestic changes. A good citizen is on guard for himself and his people. A good citizen makes no exception for costumes. If their home is invaded by armed lunatics a good citizen takes as many jack boots with them on their way out. A good citizen shows his fidelity to the country by honoring her traditions and laws that have made this country so worthy of our pride.

A good citizen of this country is an enemy of this empire. A good citizen wouldn’t put the state before God. Murder is a sin, and a mortal one at that. God have mercy on us for our sins, and the sins of this wretched government. A good citizen shouldn’t have to put his very soul in jeopardy to appease the state. Yet this is the case. the Bible says murder is the worst sin we can commit against one another. The state has declared that there is no God and the state itself is the only god this earth will know. Lucifer is God now and those who refuse to take his name are going to be butchered.

No man, woman, or child will enter the new world order without first taking an oath to Lucifer. Think I’m trying to be scary and that this sounds ridiculous? Your government has spent billions purchasing Guillotines. They want to drench the ground in the blood of the innocent and christians, most. These are the first on the list because they are the only historical enemy this clique has been bested by. They will not be shown any mercy or care because it is with joy that they will be sacrificed. The rest are going to be dealt with in time for their treachery. Serving satan is a sure fire way to end up in hell forever. The underlings who help impose the tyranny are the very first to go once the seat of power is taken and occupied with comfort.

In conclusion, there is no such thing as a good US citizen. You are a free man or woman on the land and your law is God’s law. The only good citizen is a sovereign citizen. One that knows he is a king or queen in their own right. One who serves family, justice and God before all else. Basically, if you’re on the domestic terrorist list, you are one of the best citizens around. If you are a pet to this government in any way, paycheck, welfare check, or anything whatever, you are an enemy of humanity. 

May God have mercy on your soul. I will have none for your body.

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