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Vaccine, Or Bioweapon? Trick Question 

This vaccine issue has been contentious in this country for years. People like myself have completely refused to accept any vaccine or the claims of safety and efficacy vomited out of every paid for, mouthpiece in the media. I have been an “antivaxxer” for decades. Once I looked into the legal protections and the ingredients I was convinced. Then I found VEARS.

So I found out that the modest vaccine schedule of 3 vaccines was too dangerous for the manufacturers to continue making, if they had to be liable for every injury claim. The government thought that vaccines were so important and the cases of adverse reactions, I assume, they felt would be negligible. Well, we know that they were way off the mark, and what’s worse, they have opened the flood gates on any and all vaccines, regardless the wisdom or safety of injecting so much foreign material into a brand new immune system.

The current schedule for kids to attend school in California is something like 16 separate vaccines, and a total of several times that many more in shots. No skepticism in the administrations of such shots. One need only to look at the ingredients, as well as the huge document listing potential adverse effects, and the decision should be easy.

Aluminum, mercury, aborted fetal tissue, bovine calf serum, formaldehyde, and on and on. These are very typical ingredients in every vaccine. Take these on their own and ask yourself, do I want to slam this amount of this poison into my perfectly healthy and happy baby? Is this really in the best interest of my child? How easy is the doc at explaining these ingredients and can he justify their presence in the human body? Ask, ask, ask. People just don’t ever ask the right questions.

Now we come to the jab. Now that ya’ll know my opinion of vaccines in general, this won’t be a surprise. However, even if you are “pro-vax” I recommend you do some research to validate that this jab meets the legal criteria for vaccine. It does not. This is a foreign biotech package that is designed to react with temperature, light, and electricity.

These jabs are being studied by real people who are giving their results in tears. A woman put a sample of a Moderna jab under a 400 power microscope and just watched it until it died. What she saw blew her mind, as well as mine. As this material raises in temp, remember these have to be kept at -80 degrees or something close to that, they begin to react. The first visual reaction begins with incredible bioluminescent spots developing over the slide. These vibrant colors would change from a brilliant blue to violet and eventually the reaction stops.

At this point the sample develops globular particles that are like nothing this scientist had ever scene before. That is with the J & J sample. The Pfizer and Moderna samples developed actual spider looking creatures that could move on their own. I saw the pics and can tell you I’ve never seen anything so scary in my life. These shots are absolutely weaponized and the VEARS system is proving it more and more everyday.

Whats worse, is the fact that the government and doctors have absolute proof of this and are continually monitoring the situation through AI and a vast Medicaid database. Weekly they get reports on the situation of covid cases and the vaccination status on those patients. As of September 28th,  60% of all covid hospitalizations are among the fully vaccinated. This is real time data that is updated weekly.

For those who have had one of these jabs and are still ok, stop now. Don’t take another shot and start to research how you can bring your body back to natural health. You see, even if their jab protected you from covid, it has no affect on the variants. Real vaccines immunize you from all of the variants. There’s no variant of chickenpox I can ever catch because I was “vaccinated” as a child when I had them.

These things are full of graphene, foreign DNA, like from a different species, and absolutely deadly nano tech that is even evil looking. I recommend everyone do your best to prove me wrong. Take me at my word and then do your best to disprove everything I’ve said. Only then will you understand just how serious this is. 

My daughter and mother have both succumbed to the pressure by their employers and the carrot of taking your masks off. Now they have to wear masks anyway and have the addition of a bioweapon to huff into said mask. I am so unbelievably mad about all of this, I want blood. WE have the evidence and the means. We must hold these monsters accountable.

We must work with our friends abroad and bring these pukes to an international tribunal just like Nuremberg. The difference being, this will be a fair trial, and absolutely transparent and broadcast worldwide, in real time. Every single man, woman, and child needs to be a witness to what happens when you play tyrant and try to cull humanity. Their executions need to be prime time viewing and in HD. No hoods for these jokers I want to see their faces.

Let them go the same way they did the NAZI’s too. Short drop and an agonizing strangulation. Small drop door so they whack the backs of their heads as a final insult. Then a massive and cooperative effort to undo any damage that we can. We must come together and fight a war that’s never existed before. We need to fully cooperate as humanity against this clique. Then we can go back to ignoring/hating each other.

WW III Is here folks. This is a war among the elites of the world, against their own citizens. We make bioweapons with the CCP. We also share tech with Russia. There are no enemies to this government other than the rank and file people of the world. Some 3 Billion people have been jabbed. We must fight back. By their own figures about a third of the population is already under their skin and considered an obstacle that must be removed. We need to expand that to the maximum possible and use our numbers for our own preservation.

We can begin by regional justice. Europeans are ready for this to end yesterday and they are protesting constantly. I thing Nuremburg or Poland would be a good location for holding the entire EU and every head of state within that tyrannical, anti-democratic, super state, to account. America is big enough and we have thousands of criminals, we will need our own. Still we might use international law for obvious reasons. I doubt the DOJ is gonna take up our cause. 

If we fail to find remedy through the court system, we have no choice. I’m sorry if this just can’t get through your own mental cage, but it is the reality that you find yourself in. This is war and there’s no longer any case to be made for good faith. This was a depopulation scheme from start to finish. They rebranded the flu and manufactured a crises that allowed them to freely murder some millions, maybe billions of people. The long term effects seem to be a feature, not a bug. They don’t want ya dropping dead in the clinic. They want to inject something that will slowly wear you down and when you get exposed to the variant, you are going to have an auto immune deficiency, otherwise known as AIDs. Also developed in a lab and directed towards elimination of the undesirables. Gays. Wouldn’t ya know it, somehow it accidentally made it into blood transfusion stores. So many bright and healthy Americans were doomed by tainted blood transfusions.

We have the evidence, we have the people, lets get our justice for all of those who have been injured, fired from their jobs, lost loved ones, and so on. Let us fight for them since they have been silenced by the same people who killed them. We must do this, we must save our humanity from these monsters. The game they are playing takes only a tiny slip up to completely devolve our civilization back to zero. If some 3 quarters of the world were to die, the results would be so catastrophic I shudder to even contemplate it. Still, these jokers think it’s worth it. Every second we wait, they become emboldened. We must strike and strike hard and without mercy.

Mercy is for the merciful. These wretched creatures deserve to be done like rabid dogs.

God Bless You All And Keep You Safe. My prayers are with you all. We are all in the same boat, we need to take over the controls.

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