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There Is A Season, Change, Change, Change…

Like I’ve said folks, things are changing. I have been able to dedicate a certain amount of time to this over the last year. I’ve come to enjoy this and I use this site as an outlet. My opinions are not the norm, and they are not apparently appreciated by many. I appreciate all the folks who have consistently checked me out, Sebastian, I’m lookin at you, bro.

To the others, thank you as well. I tend to see the names of my likes more than visitors. I am totally grateful for the nice lady in North Carolina. I never suspected that I would make a “friend” that happens to be a black female on this site. Yet Catherine J, has been just awesome. Very polite, curious, and friendly. Good people.

That’s really the point here folks. I’m a fisher of men/women. I’m a pathetic imitation of Paul Revere. I am simply trying to rally the troops into accepting the war they are living in. The 3rd world war began with 9-11. Their silent weapons have been used against us for the entire history of the US. Only after 9-11, were their weapons so sophisticated and people so dumbed down, the war was declared and the beginning salvo was the Patriot Act, and all the rest of our instantly evaporated liberties.

Since 9-11 we have been in a whirlwind of change. The ground under our very feet can’t even be trusted anymore. They are sabotaging every aspect of our lives and watching how we react. People with no moorings are lost when they are faced with a radical change to their society. People with no perspective have nothing to gauge the changes or their benefits.

I am shocked at the inability of people, past a certain age, to accept reality. All over the country at college football games they are chanting, “fuck Joe Biden”. It’s literally everywhere. What do these kids, that have no right to be expected to know a thing, happen to know, that their elders refuse? For the boomers this might be the sign of an exhausted and burnt out generation. They have seen the most radical change in their lives, than any other prior to them.

This generation was the first to be targeted from cradle to grave and they were totally successful with this first try. These fabricated people played their roles. Agitators and hedonists. Feminists and haters of the family. Baby killers made legal for their whoring around. Baby killers was what they welcomed our soldiers home with. As it turns out, they are responsible for the murder of some 50 million American children alone. 

For what it’s worth to you “progressive feminists”, abortion was about reducing the unwanted population. The vast majority of abortions murder black babies. My body my choice. Sounds like a slogan. Even for libertarians, people who actually judge everything on principle and obsess over the consistency of their worldview, can’t agree on this issue. The mother has absolute sovereignty over her body, this is not in question. The fact that it ends when it comes to “sex work” or drug use, with the ladies using the argument for murder, is insane. If your autonomy allows you to terminate the life of another sentient human, but fails to protect your right to self medicate, you are as inconsistent as is possible. 

Libertarians struggle with it this way. The mother’s right to the property of her body is inviolable. So to, is a human’s right to life. One must weigh the rights of property of the mother, against the right of life, that the small human inside her enjoys. In my opinion the baby has no say, or action that brought them to their current predicament. The mother chose to take an action that she knew could result in the creation of a human being. She chose to avoid some 30 different types of birth control, or on the rare case, it failed. Does she have the right to murder the baby, that she alone decided to create? What level of responsibility do we have for our behavior? If the murder of an unwanted baby is an acceptable form of birth control, even with the 30 or so methods that avoid the pregnancy all together, does the mother bear any responsibility for her behavior?

Obviously some libertarians side with the mothers right to her body and they liken the baby to a foreign parasite they are free to rid themselves of, by any means necessary. This property right argument is very weak, in my opinion. Walter Block has the perfect analogy for this. If I invite you into my helicopter and you accept, we go for a ride and climb altitude. At any point let’s say I change my mind and want you off of my property. Am I morally required to first take you back to safety, before ejecting you? Or, can I just kick ya out the door at 1000 feet? 

If it was my invitation that led you into my property, and then my behavior took you into a dangerous environment, that you would surely die from without using my property for sustaining flight/life, surely my obligation would be to return you to safety before exercising my right to remove you from my property. In the case of a baby it’s even more clear. The baby is the one party who has no control or ability to effect the situation. The mother invites the baby to live inside her. She should be forced to care for the hostage she created by choice, lack of judgement, or just plain old irresponsibility. Either way it’s a choice to get pregnant and the choice is the mothers. Infanticide is barbaric and an affront against God.

Call it abortion, terminating an unwanted birth, call it whatever you want. It is modern medicine used for infanticide. It is also forbidden in the Hippocratic oath. Decisions have consequences, unless it’s a females decision. Then it’s a payday. Oh ya married a monster, here’s half his stuff and a promissory note for the future earnings of his life. Oh, ya got pregnant and can only narrow down the probable father to a group of 3, just kill it, no problem. 

Things are changing folks. I’m still gonna be doing the website and podcast but the posts and episodes are going to change a bit. The podcast is going too be far less scripted and me basically ranting. My writing schedule, what actually takes thought and focus, has to be shortened to a reasonable amount that works with my life’s schedule.

I love y’all for sticking with me. Sebastian and Catherine J, you guys kick ass. The rest of you all do as well I just can’t name everyone and these two people have really helped inspire me to keep going. So thank you to all who love liberty and let’s get ours back.

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