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Micro Aggression Is Fake, Violence Is Real

Micro aggressions are a mental construct. They are only an idea in the mind of the “victim”. This is nothing but communist psychobabble. If everything is a personal slight, everyone is constantly offended. Does this sound healthy, or organic? No.

You are taught to be aware of micro aggressions. Aggression doesn’t require a class to recognize. Violence is easy to define and universally recognized. Hurting someone’s feelings is totally subjective and requires firsthand knowledge of all possible human reaction. It’s a joke, a fantasy, it’s an impossible way for a society to interact. That’s the point.

They couldn’t find enough actual hatred between the people in this country, so they started to manufacture it, through the school system. This is nothing but communism using anything they can to disunite this country. Micro aggressions are no more real than unicorns. If you don’t participate, you aren’t affected. It requires your participation and acceptance. Refuse. Absolutely refuse to be used by commie pukes.

They are going to confuse you to guard against micro aggressions while showing you violence without qualms. This nitpicking of society is meant to cause violence, not make us better. They want to aggravate every possible point of contention so they can rule us all. Stop! Stop letting them control your mind. Aggression is violence. Sticks and stones can break your bones, words can never hurt you.

This was the great wisdom of my youth, and I can’t see when it stopped being true. Unfortunately we now have a whole generation of people who equate words with violence. This is a threat to our speech and our very civilization, itself. This is an absolutely manufactured, and destructive worldview that flows from the school system.

Anytime you have to be taught to take offense, it’s something else. You don’t require instruction on fairness. We happen to have an innate sense of fairness built into all functioning people. Psychopaths are the one’s who lack this, and they seem to be running the world. 

The whole idea of a micro aggression is ridiculous on its face. How could we possibly interact this way and retain anything like a functioning society? We obviously couldn’t, and that’s why it exists. Just another poison to our society, culture, and the minds of our children.

Parents need to be on guard when they hear their kid use these types of terms. They need to sit youngster down immediately and have a frank conversation on what constitutes a slight, and what is just not their business. The adage of sticks and stones worked fine for my generation. I see no reason it wouldn’t do the same for this one. The caveat is timing. I was hit with this in grade school or sooner. I would start teaching this from the jump before sending mine to school. This is the only chance at avoiding losing them to a mind breaking philosophy and destructive worldview.

Woke, commie crap. That’s all it is.

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