Pfizer Got Their Shot, Why Not Moderna

Apparently that’s the logic our betters at the FDA came up with. Out of a panel of 19 FDA douche bags they voted 19 to 0 to approve booster shots for the elderly and those who are at “occupational risk”. According to an article in Epoch Times they came together with a Moderna representative to sell them the data and explain their strenuous study of 171 people.

The FDA performed an analysis of the “data”, they never considered analyzing the actual jab and its ingredients. In the end, it appears the FDA has given us a unanimous decision to leave it to the CDC to make the final determination on emergency authorization use. A status that should have ended before it started. The very start of hydroxychloroquine and zinc, and then the addition of Ivermectin, proves there are therapeutics for this. That’s the reason for emergency use, no viable treatments. It’s been a lie since before they even had a vaccine anywhere close to available.

They were going to vaccinate us regardless of the morbidity rates being near zero, the existence of effective and safe therapeutics, and the fact that this particular technology has never worked before. The long term test trials were too long to wait for “life saving medicine”. Life destroying poison is more appropriate.

The article tells us That some members were actually skeptical about widespread boosters for everyone. They were apparently impressed with a “trial of 171” participants. If 171 people were good to go, of course the rest of us 320 million will be ok. Regardless of any “skepticism” they still voted unanimously. Not a single vote in the negative. This sounds like a political decision, not an actual panel of experts hell bent on finding the very best information for the American people.

Then again, everything about this thing has been politicized to no end. Since when do viruses care about political affiliation? Why does Ivermectin, the Nobel Prize winning medicine, cure or treat conservatives? Why do the liberals require untested, big Pharma sold, and mandated shots. I’m so sick of politics. Not everything is political people. Get the hell over it and grow up so we can go back to reality.

Doctors were asking questions you’d expect from a panel like this. A professor, all of which shall remain nameless, demons get no love on my site, asked for evidence twice, and apparently warned the panel of accepting “evidence-free language”. A doctor or scientist actually had to remind her colleagues that they should give actual evidence more credence than pretty words. “Evidence-Free Language”. Disgusting.

“If we can’t defend these recommendations based on evidence, it’s going to further complicate getting this vaccine into every single adult American, and that’s really what we want to do,” Unnamed Demon says.

I guess there was discussion about the third piece of their recommendation, but it was quickly brushed aside. The reason to preclude this topic from their discussion?  A desire to be consistent with their previous Pfizer booster shot. They don’t want to confuse the American people with any inconsistencies with regard to the safety of the big Pharma products. Again, not one dissenting vote. Unanimously, 19 so called experts gave their blessing to use this on the population at large. I can’t speak to the pretty language, but a study of 171 subjects shouldn’t be good enough to prove anything, at all.

“We already approved it for Pfizer. I don’t see how we can possible not approve it for Moderna and not have most US folks be completely confused. I know that’s not part of what we’re supposed to think about, but I think it’s a problematic issue” Says another demon that shall not be named.

This is a straight up admission. This is politics plain and simple. The health and safety of the American people matter not one bit. The only consideration is how best, can they deceive the American public, to blindly be jabbed with their poison. It must be clear to you all by now. These cats are using the germ as a vehicle to get this crap injected into as many arms as possible. The jab was developed before the virus. So were the testing swabs and everything else they just repurposed from SARS. The wayback machine shows us they have changed the definition of pandemic like 5 times in the last year. 

The patent office tells us that all this brand new technology is just the leftovers from SARS. Big Pharma hates waste. If they develop a cancer medicine so toxic it gets pulled, they rebrand it for AIDS and keep moving units. Everything they develop gets to ride the patent protection until it’s almost up. Then they apply for a new patent with the same medicine but for a different ailment. Patent renewed. Go from me, and prosper, big Pharma.

Many spoke in favor of expanding the emergency use authorization. They said that due to the similar means of operation between the two doses, Pfizer and Moderna, they can take all of the available data on both and aggregate them as the same product. Furthermore they claim to be basing their judgments on the results coming out of Israel.

For those who follow this site, this might sound out of place, but it’s the reality of my feelings. No country has been hit like the poor Israelis. I am daily shocked at the level of tyranny they are suffering under with this vaccine crap. At first I couldn’t  believe it. The elite of Israel were really just as cold, if not colder to their own, than they are to us. My sympathies go out to all people from Israel. Your government is hell bent for leather to cull you folks. One might consider the cultural divide developing between the young and old over there.

Genocide is genocide. I don’t believe that 2 wrongs make a right. The disgusting treatment of the Palestinians and the aggressive expansion of settlements are the Israel state. Just like I hope people differentiate between me and the war machine that I am taxed to pay for, so to do I differentiate from the people and their governments. I love humanity, but hate all states. The state of Israel began as a government that cared about its people. I think that’s over and they are pawns no better, and possibly worse off than the rest of us. 

We all bleed red folks. Even if some of us have horns, just kidding. God Bless You All. Let him touch the hearts of all people including the Jews who may be victims as much as perpetrators. In fact 99% of them are victims just like us. The only issue is they have been brainwashed to believe they’re superior, and beloved by the lord God, as well as their own government. Deception knows no bounds.

The vaccine madness continues. It will continue until we stop it. By whatever means necessary, we must stop this crap, yesterday.

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